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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I wonder if you could simply clip the probe to the BGE probe. Thanks,  I'll let you know how it turned out.  
  • First Have you calibrated the dome thermometer. Because generally the dome temp should be 25 degreeor so hotter than the grid. Right.  This is why I didn't know what to set the Guru at.  I have bumped up the Guru to 240F which is giving me a dome t…
  • Yeah, I tried at first to wrap the bacon around the boat but it became quickly apparent that it was easier to do it lengthwise. I'd seen some photos of the lengthwise wrap so I just went with it. :ermm:
  • It is an exercise program sold via infomercial. I've been working out for about 20 years and it is the most intense workouts I've ever done. The program is great, but it is very hard to do consistently as the 90 day program has you working out eve…
  • Absolutely. My 8 and 9 yr old boys loved it. :woohoo:
  • Maybe I missed it but where r u located?
  • Oohhhh! I forgot about pork tenderloin. That is one of our favorite meals. You can learn about brining at the following link. It really helps with the tenderloin. Again, have fun!
  • I've been egging since last December and was in your same shoes. I sold my gas grill a couple of weeks back because it became pointless after using the Egg. I had not even turned it on. I agree with chicken. There are a lot of good tips and I …
  • LOL, currently getting rained out. At least my pork is done and tastes great. I think I've already sold 2-3 people on buying an egg. All it took was one bite.
  • Sweet. I was looking at the Stoker last night but did not pull the trigger yet. I posted earlier on the fan size needed and the general consensus was that I'm fine with the 5cfm fan (which is like $70 cheaper) even though the recommended one is th…
  • I bought my XL back in December and it is the newer style I believe. At least that is what Tom over at Ceramic Grill Store told me when I talked to him and got my XL rig. You should check him out at There is no way I w…
  • Nah. I have not reason to cool it. I was simply curious. Y'all have a great 4th!
  • Great. Thanks for confirming. A nice bonus to this is the unbelievable aroma wafting through my entire house already. My wife is making Belgium waffles as I type and all I want is BBQ. Patience, patience... :unsure:
  • Shameless bump. This post was pretty far down the list and I need the help and wanted the post at the top. Sorry. :blush:
  • I had the same experience with St. Louis Ribs a few weeks back. Like another poster said, I think you might not have been all the way done. When I did mine I had a nice bend test and thought I was good to go. They tasted great but things were a l…
    in CWM Ribs Comment by dsmith July 2011
  • Yep. Up and scrambling. Nope, not eggs. See my updated post on my 30# butt smoke for an explanation and help if you can. I renamed it to UPDATE...Need Advice. Thanks for checking it out.
  • I'm in Knoxville. C'mon!
  • Vegas Eggus wrote: As far as cleaning I assume you mean the grate. I think most just get it good and hot and hit it with a wire brush. I rub mine down with wadded up newspaper as well to pick up any residual oils. Wow, you clean your grate! …
  • That is kind of what I was guessing although this is an area totally new to me. Let's face it, my Egg is stitting about 225F as I type with no forced air. My main reason for getting a Stoker is so I can go to sleep with no worries of large temp sw…
  • Rusty Rooster wrote: At 220 dome you are only approx. 195 grid temp. You will not get meat hotter than your fire. Your grid is usually approx. 25 lower than your dome, so bump up to closer to 250 dome and you will be right there. I am using …
  • Our get togethers always grow in scope and magnitude. For our 'small' gathering today we destroyed 14# of crab legs, 12 brats, corn, salad and some baked taters. I'm expecting everybody and their brother tomorrow :cheer:
  • Here is the finished product. Many thought it was the best they have ever tasted. Of course, you already know that as you cook on the Egg all the time. Nice smoke ring in the brat itself (one of the ones I put on the grill for a bit befor…
  • Tasted great. Everyone loved it. Cooked raised/direct at about 350F Just enough to eat with the rest of my spread... Now for some Tums...
    in Shucked corn Comment by dsmith July 2011
  • I am cooking about 30# of butt starting tonight (I'll be posting on this later). Heck, yes, I get nervous. It has always seemed to work out (the couple times I've done it, lol) but I'm sure I'll be droppin' some cash on a Stoker in the near futu…
  • LOL. I grew up in the midwest and we always boiled for 8 minutes. I have yet to eat it off the egg. The capital offense here in the south (I'm in Knoxville but experienced the same in NC when I lived there) is that people boil it and then let it …
    in Shucked corn Comment by dsmith July 2011
  • Awesome. Thanks.
  • Thanks for the heads up on that. My wife is has celiac disease so can't eat gluten. Do you know if there is any MSG in there. She is highly sensitive to that as well.
  • Good point. Boy, do I love gumbo! Gives me a thought...I need to try making some. I am SOOOO very new to cooking. Always left it to the wife. Not any more with my BGE!
  • Here they are...they tasted okay. Tomorrow's cook is brats and about 14# of crab legs. I know, funny combo of food, but what the heck.
  • I'm just glad this post made me an expert eager LOL :woohoo: