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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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  • Brisket_Fanatic said: Ribs and Cornbread are looking spot on. Registration is the 11th and you keep playing with that sauce and I'm sure you'll kick our ass this year.....  I just added it to my calendar on my phone this morning so I woul…
  • @UrbanForestTurnings Thanks!  Just don't wish any luck to @Brisket_Fanatic here on the forum.  He doesn't need any!    He won everything last year!  Okay I'm just jealous
  • @UrbanForestTurnings haha thanks!  It does feel like a waste of lump with one rack of ribs.  More less needed the practice.  I'm tempted to cut them in half and use the small but I'll be using the large at the comp so thought it might be a little mo…
  • Skiddymarker said: @WeberWho - tip on the au gratins - stand the tater slices on an angle like roof tiles. Lets all that cheesy goodness get down in-between the slices. I grease the skillet with crisco, nice crust and easy clean up. No finish…
  • @pgprescott The only three ingredients that are the same are the onions, brown sugar, and garlic.  Except I don't saute the garlic. I decided to bake the garlic and turn it into paste for the sauce.  My sauce is more of a teriyaki base with a slight…
  • pgprescott said: Really, really, nice! Those ribs look perfect and who wouldn't dig that cornbread? @pgprescott Thanks!  The sauce needs some more tweaking but headed in the right direction I think.  Cornbread will take some more time to g…
  • jaydub58 said: Just plain great lookin' cook! @jaydub58 Thank you sir!  
  • Hungry Joe said: Those ribs made me pull some out of the freezer for tomorrow. Cornbread looks awesome also. @"Hungry Joe"  Haha thanks!  Hopefully I can get another rack in this weekend myself
  • DMW said: Man, I could go for some cornbread about now. Looks great. Thank you! @DMW I'd like to keep cornbread in the rotation a little bit more. A little more practice should help things out
  • NPHuskerFL said: Outstanding!    @NPHuskerFL Thank you!  Simple and hits the spot
  • Skiddymarker said: I do use a CI skillet (the D handle skillet lid from my Lodge 5qt DO). I think the CI takes a little longer to heat allowing the top to cook before the bottom gets too well done. I've had the same issue when using metal pie…
  • That's really nice of you guys to do that for them!  It all looks terrific!
  • SkinnyV said: Where's it made? @SkinnyV Green Bay, Wisconsin 
  • I said that after my first egg.  4 eggs later....
  • Your cooks will be ready in no time now.  Trigger is for friends and neighbors you don't like.  Says that in the instructions somewhere 
  • Nicely done!
  • That's cool your mom likes the heat!  
  • Nice Craftsmanship!
  • Embcheckpilot said: In my off time, I'm a wood worker, built an egg table and what you have posted is beautiful craftsmanship.  I honestly don't know the rules for selling items because I haven't needed to.  If the rules prohibit this then I …
  • Nice!  You might want to add a drip pan and some paper towels underneath the meat the first few days since it will leak.  Nevermind, looks like you are wet aging it?
  • Right on!  Nicely done sir
  • Miked125 said: But... I use RO for my bbq cooks and for smoking I use maple leaf or a maple brand I can get at lowes. Is bge and RO still the same product? I have never tried bge charcoal. BGE lump is Royal Oak.  Different bags with a higher…
    in royal oak Comment by WeberWho? March 1
  • Wow!  Those are beautiful pieces of art.  I would also be interested in a cutting board. Let us know if you findustry out prices.  Would he ship?  Thanks for the post @Thumper169 
  • Royal Oak has a real heavy smoke flavor when comparing it to Ozark Oak.  It also takes awhile to get clear smoke.  With Ozark Oak lump you can toss on the food once it hits the your target temp.  I also notice you clothes don't smell like a campfire…
    in royal oak Comment by WeberWho? March 1
  • johnkitchens said: @tarheelmatt that pic is a lot worse than a fork pic!  Looks like more of a spoon then a fork!!!
  • @g37 Big Green Egg lump is bagged under Royal Oak.  Same exact lump different bag.  If you can get Royal Oak go with it.  You are paying extra so the bag can say Big Green Egg instead of Royal Oak.  
    in royal oak Comment by WeberWho? March 1
  • paqman said: WeberWho? said: I know if you season with salt too early it can dry out the steak  Actually, salt should be added several hours before the cook.  It will start by drawing some moisture out but then, protein start to den…
    in T-Rex ??? Comment by WeberWho? March 1
  • @jcaspary
    in T-Rex ??? Comment by WeberWho? March 1