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Merry Christmas and may your holiday be filled with delicious food and loved help you devour the food! Our Holiday Entertaining Guide can help if you’re still making a Christmas menu. If you’re looking for fun, last minute holiday activities, check out EGGcellent Sugar Cookies, BGE Cake Pops, Santa Hat Brownies, Pig Candy or Holiday Drinks! See you in the New Year EGGheads!

The 17th Annual EGGtoberfest was amazing - here are the highlights Click Here

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  • I have used the Flame Boss in competition as well as Gurus...both perform extremely well.  
  • I've had good luck here with getting curing ingredients.
  • I've cooked many, many full packers in the 12-18 lb range (keep in mind that's before trimming as is also likely the case with Myron) hot and fast, between 350-375 on EGGs.  I'd say timing is on average closer to 5 hours, but some have taken 4, some…
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  • Cosign on BO's Fish spot to grab lunch after a night of fun, best fish sandwich and the coldest longnecks...but bring cash.   Other favs include Hog's Breath - the raw bar up front is great for ponying up and slurpin' some oysters and s…
  • oops, here's the link,
  • flynnbob, check out our online dealer locator...just punch in your zip code and you can find the local stores that carry Dizzy Pig seasonings.  Thanks. 
  • He will have one more competition class later this year, November 2-3.  Links for that should be up in the next few days at  We launch our new web site in April and all our events will live there once that's live.  Thanks for the que…
  • Rod Gray's EAT sauce, The Next Big Thing.  Just tried it, wow!  I like most of the other's mentioned here too.  Head Country is another fav as well as the BH products. For a Carolina vinegar sauce, I really like George's!
  • That's what I was thinking too. I want a medium for tailgating (yes, I know I've been saying that for about a year now!) and to supplement the large at home and for comps, but at that price, I may as well buy a demo at a fest.
  • BH Tennessee Red for me. I like a lot of other sauces, but if I had to pick only one off the shelf, it's BHTR.
  • and just followed that tweet up with this one: if you guys have been watching BBQ Addiction on @FoodNetwork Sunday's at 11am set you know I'm showing a little Green Egg favoritism.
  • Thanks for the head's up...I cooked last year and it was fun and they took great care of us. I may have a conflict on that date, but if not, I'll be there! (and this year I'll try not to catch anything on fire!)
  • Rub adheres great to the bacon around the ABTs. I have a whole pantry shelf of rubs, but for ABTs my go to is simply McCormicks Montreal steak rub used generously. It just complements the flavor profile of ABTs IMO. I wouldn't dream of using it o…
  • The question that glass half empty or half full? My answer...time for another beer!
  • Pretty much any type of stone or other material designed for pizza will work and stand up to the heat if you let it warm and cool slowly. Contrary to popular belief, I have a Pampered Chef stone that I've used for over a year now and done many za's…
  • Just a today, gone tomorrow ;-). LOVE your tag line! Since the apocalypse is near, please reveal what you did, haha!
  • Haha, that's a good one. Until now, this has been all eggheads have been offered and since they're all in one place, there's been no need to upgrade, come out with better functionality, easier navigation and bells and whistles that now come with so…
  • Wess I just posted on another thread that suspect BGE wants to launch their own social media engagement platform and wants to move away from the this forum. Since (what I think I know) the folks who currently run this get funding from BGE, I imagi…
  • Ok, I've been reading for a few days and guess I'll jump in the fire with some questions, comments: 1. What is the position of this Miller family who runs the forum...has anyone heard from them? 2. It seems there's way more speculation and jum…
  • zip lock...peppercorns...hammer! But your gizmo looks pretty cool! :laugh:
  • All you need to do on the forum page is "paste". You need to be on the photobucket page, go to the image you want to post, hover over it. You'll see four sets of codes pop want the last one, "IMG Code". Simply click in the box and it will…
  • When you hover over an image in Photobucket, the last option at the bottom is the code you want. If you click in the IMG code box it automatically copies the image, then go over to you post and simply hit paste. Good luck, nice to see new eggers…
  • I did a butt and brisket last 4th of July on seperate levels with absolutely no problem. Go for pics and good luck!
  • It's the best sauce out of the jar I've ever had (Fred's Secret Sauce is good too BTW), but I love vinegar. It's still a red based sauce with some great tanginess to it. Give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed. If I could buy it local…
  • I've never ordered from Fred's, but if you're ever in the area, stop in to his store. Great selection of anything and everything for bbq and grilling Fred is happy to talk "que" as long as you like. I'm not sure about other place around the coun…
  • PH on French toast is incredible. As far as shrimp, I prefer Swamp's a lot like Old Bay, but a bit spicier. My two pennies.
  • I've got to stop loggin in around lunch time! They look great!
  • I was down in NC recently and bought something called Porky's Place and it was still vinegar based, but a bit thicker than Scotts (which I love too) and was sweeter. You could also use your Scotts as a base and add to it the elements that you desir…
  • I'm shooting for Father's Day if possible...if not, then there's not hurry. Are you the person that emailed me? If not, let me know if you make them and send a pic or two and info on what you charge to Thanks