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We’re feeling pretty super, how about you? The big game is fast approaching, and while we love football, we love an excuse to invite people over and cook even more! You too can cook like a champion with recipes from Dr. BBQ’s NFL Gameday Cookbook: Grilled Tuna Sandwiches from Seattle and Baked Brie from New England. Who’s going to win? You’ll have to cook both to find out.

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  • A couple of my buddies got the searzall and they like it but it takes awhile if you are searing very much surface area. I had just finished ribs when one of them brought it over so we sauced them with a thin sauce and it took a couple minutes to do …
  • Just an edit to my post above I would check it at 180 and start looking around there.
  • You have to cook to a lower temp to slice or chop. If you chop a butt that is cooked to pullable the texture isn't right its just mush. Sliced or chopped I cook to about 185 internal. There was a post on here chopped versus pulled and someone mentio…
  • @SmokeyPitt‌ if you are ever north up here Fergusons has really good jumbo wings and they are only $12-$13 for a 5 pound bag. They come seperated though which is more flipping.
  • Where you from @Froman‌ ? Costco wings are good but someone local to you may know a better place.
  • I do brown sugar and onion burgers that always go over well. Usually throw some cow lick in for a little spice.
  • Search the forum. There has previous posts and I remember there was a clear winner based on recommendations.
  • I was just kidding on the pics. Think I read about this once before that's pretty scary. I worry about the bottom vent what if you had that open some the flames would have come out there and if you happened to be there or a kid or something it would…
    in Blast Off!!!!! Comment by Lit January 10
  • I always take one of the band bolts out and take the done off. Make sure you put the white plastic thing over the band bolts to keep the springs from flying open or just use some zip ties. Its light this way I have taken my XL out of my table and pu…
  • If you have the stainless cooking grate I personally prefer it. The cast iron grate can slide all around the woo cause its just flat on the bottom. Also alot of the cooks on the mini are high heat so you burn the seasoning off every cook and have to…
  • Pics or it didnt happen.
    in Blast Off!!!!! Comment by Lit January 10
  • I understand Facebook and twitter but here? Is this even considered social media? If its true sucks to see you go.
  • @Chubbs‌ last I heard he had started making them again. No longer call the egg carten just the carten..
  • There is a carrier for the mini the carten. Its aluminum so its even better than the mini max carrier cause its light and doesn't heat up.
  • I would go OO for sure. I have never seen a complaint about OO but have seen many about the tiny pieces in Rockwood. Out of a couple 20 lb bags of rockwood I threw away a couple pounds of each that was dust and nickel sized pieces.
  • Phone says the wind chill is 5. I'm not going out to confirm.
  • @rtt121‌ I have not but this just reminded me. I just checked and mine is right under 10 PSI right now with maybe 5' of hose. Not sure the diameter.
  • The fire ring is the same as the small. They didnt come up with a new one that's why it doesn't fit the box right.
    in J-B Weld? Comment by Lit January 7
  • You took that mini to the max. Nice looking bird.
  • The people on CL don't know what this forum does. I just sold a large for $660 with nest and mates and I live right down the road from BGE. If I were you I would start at a minimum of $900.
  • @tisoypops‌ its sold on amazon and only worth it if you have the prime free shipping. The price really fluctuates though and is $45 for 35 pounds right now. It was down at 29 for 35 pounds a month or 2 ago. Also don't get the smaller bags its best i…
  • I keep fogo for low and slow cooks since its much more dense and burns slower for the area in the firebox it takes up. Then Ozark oak for pretty much everything else.
  • If you are going to be hitting grilling temps that may not hold up. I used jb self on a plate setter and it was fine but when I tried it on a firebox it didn't last 1 cook even.
    in J-B Weld? Comment by Lit January 6
  • The heat in a water cooker is much different than the heat in an egg. I have only done several cooks in my water cooker but the ST Louis ribs I did last weekend were better than any I have done on the egg.
    in Oh C'mon Now Comment by Lit January 6
  • I have to say if you are going to do a clean burn don't just fire it up and leave all the vents open. You will melt your gasket and stick your egg shut. You will also most likely crack some part of the egg. I just did a clean burn in my large egg be…
  • Lit said: I would maybe give $200. Used eggs are a major risk. I have 5 BGEs that were purchased used over the years since '02 and never had an issue with cracks, warranties eggcetra.  Jump into the pool and check out the waters.  I have bou…
  • She has an alien head. Very strange looking.
  • I would maybe give $200. Used eggs are a major risk.
  • There's a brand that Costco carries Myorga that I really like.
  • I always go with 132. @Terrebandit‌ its an easy way to make sure food is cook exactly how you want it. You can put a steak in for 2 hours at 125 and its safe to eat when you take it out and its 125 every time. Then give it a quick sear for appeara…
    in SV Fail Comment by Lit January 4