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  • I'll never get the crowd that refuses to use the XL for small cooks. I've cooked as little as a steak and some veggies on mine. Once you shut down the airflow there is plenty of lump left for the next cook. 
  • You think that it's dangerous even sitting in a large grill cart?  I don't see how it would catch anything on fire. 
  • Jstroke said: Is this super temporary. How waterproof. Used dresser on craigslist. or one of those small rubbermaid garden shed type deals. You could mount shelves in it And store lump.  Temporary wasn't the right choice of adjectives. Som…
  • I was thinking of something a little less permanent. I deck box is a thought but all my eggcessories would just lay on top of each other. I'd like shelves if possible. 
  • Cube up the butt and braise it for 30 minutes. Should be nice and tender.
  • I cube up my butts. Pulled stringy meat doesn't look appealing to me. That statement might be sacrilegious, but pork butt deserves some respect in my opinion.
  • Make the case for it not by your words but by your actions. I've been BBQing for years to where my wife knew it was a hobby of mine. It wasn't so out of the blue when I talked to her about upgrading to an Egg, she was the one that suggested we get t…
  • Easy enough, 1/3 cup kosher salt, and a 1/3 cup of onion, garlic, and crushed Rosemary mixed together. Season liberally. You won't miss the pepper.
  • Deep fried smoked pork belly?? Genius!!! At what IT did you pull them off the egg? I didn't go by temp. I smoked it for two hours and felt that it has to be done. I imagine 165 IT has to be spot on since that is what most pork is considered c…
  • I smoked some pork belly for a dinner party this past week. 2 hours at 300 deg. Then I cut them into bite size pieces, dusted them with cornstarch and flour, and deep fried them. Basted with Mirin and soy sauce while they were still hot. Turned ou…
  • I brought this up to one of my co-workers who likes to BBQ as well.  We both came to the conclusion that it would inspire us to find a legal place around our office building to do lunch time cooks maybe once a month.  This may have to happen.
  • We need to get official forum name tags.  I went by your table probably 6 times and didn't even know I was talking to a forum member.  It was an awesome event, for anyone who has never been to the Fest its epic.   Saw my first mini-max and XXL BGE t…
  • Don't beat yourself up, regardless of having a nice piece of equipment like the egg, sometimes being lazy is better then egging. Got to love your favorite pizza joint or taco shop.
  • Can it be rescued? The egg, not the frat. It looks as though someone tried to steal it to me. The metal bands are badly mangled on it. They had it chained to the house with a racy duty chain hooked to te bands. Either someone tried to steal it or …
  • I work about four blocks from that frat an walk by them all the time. I've never seen that egg lit and for the last 6 months its been sitting in the front lawn damaged with the metal bands all bent out of shape so the dome won't close. Obviously som…
  • Ehh, if I was in the ballpark for a charcoal grill that expensive I'd have to go with a komodo kamado big bad 32. That's not to say that I don't absolutely love my XL BGE. When you are talking about North of $3000 I'd rather spend my money on the r…
  • Looks like DizzyFest is sold out.  I was so close to going this year.  Lame me! Don't beat yourself up over it. The November Dizzy Fest is the best of the two each year. I went to both last year and they have the same level of cooking and cool reci…
  • This may be sacrilegious but I have a Weber little smokey joe for tailgating. I throw it in the back of my truck with no worries. I never smoke on the road so it meets my needs. Just a thought.
  • I just ordered the 48" cart, which will delivered to my house next week. How did you guys place the large BGE in the cart?   I bought the cart through a local dealer here in Charlotte and he's going to deliver it.  Is it customary for them to help p…
  • Buy another XL is the way to go. Purely from a financial perspective you'll save money buying another XL and being able to use the flip ring, spider, grates, etc... that you already have. If you buy a large, medium, or small you have to get all new …
  • I would sear the briskets on both sides on the egg over high temp and then let the egg cool and smoke them both for at least a couple of hours. That will give you a decent bark and smoke flavor. Through both briskets in beef broth, red wine, and c…
  • I don't understand this post at all. I would have left the party and told the host, gassers are the devils work. Then I would have headed to the nearest rib shack.
  • I initially read that first ingredient as "3 pounds of ground bacon". Wishful thinking I guess. Hmm, bacon cakes do sound delicious.
  • Where is Teds MT Grill? There are several in the DC metro area. Check their websites there might be one near you and you dot even know it.
  • Thanks guys. That clears that up.
  • It definitely does look like the new style to me as well. I did email the guy to see if he could find the serial number inside the dome. He couldn't but did send me these measurements; The base measures 24" across and the dome is 13.5" high laying o…
  • Thanks, I forgot about that. Will do.
  • It was a prime packer, as for the grate. It's never been cleaned and has seen many a pork butt, rack of rib, and brisket.
  • Pulled pork always taster better the second day.  At least to the cooks palette, since its not inundated with hickory smoke during the cooking process.  I would do your normal cook, rest period, then pull it.  Put in some food saver bags and reheat …
  • Hmmm, that is a recipe for an insurance commercial about how good AllStates coverage is man. Go down to a hardware store and get a single stand alone electric burner.  Much safer and you wont risk the enamel on your DO.