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  • Nice present from the mailman. I have a Guru, and they take almost all the worry out of the cook, you'll love the temp controller. Do a butt for 15 hours, or simmer some chili on the egg. Maybe wait until the temperatures drop back into the dou…
  • They are right about the thermapen, I use mine nearly every egg cook, and then plenty in the kitchen. Find Mollyshark to buy one. I also have a Guru and I love the thing. I think it is like cruise control in a car, you don't need it, but it mak…
  • Nice one. Paella was a nightmare until I got the egg. I still tend to pile too much stuff on them, though. If some is good, more is better, right?
  • Good lookin' chicken. You must be brave to get close to a killer like that.
  • Real sorry about that, but you did the right thing, and probably gave him an awesome life. We have medium dogs now, but my favorite was the 180# English Mastiff that decorated our walls until 2001.
  • I don't want to start a fight or a debate on the finer points of humor, but that joke is a little out of bounds; I'd edit that before it hurts some feelings.
  • Shame to see that happen to a perfectly good egg, but glad to hear you got some great service. It looks like there was plenty to salvage off the broken egg (unless it was used in the new one), what broke other than the base?
  • From the head technician of our exotics service: It is an juvenile eatsern box turtle, probobly 1-3 years old. I would release it where he found it on a rainy day. Just FYI.
  • Looks like a tortoise to me, but I'll ask some people I work with that would actually know what they are talking about.
  • I like how TNW put it. I think they are like cruise control in your car - admittedly not a necessity, but very nice to have. Love my Guru.
  • I didn't take it that way, I was just commenting on my own (limited) fest experiences.
  • Not to be sacreligious, but I liked that little fest more than the big one. That guy from Annapolis Seafood was pretty popular. He had never cooked on an egg before - y'all see him trying to buy one after shut-down? He got converted fast.
  • Is that just pizza dough that you roll out for a calzone? Any mods to the sauce, or is that pretty much straight from the pizza as well?
  • I'd say either one. I have a DigiQ and it is great: big bright screen, easy to use, weatherproof.
  • Sip & Chat wrote: I agree with Hoss! i purchased an wiggle rod and a couple thirdhands from wayne "Thirdeye" and couldn't be more happy with them.The thirdhand i believe is one of my most used eggcessories. Thanks again Wayne, Bob x2, w…
  • Clindamycin is an antibiotic, and it is temporarily knocking back the bacteria that are proliferating in her mouth. Even though it seems to work, we would rather not use antibiotics to treat periodontal disease, in part because it is more of a "ban…
  • RRP wrote: THANK YOU Bill! No problem, I hope everyone sees this thread and believes me when I tell you that you can dramatically improve your buddy's quality of life with some dental care. You know how you mouth feels nasty if you forget to bru…
  • Rick- The anesthesia free cleanings are a gimmick that plays off of peoples' fear of anesthesia. While I have to say it isn't risk free, general anesthesia is safer than the levels of sedation that they need to "clean" teeth. They also don't do…
  • Get the small and tell her it is the mini. Maybe there is a downside I'm not seeing to this plan, I don't know.
  • Don't bother with it. Fishless is right, there can be other causes, although they usually have some particular characteristics. The odor is from the bacteria in the mouth. We recommend annual cleanings, and daily brushing if you can do it. P…
  • Do you know if anyone else had a problem with the meat they bought/cooked? Maybe you got some "boar taint". I've been buying local pork from non-industrial operations and haven't had problem with flavor.
  • Not to steal BJ's thunder, but I use it in about the same way your would use lighter fluid on briquettes: sprinkle it on and throw a match on it. In cold weather, the flame will spread nice and slow; when it gets warmer, though, it ignites way fast…
  • Pro du Bar B Q wrote: I bought it used from a dealer that now sells Kamado Joe. Can't we deal directly with HQ (or other dealers) for warranty issues? Yours seems a long way off from being a problem, but lots of guys get the warranty replace…
  • This one is going on the list for sure. Anybody got a preferred recipe for raita?
  • Thanks, that was some info I was hoping for. (And I did search for it) With that, some firebricks, and Canugghead's input, I'm down to the little stuff.
  • Good point, I was caught up in my "new" ownership. I was just hoping some pack-rat like me had some extra stuff around.
  • If you could find out how much the base will cost (including delivery), it would clarify the issue and more people might weigh in. I think a couple of eggs that broke also required band replacement, and that could be subtle until you tried to put…
  • I'm going - now watch the registrations really start selling. :silly: Worst case is that you hang out at a smaller fest for a while and then go to dinner in Annapolis.
  • What pizza stone do you use in your small?
  • I see a lot of working shepherds. Most of them are pretty pleasant to deal with, one I even make sure to have my daughter around when he comes in. All the handlers can tell at least one story about having the dog save their skin. RP is killing …