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  • A few thoughts/tips: Mushy bottom can come from too much sauce sitting on a very thin crust and/or the sauce sitting on there too long.  I assemble my pizza as quickly as I can and throw it on the hot stone and mine is crispy all the way across. …
  • TexanOfTheNorth said: Burned crust could mean you are cooking too hot for your particular dough Exactly this.  I started out using bought crusts and frequently burnt them.  You gotta make your own "wetter" dough to go above 450 or more. …
  • Use an electric starter.  Keep the starter in for 8 minutes.  Then i stir with a small shovel (like you do). Then close lid for 8 minutes.  Temp will be 350º - 400º and you're ready to grill. 
  • I went through the same decision years ago.  So glad I got the XL.  And my family consists of 2! (just my wife and I).  I use a lump reducer and love it.  Perfect for grilling smaller amounts of food.  I go big meat cooking often too and use a food …
  • You got it, indirect.  I do meatloaf indirect at about 400 until the internal temp hits 155º.
  • Toxarch said: My dealer gave the impression that the binder in the briquettes will taint the ceramic and leave a smell forever. Scare tactic? I'd say that's BS.  I've used briquettes several times, and although not ideal, they work just f…
  • DKReale said: Do you use corn meal on pizza stone?  I don't use corn meal or parchment at all.  I use a wood pizza peel and rub a little flour in.  Move the formed dough to the peel and quickly assemble. Give it a little shake every 30 sec…
    in Pizzas Comment by ChokeOnSmoke July 12
  • Give this a try, this will make one 12" pie.  You can't burn the bottom with this recipe.  I've had my grill stone (750+): 1.25 cups flour 1/2 cup water 1 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon instant yeast Combine 75% flour(1 cup), water, salt & yeast.…
    in Pizzas Comment by ChokeOnSmoke July 12
  • DKReale said: What do I do to keep the bottom of the pizza from burning?  Real simple answer, make your own dough with a higher amount of H2O content.  That's the best way.  Otherwise, if your using premade doughs, you need to keep your te…
    in Pizzas Comment by ChokeOnSmoke July 12
  • Chuck eye's are tasty.  I'm not real big on the whole process of "searing", necessarily.  I've found that if you just cook a steak at high heat (500+), it will "sear" as it cooks and then all you have to worry about is pulling it at the correct temp…
  • That's hot!
  • Most people won't use briquettes given the choice, but they'll work in a pinch if you run out of lump and you have to borrow some fuel from the neighbor.
  • You've done well planning.  Wrapping in foil and resting for 2-3 hours makes a big difference (with your final product).  If you pulled right away I bet you'd have trouble at 185º.  195º-197º is optimal for pulling (right off the grill).  Better to …
  • Wings look incredible.
  • The XL is different from all other eggs (as far as the hinge system goes).  No big deal removing the lid.  I've done it three different times without incident.  Remove the lid and all the guts and they're relatively easy to move with two people.
  • A legend is gone.  RIP.
  • I bought the large BGE stone from my XL egg.  Been using it for years and it's the perfect size.
  • I use wood and like it.  I don't season it in any way.  Just wipe with a damp towel to clean.  To avoid the dough sticking to it, put some flour on it and rub it in good with your hand.  No need for parchment paper. That's really all you need to do.
  • I had to update mine this morning, mine was gone.
  • Tasty looking.
  • Owned the XL for years and never needed to add more charcoal/wood.  I fill it up the same way every time and shut down vents when done to save the rest for the next cook (which is what most people do).  You'll figure everything out as you go or keep…
  • Form your meatloaf and put it right on the grid, indirect @ 400º, until the internal temp hits 155º.  Mine take about 45-60 minutes.
  • I've tried a ton of different methods over the years and found the easiest cheapest method is a $8 electric starter.  As long as you don't leave it in too long (8 minutes), it'll last you for years.  After 8 minutes, I pull the starter out and stir …
  • Uglies course I've seen in a long time.  Golfers don't look happy.  Golf balls rollin in all directions.
  • I do Kabobs often.  Yours are really good lookin'.
    in Kabobs Comment by ChokeOnSmoke June 20
  • Nothing finer than a good wing!
  • Nice.  Congrats.  Happy cookin'
  • Once it dries, you can get it off easily.  Use a utility knife or something similar to trim it where needed.
  • @4Runner  My dough tonight stretched easily.  Is it springing back on you when your trying to form it?  If so, are you letting the dough warm up long enough?  I usually shoot for 90 minutes but I've read up to 2 hours or more is better.