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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • I have had alot but I don't really remember how many. I know a medium and a large base because those have to have a higher level approval for replacement. The fire ring and fire box I just drive down to tucker and they hand you a new one if you brin…
  • Man that sucks. I live in a safe place in a cul de sac but until we have a fence I have all my eggs in the garage. I have left it out a couple times while we are at the pool but that's when they are hot so it would be tough to steal. Something I not…
  • I took ribs to a cul de sac party last night and every person came up asking me what sauce I used. I always use a drip pan and fill it about a third with water. When I am unfoiling the ribs I pull the drip pan and add some of the rub I used to the r…
    in Barbecue sauce Comment by Lit July 5
  • The sauce is good for chicken wings. Been awhile since I have done it though since franks and butter is also hood for chicken wings and a little easier.
  • @fljoemon‌ you might try pettys meat market over in Longwood. Its the only place I can think of that may have it. If not they have good meat and used to have free beer on tap while you shop. Been 5 years since I have been there though but it was the…
    in Barbecue sauce Comment by Lit July 5
  • I was quoted 5k for the xxl. Pass. I would take 2 xls over 1 XL any day.
    in XXL Comment by Lit July 5
  • Here's the posting. If no one can get tomorrow morning I will get them no matter what. Mross I will let you know.
  • I don't need anymore eggs! I will go get them if no one else is interested but Id rather not. PM me if you are local and interested.
  • Yeah no q in cumming unless you find a local egger.
    in Cumming Q? Comment by Lit July 4
  • I had the same issue 3-4 years ago and its how they were coming new. I got rid of my medium because of it. I checked several stores and every floor model had the same issue and I was told by the sales rep they had previous complaints about it.
  • Its going to be a good weekend even if I end up on the couch. Picked up 2 shoulders, a sirloin cap, 3 racks of ribs and a 50 qt blue yeti. I was going back and forth between the 50 and 65 and hope I made the right decision. I liked the 50 cause its …
  • Just a heads up Costco sells that same cat for $60. That's what I use for the pool.
  • What is the most useable size? The 160qt at my Costco seems a little big but 75qt seems small for a camping trip. Think I may be able to get away with buying 1 but will get bad looks if I suggest getting another anytime soon. You guys with several w…
  • So if they are released at 300 lighting from the bottom means pretty much all the lump has been subjected to 300 plus degrees if the dome is 25o and the VOCs have been consumed before the food goes on. If you light from the top the lump a couple inc…
    in Bottom up lighting Comment by Lit July 3
  • Both fires are burning at the same temp how is one outgasses and one consumed? What temp do VOCs burn off at?
    in Bottom up lighting Comment by Lit July 3
  • We all know heat rises obviously. I'm not sure on a low and slow how heat could go down around lump and burn off vocs. That's just always been my thinking. I was on the forum for a good 2 years before I even realized others were lighting from the to…
    in Bottom up lighting Comment by Lit July 3
  • That does not make any sense. As the fire burns down it lights completely unburned lump. At least from the bottom it has had 300 degree temps going through it.
    in Bottom up lighting Comment by Lit July 3
  • The Costco in Alpharetta GA has the 160qt yeti for $469.
  • My question is how do you burn off the VOCs if you light from the top? Aren't you burning them off as the fire burns down while you are cooking?
    in Bottom up lighting Comment by Lit July 3
  • If you use a good low and slow lump like wicked good or fogo I would bet you could get over 14 hours. I got 8 hours from the mini.
  • I used to slice them and marinade in teriyaki then sear on the salt block. It comes out better than cooking whole but it was work. Just get the egg hot and sear direct.
  • I hot tub mine in 110 degree water for about an hour with the rub already on which will bring it close to 100 degrees then I cook raised direct over high heat till it hits 125. Comes out great no matter how you cook it but you have to make sure you …
  • I have taken 1000 mile trips with the mini or small in the trunk of my honda with no issues. At one point I was being lazy after camping and the mini spent like a week or 2 in my trunk going everywhere I went and no precautions were taken. Never any…
  • @"Carolina Q"‌ there is an underground house like that that I drive past every day. All you can see from the road is a garage door with a hill and grass on top. Wish I knew how it looked inside.
  • I never light through the bottom but I always make a cave in the middle of the remaining lump and put the cube in there and then build lump around it. I do it for low and slow or high temp cooks both come to temp much faster than lighting from the t…
    in Bottom up lighting Comment by Lit July 2
  • Thanks. Gonna get a CO detector just to be safe.
  • @BYS1981‌ so you have an air intake in your garage? Aren't they usually drawing air from inside the house?
  • I do it all the time and have for years. I just don't pull my car in and leave it in the middle of the open floor and leave the garage door open a couple inches. Our new house doesn't have a fence yet so all 4 eggs are in the garage and get rolled i…
  • Just get a box of the latex gloves from Costco or wherever. I get them from restaurant depot for eggfests.
  • I did 2 7-8 pounders bone in on their sides. Key is bone in if you get the boneless ones from Costco its hard to even fit 1. A couple 5 pounders should be easy. Its not a big deal if they are touching early on they will shrink pretty quick.