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  • Lesson learned, at least I did PULL it. I read that somewhere, do not push! Also, bolts had got loose, they must be like lug nuts on my trailer! They were tight and the one that did not come off was not tight when I checked it.
  • That's a tuff view to have to wake up to every day.
  • Looks good
  • Looks good, at 350 this weekend it took me almost 2 hours to reach 170 internal temp. I think I might need to calibrate my thermometer.
  • I had not purchased tickets but was considering it. Just purchased my BGE and would like to make one of these eggfest
  • You know, I love gadgets but I was considering that option, None. Thinking I will wait a little while and see how the cooks go.
  • Thanks, I just noticed you are about the closest person I have seen on here.
  • What all does it do? Does it connect to your home pc by cable or wireless? I am a gadget guy but a poor one.
  • I also have the XL, I have both in my Shopping Cart now trying to decide. It is only $85 more to get the CyberQ II. I don't have but one BGE but not sure if their are extra features built in the CyberQ that is not in the DigiQ
  • Is there a special DigiQ to get? I guess I should go ahead and order if I am going to hang with the big boys.
  • I thought it was really good, but I have never had brisket before so don't know how it compares to everyone elses. I guess I am a better photographer then cook...but I like practicing.
  • Target temp was 200 - 205 This is what I use on most everything. quantities can be tablespoons, cups, whatever. Just depends on how much you want to make. I just do it as ratios 4 - Salt 4 - Sugar 4 - Brown Sugar 4 - Cumin 4 - Garlic …
  • Walmart, first one I have ever bought, I had no idea what the price per pound was suppose to be. But does sound like it was a descent price.
  • That is what I did, I had it burning for right at an hour before I put the meat on. Then watched it for 3 hours at 225 before I went to bed.
  • I think you can build them pretty cheap, if you lived closer I could whip you out one. Getting ready to build one for myself out of maple. Going to give it a chop black top. Around here, any thing other then presure treated wood is hard to come b…
  • I adjusted a few times to get it down to 225 from 260. It had stablized at 225 when I left it.
  • I put 5 soaked chucks of hickory
  • Thanks, couldn't get any easier that this. I guess getting the egg to temp just takes a little practice. While I was watching your three videos I watched a couple more. So I have pretty much decided, it does't matter what you do! The very next vi…
  • That seems simple enough. I see a lot of recipes call for mustard on this forum. I have never heard of that before. Do I need to add any wood chips? What about liquid, seems like I used to hear people putting applejuice in a pan, but haven't see …
  • I want to do the spatchcock chicken this weekend. Never cooked one on the BGE. Do you cook it with direct heat or indirect heat? What dome temp? Approx cooking time? and finally do you flip or which side do you start cooking on first? I have read i…
  • Anxious to see the finished project. I am getting ready to build a table for XL BGE. I am getting maple from a saw mill buddy of mine and making the entire top a cutting board. My carpentary skills are no better than my cooking skills so I know I am…
  • Looks good, my wife was fussing cause I wouldn't let her take her steak becuase I was still photographing last night on my first cook. I did ribeyes, they were just too thin. I watched the DVD, 650 deg, 2 minutes, flip 2 more minutes, flip and shut …
  • Thanks, they were already in vacuum sealed bags. I like to buy the Crown Sterling Ribeye loins and cut them into steaks and then, I vacuum seal them individually and put in the freezer for camping trips or whatever they are needed for. Will have to …
  • What is hot tubbing? :huh:
  • Looking good. How long after you first lit it were you able to get it to the correct temp? Was it an up and down thing to start with? Or did you just jump right in at the correct temp?
  • You know what they say, a clean egg is a happy egg!
  • I normally cook to the internal temp, but I watched the DVD and they cooked at 650 for 2 minutes, flipped, 2 more minutes, then flipped again and shut off the air for 2 more mintues and they came out perfect. Just need fater steaks.
  • Looks good. What kind of top are you going to put on it? Does the BGE rest on the top or sit on the shelf?
  • I as new as new can get, but I figured I rather have the space and not need it, then to need the extra space and not have it.