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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I saw that once. Scary.
  • @bweekes‌ I would aim for a couple degrees above 130 overnight for a medium rare. What was mentioned above will work great also but its more like the hot tub method than sous vide cooking. An advantage of the hot tub method is you can cook to a true…
  • Hope you got the back lit one. If not change your order.
  • Cause its bacon. Just kidding it is probably more hassle than its worth.
  • Webers are fine for everything they just take more attention for some cooks. I ate really good BBQ at the Atlanta BBQ competition that was cooked in a old school metal garbage can. It was as good as the multiple thousand dollar set ups they just did…
  • @pantsypants make sure you precook the bacon a little first. I usually put the weave in the egg for about 20 minutes indirect at 350 prior to wrapping the tenderloin. That helps the bacon thats double wrapped get a better texture.
  • Why won't it let me post a link?
  • When I have time I do these. We now add bourbon to the apples.   
  • Do as a roast and slice. Pull at 125 degrees. Sear first or later makes no difference on a kettle you have a hot side either way. If its still wrapped I would hot tub it and try to keep the water around 110 for 2 hours so its not on the grill for ho…
  • Man I just buy the rubbermaid sets at costco which is actually on sale right now. I lose them and leave them everywhere so I buy probably 2 sets a year. I think the 20 piece set is like $20 right now I am heading there soon for steel head, a wet dry…
  • Found out the new addition will be an inny yesterday so I get to prep and paint the nursery this weekend. At least its supposed to be crappy weather. Gonna stop and get some steel head on the way home to grind up and make blackend fish sandwiches.
  • I don't have to mow any more its included in the dues. When I work from home on Tuesdays I watch them take care of my yard.
  • You can get snake river farms cheaper than that. I get the wagyu rib eyes from super h mart for $37 a pound. Marbles just like the steak above if not better.
    in Wagyu beef price? Comment by Lit July 18
  • I think tksmoke may be right on the size. I always do 8-9 pounders which would explain the burning.
  • Its one bolt to remove the dome and then quick to empty the insides. I'm average size 6' and 200 pounds and I took my XL out of its table and into its new nest by myself without any issues.
  • Does he make different style handles? I can't do western style handles. His blades look nice though.
  • I originally bought a couple used eggs but have since started replacing them with new ones with warranties. People buy these used off Craigslist and don't realize that they do crack and a good portion of the high price to buy them is the warranty. M…
  • @"Photo Egg"‌ I am just north of Atl Ga. I have done several hundred mile Craigslist adventures but I don't think wifey's gonna go for this.
  • I believe your original post someone posted a link to Devin Thomas custom knives and I have been eyeing them every since. I am almost done with buying knives but I want to replace my 8" Gyuto with a custom damascus since its my go to knife. May have…
  • Mines not in great shape either. Couple spots of rust ground off but it works great and I don't have to worry about messing it up from use. Wish I was closer I would grab another one in a second. I will get the smokey Joe as soon as I can find one f…
  • Nope did indirect. I have ruined several trying again thinking my thermometer may not have been calibrated. I told my parents to try it years ago after I saw it posted here and before I had tried it and they were not happy with me they threw it away…
  • Its good. My wife got me some Wagyu rib eyes and tri tips for a birthday a couple years ago. Its a treat like eggcelsior said and something to try for sure but I would almost have to say for the money I would stick with some prime rib eyes from Cost…
    in Lobels Meats NY Comment by Lit July 16
  • I have not had good luck with turbo cooking to 200 with no foil. The bark always burns. I have not had the issue with it not pulling though I am guessing you may not have taken temp in all areas or just not a good shoulder. I always foiled when I wa…
  • You want a picture of my driveway?
  • You mean heels? Confusing to me how it takes a year to get a new size into production when everything else is already set up. If it was a couple month wait I may have waited for the mini max but after the wait for the xxl I knew it was going to be a…
  • I have ordered from lobels before and its good stiff. I am guessing you could have added another large egg for the price of that box.
  • @smokeypitt they vary from usually about $5.50 a pound to a little over $6. I got this on 4th of July weekend so they jacked all the prices up. Still not cheap but its the best lunch meat I've found. I froze 3 food saver bags full for the weeks to c…
  • The original small cooked much like the large. The mini max I am guessing will act more like the mini which is really close to the lump. The mini plate setter only has like 1" legs which the raiant heat from the plate setter can still burn things wh…
  • I knew something was up when the largest chunk of meat in the pile was the cheapest. It was marked as 5 pounds but was really almost 9 when I weighed it at home. Finally got the slicer out this time. Rubbed with garlic chilli paste then some susie q…