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There are two very delicious food holidays coming up that we wanted to share with you all because cheese and guac deserve to be celebrated! Guacamole Day is on September 16th and Cheeseburger Day is on September 18th. Happy cooking EGGheads! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Texas BBQ Rub.  Excellent quality, great price.
  • Closer to 190. No more than 195, anything over 195 is mushy to me.
  • TUTTLE871 said: I'd better not. I have what doctors call a little bit of a weight problem. I used to grab bear claws as a kid, two at a time, and I'd get them lodged right in this region here.  Nice post. Greatest comedian of our time. R…
  • ** Not my picture, credit goes to **
  • I've done just as many boneless as bone-in, I can't tell the difference in a blind taste test.  Think about it, only a small amount of meat really surrounds the bone, most of it is "boneless" anyway.
  • Disappointed to see California Chrome go down.  Tonalist did win me a $50 spot though in a local pool!
  • Mmmmm...look great!
  • I considered digital too when I replace mine but couldn't find anything I could just leave outside and not have to worry about.  Ended up going with one of these:…
  • I don't cover my probes with foil, had mine for years, no problems.  But I only use it for low and slows and never go over 275 or so with it.
  • Nice looking!  Well done!
  • KiterTodd said: Q. "How was the chicken?" A. "Good." I don't have to explain to this group the abundance of qualitative details missing from her response. I get the same type answers, really annoys the $h1t out of me...!!
  • That's pretty funny...
  • speleoegg said: Next time you are in a Lowes or Home Depot go to the duct area of the store and they sell a "chef's hat" you can put on top of the DFMT.  Just use a file or sand paper to remove any sharp edges.  I think it was like $12. …
  • You said you checked your thermometer, but it being inaccurate/malfunction is the only thing that makes sense based on that amount of time and the size of the brisket.Do you retest the maverick after the cook?
  • Texas BBQ rub, love all their flavors...
  • As other have said, the higher the better so whatever gets you highest is best.  Any store or commercial crusts, I don't go past 400-450, otherwise the bottom burns.  Also, I heat the pizza stone no more than 15-20 minutes or the bottom gets too do…
  • MaskedMarvel said: Thanks bro. I have a few ( :( ) broken thermoelectric wine fridges that I'm going to convert into humidors. This is helpful. See a lot of guys going the old fridge route.  Seems to work good, especially if you have to…
    in Cigars Comment by ChokeOnSmoke May 17
  • allsid said: It works great!  The only hitch is it is a PITA.   Curious, what makes it a PITA for you?
  • Really nicely done!  Blends in well.  Congrats!
    in New home Comment by ChokeOnSmoke May 17
  • MaskedMarvel said: I like most everything.  Here's my "humidor".  It's a 120 qt Igloo cooler. Very nice. How're you humidifying in there? Humidity beads.  Bought them from this place many years ago and they are still working well.…
    in Cigars Comment by ChokeOnSmoke May 17
  • Carolina Q said: This works... I usually use a couple of forks, but it pretty much looks the same when I'm done. Great video! Gotta get a knife like that!  My new "pulling" technique!
  • I like most everything.  Here's my "humidor".  It's a 120 qt Igloo cooler.
    in Cigars Comment by ChokeOnSmoke May 16
  • The money muscle is way over rated in my opinion.  I take the whole thing to "probe tender" which is almost always 192-195.  Anything more and it seems to mushy to me.  Shred it with 2 forks and mix it all together.  Good to go.
  • td66snrf said: A chuck roast low and slow is pretty tasty right on the grill even without a pan. Right on. Here's an example:
  • Mattman3969 said:  I personally would put the butt on about 7 in the morning and smoke it at 350* all the way through. It should be done in about 6 1/2 hrs and you will have the most crunchy bark you ever put in your pie hole. This wo…
  • I don't think I've ever had a pork butt go over 12 hours at that size (8-9 lbs.) so you'd be getting done at 9:00-10:00 in the morning if you were using my egg.   I cook at 250 degrees but measure it at grate level (not dome temp) so I'm cooking hot…
  • DMW said: Mine is still clipped on there, never had a reason to remove the thermometer (I've never done a clean burn). To check the calibration of your thermo? Good point, done that a couple times.  Replaced the thermo once too.  I'm…
  • Mine is still clipped on there, never had a reason to remove the thermometer (I've never done a clean burn).
  • I'm still using a (10+ year old now) foodsaver.  Basic model, I use it all the time and it works great.
  • Ladeback69 said: Here is what I may put in the opening if I build it. @Ladeback69, Drawers, I like it.  Will provide a lot of …