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It feels as though we’ve waited forever for college football to start, and finally the wait is over! Check out our tailgating page for recipes that are sure to become fan favorites. As an added bonus, the day before Labor Day is National Bacon Day and we don’t know about you, but we like putting bacon on anything and everything, so we’ll definitely be celebrating that. It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Hope? Sad if being accepted on a message board is that important. I have hope for many things, but being accepted on a message board among people I most likely will never meet isn't high on the hope priority scale.
  • You can call me all the names you want, but I'm telling the truth. Anyone can go over here and read the threads some on here started. There is mostly silence especially after they learned you came from here. Lets see how many sign up for the gift…
  • No matter how hard you try, post over there, and beg, the old timers and most of the posters over at GE will have nothing to do with this site and most will ignore you. Case and point. How many of them have reciprocated the butt kissing the few of…
  • Yep you got me pegged. Don't take my word for it, search the other site about it. :))
  • Unfortunately, the other site has done this for some time and a number of people have been burned. Gave a gift and received nothing from their elf. Plus it wouldn't be right to be able to change your elf because people would change it until they g…
  • @cazzy. Honestly, I love them all. Secret Weapon and Competition Beef and Pork are my day to day rubs. On chicken wings, Oakridge Habanero Death Dust is the best by far. While hot, it isn't unbearable. It is one of the most unique, creative, and …
  • Head Country is OK. Oakridge rub is the best. Much, much better than Dizzy Pig IMO. You did well.
  • They are frequently on sale for less than $80 from the company itself with free gift, free shipping, and full warranty.
  • I love my adjustable rig among a lot of other thing I bought from Tom. Great people. Adjustable rig is very versatile. Plus it is easy to take care of. It doesn't rust.
  • EvansEgger said: I just rub them with my favorite chicken rub mixed with cornstarch (70/30 ratio) to crisp up the skin, fire up the Egg to 400 degrees direct with cherry wood. Place the AR in the Egg and cook them high in the dome until done…
  • I have the swing rack and AR system. I never use my swing rack anymore. The AR is way more versatile and is built more solid.
  • Ah travisdick, be nice and stop being a hypocrite. Wayne at the other site could expose you and your numerous ip's/usernames showing who the troll is.
  • Beautiful. I love going to Brazilian steak houses and want to recreate that on the Egg. More toys I need to buy.
  • @Solson005 I agree. It isn't so much the new people (I agree about the learning curve and I try to help new posters on questions like this), but those with over a hundred posts and been here for months. I think they do it out of laziness and/or…
  • I wish (not really) I had time in my life to write a novel for a post. Search is a good feature and needs to be used more often. Some don't use it out of laziness.
  • YouEnjoyMyEgg said: You guys are thinking about this too hard.  Buy one and try it.  You'll probably be happy.  If not then buy the other one.  But buy the AR first.  That's all you'll need.   :D I agree. Plus these type of questi…
  • I paid $35 for my mine at my dealer about a year ago. I love using it on my spider.
    in 13CI Comment by chrisnjenn May 2013
  • Pretty nice. I love to customize my Egg. I love my custom handle.
  • caliking said: Google "neti pot". Switching to propane is an option (not kidding). Then there is muriatic acid. At least it would take your mind off the smell (kidding). Please do not kid. Only adult/serious answers wanted. Thanks…
    in BBQ smell Comment by chrisnjenn May 2013
  • Pizza stone in combination with an oven/Egg.
  • Considering that A36 steel has a melting point of +2600 degrees, I don't see how a 1/4, 5/8, etc. thick of A36 steel can warp at any temp in a Egg. Even after millions of uses on an Egg it wouldn't warp.
  • I'm happy. Buying me a 3rd soon. Gaskets are overrated.
  • No way to even get a decent copycat version of the neo with a pizza stone. Might get close with a pizza steel and oven/Egg. They got pretty close on Serious Eats using the Baking Steel and oven combo.
  • Randy, I don't season them at all. I sear them on both sides and the salt block seasons them. They are delicious and our preferred way to eat scallops. Thin strips of steak are also awesome on the salt block. If you have guests over, it is a gr…
  • Welcome to the BGE club. I cook mine direct, 350-400. Make sure the smoke is blue or clear before throwing the burgers on. Hopefully more will welcome you to this site.
  • I love cooking scallops, steak, etc. on mine. It is fun to use and guests love it. I had mine for 2 years and it is still going strong after a lot of uses. Well worth the $30 I paid for it.
  • Buy from the best. Plus he continually improves his product and has it in stock all the time. I have both systems (swing rack and adj rig) described above and the adjustable rig is a better product and much more versatile. Tom@ http://www.ce…
  • and men bit-- about women drama. Men have more drama than women. Funny thread starter.
  • I understand. Glad it worked out for you guys. Pulled beef, if done right, is decent from a crock pot. Prefer it on the Egg, but crock pot is not half bad.