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There are two very delicious food holidays coming up that we wanted to share with you all because cheese and guac deserve to be celebrated! Guacamole Day is on September 16th and Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th. Happy cooking EGGheads! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • @badinfluence my XL will be the next to go. The stand alone big Joe is so much nicer than the egg.
    in Mini Max Comment by Lit September 11
  • @kunstschmeide‌ I would get the mini over the mini max if you like the Joe junior after you use it. The mini max doesn't appear to have any advantages over the junior that I can see and the mini is still much easier to move around. You can still get…
    in Mini Max Comment by Lit September 11
  • @kunstschmeide‌ I really like my Joe junior and my mini. I'm sure I will like the mini max also when its available but its all about time right now. You got the junior with everything for $350 though so its gonna be hard to beat that. Also you don't…
    in Mini Max Comment by Lit September 11
  • @badinfluence‌ I believe the original release dare was June when they unveiled it.
    in Mini Max Comment by Lit September 11
  • I just put 2 nails in and put hooks on the frame of the screen. The screen I put 1 by 4's as a frame then a mid frame support and used flat l brackets for extra support. Then I stapled the screen and pulled it tight and went back and forth stapling.…
  • @Ladeback69‌ I put a link above to the projector I have. Its a view sonic but its only 720 but the picture is really good for the price. Sounds like you are looking for a more high end projector. Just a note though i have a vizio 120 hz in the garag…
  • Very nice table. Only worry for me is the gap between your egg and table is pretty small. The heat from the side of the egg can ignite the table. I have seen several other posts where their table caught on fire from too small of a hole and a couple …
  • That's wishful thinking. I might be able to get mine as a demo at 2015 egging in the mountains.
    in Mini Max Comment by Lit September 11
  • Oh white meat again? Racist.
  • Boil noodles then strain. Pour seasoning on then 2 eggs over easy on top. Good stuff. note. My Jamaican room mate in college always ate the shrimp ramen. Do not eat shrimp ramen. It smells gross.
  • Also want to add I keep mine in the work out room during the week and use it 5 days a week and have had no issues at all with it.
  • My wife got me the view sonic from amazon for Christmas last year. Its 3000 lumens and 720 resolution and up to 120 hz. The pictures I took don't do it justice its really a good quality projector. Its not very expensive was just under $350. It also …
  • We're falcons transplants but originals fins fans. Pulling for the Jags now that they have Bortles since we are both UCF grads. Any excuse to have people over and drink and grill works though.
  • Mario kart 8 rocks. We only played several of the 50cc cups but its great. They have classic boards that are the same as they used to be but they are true first person point of view. Its hard to explain how cool it really is but moo moo meadows with…
  • its 110 by 66. total it only cost me like $70 to make the screen. got sunday ticket its gonna be a good year.
  • I am finally ready. went and got a wii u and Mario kart 8 also cause I needed it. sausages on the mini to celebrate.. .
  • I guess the difference here is how people prefer their wings. I like mine with a little char on them and don't think the skin should ever be even slightly pulley. This is what my finished wings look like. from my experience yes indirect is easier bu…
  • @BigGreenPackerFan‌ they had the ash box with the screen in them at the KJ roadshow at Costco by me last weekend. Its a pretty cool design the screen covers the opening in the firebox not the bottom vent. I should have taken a picture.
    in Mini Max Comment by Lit September 10
  • @BigGreenPackerFan‌ the KJ does not have the same screen design as the egg on their larger models they have an ash box that slides into the bottom vent with a screen that covers the hole in the fire box to stop ash. You can remove the ash box and sc…
    in Mini Max Comment by Lit September 10
  • @SmyrnaGA‌ just looked mine is not like that.
    in Mini Max Comment by Lit September 10
  • We have 2 coffee machines at work. I usually start off with a cappuccino with donut blend add a shot of Columbian espresso. If for some reason it gets cold I go make another one. Our executive assistant told me they average $1500 a month in coffee. …
  • I can't figure out why anyone would wait for the mini max. The KJ junior is awesome and its not short like the max so you can only go direct and its not slow to temp like the small. I will probably still get a mini max to give it a shot but I doubt …
    in Mini Max Comment by Lit September 10
  • There are only a couple roadshows left.
    in Mini Max Comment by Lit September 9
  • I have never had a wing cooked indirect in an egg that I would say I was happy with the results. I can make them on the egg direct and then putting the plate setter in but wings are so much easier on the Weber kettle.
  • @westernbbq‌ Costco is selling the Joe Jr for $350 if you happen to live by one that is having the road show.
    in Mini Max Comment by Lit September 9
  • My coffee never lasts long enough to need the yeti. I went back to get the 20 also but decided it was too small in the store. I haven't gone anywhere without my 30 since the day Hap made us all get one. Love having ice cold water all night by the be…
  • If you are cooking direct you have to flip the wings and pay attention to how they are cooking and move and flip accordingly.
  • There's one at Roswell hardware in Georgia. They want $5k.
    in New XXL Comment by Lit September 7
  • @blind99 the only way I have found to get the same results as the Weber is do them direct to start then put the plate setter in and finish them indirect. I cook wings on my Weber exactly the opposite of you. Hot to crisp the skin first then move the…
  • Do you still have the Weber? I cook wings on my Weber still its much easier to get the results I want.