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It doesn’t get much hotter than the EGG cookin’ in July! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with a bit of whatever you’re using for the Beer Can Chicken. Ice Cream Sandwiches are also a great way to stay cool. Looking for some great ideas for a summer cook out? Try out a Pimento Cheeseburger or Dr. BBQ’s Spare Rib Surprise. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors stop by for a quick bite when they smell what you’re cooking!

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  • byrne092 said: SmokeyPitt said: It looks great and the salad looks awesome as well.  I wouldn't have thought to pair corn and watermelon but it looks great.  Ha, good call. It is actually tomato, I don't know why I put watermelon.. …
  • It looks great and the salad looks awesome as well.  I wouldn't have thought to pair corn and watermelon but it looks great. 
  • There are probably better smokers out there than the kettle, but for a good versatile cooker at a good price I think that would be a good choice.  It might take a little more baby sitting than something like a WSM...but the WSM aren't that cheap any…
  • I happened to notice they were $254 on Amazon today in US (with Prime).  Not sure if that helps our Canadian brethren.  
  • buzd504 said: blasting said: It does seem like they are anxious to bend their own rules.  The lady that helped me was willing to issue off a business card.  I just gave her my company checkbook.  It's my understanding that the card i…
  • Good tip @tarheelmatt  In chrome, find the image you want, right click, copy image.  Then just come here where you are typing and right click-->paste (or ctrl+v). 
  • I don't have a ton of experience but every high rise condo I have stayed in did not allow grills of any kind on the balcony.  Most places will have grills in the common area you can use.  They are usually gassers, but I just got back from vacation a…
  • That looks like a great accessory at a great price.  Will the top rack fit with the plate setter in?  It seems like it might be a little tall.  
  • Good luck- I'm sure it will be outstanding.  FYI the term "Prime Rib" was coined before the USDA grading system, so it doesn't have anything to do with the grade.  So, a choice grade prime rib is quite common.  I decided to just call it a rib roast …
  • That's great man.  It sounds like you have a great butcher.  I searched around and I think this is basically like the money muscle off the butt.  So, it will be like the very best bites of pulled pork.  You are in for some good eats! 
  • Good deal!  Did your butcher have to order it or was he able to cut it off of a shoulder?  (If that is where it comes from...I'm not sure). 
  • That table is a work of art...congrats and welcome!
  • Get the popcorn and prepare to watch the raccoon gifs. 
  • You can't beat a perfect looking grilled cheese!  I think you are holding out on us though...I spot some turkey or something in there.  I like the drip tray on the griddle. 
  • It is a shame they don't build in some hooks.  Could you drill some holes in lip of the metal counter?  If you did that you could just add some S hooks.  If you don't want to drill you could try the 3M commander stick on hooks.  They have some tha…
  • If you paste an image URL to a GIF it will work, but if you upload the GIF it will not work.  Sorry @Eggcelsior if I spoiled your fun. 
  • I think a tenderloin would have a better chance than a loin of pulling.  I agree with others I would just cook it like a roast or cut it into thick chops if you can.  I got a rack once that still had the chine bone attached all around and I couldn't…
  • Man that is beautiful.  
  • Sounds great!  I love a pulled beef sammich.  
  • paqman said: @SmokeyPitt the fries in my pics were double fried in duck fat.  Duck fat is awesome for making fries.  Awesome.  If I ever try to make at home I am getting some duck fat. 
  • BigGreenPackerFan said: The Medium Egg on Sam's online is unauthorized and would not include the lifetime warranty from BGE. It appears people have asked this question on the Sam's website and they choose to ignore it or simply respond with t…
  • I have seen one here: @20stone cooked one recently:
  • I suspect that many places double-fry the french fries.  They have that all over brown color like in @paqman 's pic.
  • I have been to the Montreal area a few times and I love poutine.  Yours looks great! 
  • Thatgrimguy said: SmokeyPitt said: I just got back from vacation and I had it under the cover for about 8 days.  I had some rust when I took the cover off.  I used several cans in a row to make a "peak" but I suspect some water still g…
  • It looks great from here.  I understand what you mean about the hype...sometimes it is hard to live up to.  I usually shoot to finish mine right around 130 after rest as well.  The color looks right to me for a 130 finish.   YetiBob said: No…
  • They look great.  I also do them both ways.  If I have the time to stand around the egg and flip them I go direct.  If I am doing other things and need to leave them unattended I go indirect.  
  • lousubcap said: "Thanks for the advise." That's it...surely there has got to be more info regarding your temp/thermo issue! lol...Lou is right...we need closure!  Did the fire go out?