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As we round out National BBQ Month, we hope you’ve gotten to try some new recipes that will keep you cooking all summer long. Check out our Smoking Basics Publication. For delicious recipes, try Justin Moore’s BBQ Shrimp, Greg Bate’s BBQ Dr. Pepper Chicken, Bobby Flay’s Chicken Thighs or Dr. BBQ’s new Maple Brined Pork Chops. Need dessert? Finish off your meal with some Planked Twinkies. Get ready for some fun summer happenings!

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  • @Biggreenpharmacist - how do you like the vision?  My sister is thinking about getting an egg and saw one at BJs and asked me about it.  I don't really know anything about them.  According to the web site they offer a limited lifetime warranty.   Y…
    in BGE Quality Comment by SmokeyPitt May 22
  • tarheelmatt said: tarheelmatt said: For voting, it would take a little time on the organizer, but Google has included with Google docs now where you can do a poll.   It's another process, but makes voting a little easier and accurate.…
  • Oak is great with beef. Your plan sounds great but with only 4 hours you might bump the temp up a bit.  Normally I cook with the lid off but you may want to put the lid on to speed things along. 
    in Pot roast. Comment by SmokeyPitt May 22
  • It also depends on the meat. I have had some really good strips, but I have had some lean and tough ones.  Strips can be a lean cut.  I have also found the fat cap is hard fat that doesn't render. You have to find one with good marbeling in the meat…
  • Ths is a lot of yardbird!  It looks great. I would have to sample one of each prior to storing. 
  • A love seeing a whole meal on at once.  What kind of raised grid set up is that?
  • Perfect looking steaks.  You can't go wrong with rib eye steaks and shrooms.  I told my kids an important life lesson the other night.  'Shrooms, garlic, butter, and Worcestershire makes anyone a gourmet cook.  
  • Wow man they look outstanding.  The crust on those is beautiful.  Out of order or not...I like how you roll.  
  • fergi said: henapple said: About 12x5 The one pictured is about 8.5" X 4.5" by about 1/2 to 5/8" thick.Why so small? It was in the pool. 
  • Awesome looking cooks.  That steak looks phenomenal.  
  • YYZegger said: Awesome Burger!  Love to try that one day for a party! I ordered one of these for my next one: As you might imagine I was faced with the challen…
  • LOL...I didn't think I would get this excited about a single brat but that looks outstanding.   Is that the brat and sausage bun from Kroger?   I love those.  They leave extra room for the feeeeeeeexins.  
  • Man that is a beautiful built in for your egg.  I bet your dog can't pull that over.  
  • My daughter wanted me to add this pic she took.  Her hand for scale.  
  • @Ladeback69 - for a chain it is pretty good.  My kids like it...and they have beer!  I will have to check out the campfire sauce next time we go.  I found some clone recipes and I think you are right on the ingredients.  I might have to make up some…
  • I think I would probably do a wrapped stage in order to speed things along to finish in 5 hours.  I found this post from @Biggreenpharmacist and it sounds like these finished in about 5 hours.…
  • I think you would be just fine cooking at that temp.   If need be you could always foil them for a bit which speeds things up.  Are you cooking a whole rack of shorties or the individual ribs?  
  • The burger in your profile pic looks wonderful.   So good in fact I stalked your posts to find it . 
  • I should add my "secret" seasoning.  My friend/ neighbor gave me a bottle of this.   This is a tasty burger seasoning.  If you find yourself in a RR, ask your server for a bottle.  I think it is less than $5.    
  • Ladeback69 said: Awesome burger.  So that is a 2.4 pound burger?  I have been to a little hole in the wall place in Iowa where they sold 1 pound burgers and a I believe a pound of fries.  Me an another guy tired to eat it all, but no go.  The…
  • Thanks all! For the record it was my family of 5 vs the burger and the Big @$$ Burger won.   There were leftovers . 
  • Great looking loaf!  Bacon weaving makes everything better.  They should teach bacon weaving in school.  
  • If it has lesa fat I rhink I would be inclined to do a braise step. You could always start out straight in the egg then add to the pan later. This would give you better bark and a bit more smoke. Perhaps use a rack to cook it over the pan for a few …
  • IPASooner said: LOL Great thinking my friend! How was it? Thanks!  It was really good.  I cooked it a little more than I usually would but it was still really juicy.  Actually the best burger I have made in a while.   blasting said: …
  • I agree it doesn't have to do with the sunshine as much.  I am in GA where BGE headquarters is and we can get pretty good deals here.  You definitely have to look around though- plenty of people pay "retail" prices here as well.   $1305 for a large…
  • I would roll it to the front with that $45.99 price tag clipped to it and then look for a young an inexperienced cashier to check me out   Just kidding...that would be dishonest. 
  • FWIW, I have done 3-2-refrigerate overnight-1 and they turned out great.  Just another option if you want to consider cooking them ahead of time.  You could time it where you let the brisket FTC while you reheat/sauce the ribs.   As you mentioned I…
  • Offpiste said: Have raised grid, plan on 2 levels 2 butts per level. Sounds like a plan.  That is what I would do- just run one cooker for the butts.  If you want to have some fun firing them both up you could always throw some chicken, sa…
  • Do you have a some sort of raised grid for the egg or for the classic?  I think 4 would be a tight squeeze on a single level.  If you have a second level then no problem.  I think a large lasagna pan would probably be sufficient.