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It’s almost Halloween and if you’re cooking on your EGG, you may end up with more people knocking on your door asking for pork chops than candy! In case you’re willing to share and want to please a crowd, we recommend warm Margherita Pizza, FGL’s Lemon Pepper Wings or our favorite, S’mores in a Cone!

If you missed the 17th Annual EGGtoberfest here are the highlights Click Here Fall is upon us, and it's a great time for getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • juliem4444, We like to camp with our small BGE. Here's a pic of our campsite at Hunting Island near Beaufort, SC..Our camper is a little strange too. Not many people have ever seen a TrailManor. That camper, coupled with that funny green egg th…
  • Newbs, My nickname is Jimbo. I just stuck Jimbo and BBQ together to come up with JimboBQ. Sounded appropriate for this forum.BoBQ? BarBeQue? Happy Friday!
  • Ron,[p]I still have my Pachinko machine too! Works great, until I get a ball stuck in it.[p]Jimbo
  • Tiger Tony, I love big butts,,,, er,,ahhh, Boston Butts, that is! Here is a pic of two butts I pulled and served at a birthday party. Big hit. People think you are a real BBQ god. And, they're right!
  • WooDoggies, How about a little fish? Tilapia is great on the egg. Half dusted with Ragin River and the other half done with lemon pepper. Hope you're cooking again soon!
  • Evans, What is Penefin? Is it like a varnish? Looking forward to seeing you Saturday at the 'fest.[p]Jimbo
  • meinbmw, Thanks for the generous offer, but let's see what the kids can do. We live on the outskirts of our school district and the majority of the kids in our middle school come from low income families. Over 75% of the students are on the assiste…
  • Bivers, I've cooked 6 butts in the past two days. They are now vacuum packed and weigh a total of 22 pounds. I have 4 butts cooking now and 6 more in the fridge. I'm cooking for a fund raiser at our middle school. The kids are selling tickets f…
  • GrillMeister, I'll be there along with my Bro N Law who just got a large. Not cooking. Just eating up all of y'all's food![p]Jimbo
  • luis, I'd opt for the small for camping. I'd add the Gratemates set-up from Chubby. With this, you can do low n slow's like a champ. IMHO, the mini is a great steak searing machine, but I feel you can do more with a small, and the small is fairly po…
  • Car Wash Mike, Yep, I pull the breast skin up a bit to get some of the rub in there. That top chicken was done in Ragin' River. I prefer the Tsunami Spin, or Jamaican Firewalk but we had some relatives over who don't like the heat as much as I do. …
  • wobin, That pic was taken at Hunting Island State Park near Beaufort, SC. WE live in the upstate, Spartanburg, SC. Hunting Island is one of our favorite places to camp, except in the summer. Too many bugs then.[p]Jimbo
  • FriendlyEgg, I know exactly where you're coming from. Last year I had to buy a small, just to take along camping. My wife and 13 yr old did not object one bit. They'd been eating meals cooked on the large for over a year and they encouraged me …
  • susu1969, Maybe try some alder chips? That works well for me on most all types of fish. Greg's guava wood chunks give a nice mild flavor to fish as well. Kind of a sweet smoke.[p]Jimbo
    in grilled cod Comment by JimboBQ July 2006
  • Ron,[p]What a clean fire box you have![p]Jimbo
  • tach18k, Did that pic come from Blazing Saddles?[p]Jimbo
  • RRP, You are Da Man! Congratulations! Jimbo
  • Jwirlwind, Are there any dealers near you besides Columbia? We have several here in the Greenville/Spartanburg area. Maybe it could be done up here????[p]Jimbo[p]
  • ted, Where can I get a wing rack like that?[p]Jimbo[p]
    in Wings Comment by JimboBQ May 2006
  • WDAN, I've got to try this cornstarched chicken. Direct or indirect? I'm guessing indirect.[p]Thanks,[p]Jimbo[p]
  • babyboombbq, That looks mighty good. I've not looked up Chris' recipe. What was the dome temp? 275 degrees or so?[p]Tnx,[p]Jimbo
  • stike,[p]Dang, was I off. OK. I'll start backing my fire down a bit. I just put the ribs on. Thanks for the advice.[p]Jimbo
  • Bear (and lion) Country Woman, This is a pic of our TrailManor camper at Hunting Island State Park. See the egg? It's on a "transporter" I built from plans found on WessBs site. We camped quite a few times last spring and summer with our small…
  • JohnR, Car wash Mike's are some of the best I've ever had. Maybe he'll post his recipe.[p]Jimbo
  • Chubby, Danged! I just got through telling my wife I'd had too much rich holiday food. I did two turkeys and two pork loins for two seperate family gatherings. Sweet potato casserole, dressing, you know the bit. I was wondering what to do on the eg…
  • Hasenfeffer, Looks like a pic right out of a Southern Living Magazine! Very nice and appetizing. Merry Christmas & enjoy that ham![p]Jimbo[p]
  • Chubby, Couldn't have done it without the GreatMates set-up. Thanks for a great product! Merry Christmas Evans and Happy Holidays to all on this here board![p]Jimbo
  • New Bob, That's a GrateMates set up with aluminium foil over the BGE baking dish. That set up turns the small into a great little cooker.[p]Jimbo[p]
  • Nature Boy, Was it 210 degrees at the grate or the dome? I've got to try that. Looks yummy! Both my wife's family and my family want me to cook Christmas dinner on the eggs. had planned on turkey and pork loin, but now I'm going to have to add that…
  • fishlessman, I'm thinking about doing 4 butts tonight. What do you think about standing the butts on end just on the main grid? This would eliminate the need for the raised 2nd grid. I've done 3 butts before, 2 on the bottom and one on the raised g…