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National BBQ Month sure was tasty! We hope you got to try just as many new BBQ recipes as we did and some old favorites as well. If not, you can find all our BBQ recipes here and try them out all summer long. One of our favorites was Dr. BBQ’s Spare Rib Surprise and Ted Reader’s Rum Injected Sweet Potatoes. As the weather’s heating up, use your EGG for a cool treat-Ice Cream Sandwiches! Keep an eye out for some Father’s Day recipes from chefs & their dads, coming soon!

Big Green Egg headquarters has moved - come visit our new showroom and check out the museum and culinary center too! 3786 DeKalb Technology Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340



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  • My go-to site (other than this one) is the Smoking Meat forums.
  • I live in the Pacific Northwet...  I insulated my garage/shop so I could heat it.  It's the fourteenth of June, and it's 52 degrees outside. 
  • You need room to open the lid, and plenty of room (and ventilation) to allow heated air to flow up and away from your cabinetry.  Wood pyrolysis is no joke.
  • nolaegghead said: I first heard about ramps when I was reading a foodie blog and it was in some people's lists of their favorite foods/ingredients. I first heard about ramps while studying historical Appalachian cooking back in the 197…
  • That's a... very old and outdated map.  Things have changed considerably since then.
  • gdenby said: Mustard just helps the rub stick to the meat. Mustard is an emulsifier, and so the oils and water coming from the cooking meat will blend w. the spices. Mustard *powder* is an emulsifier, prepared mustard is an emulsion... …
  • DaveRichardson said: Spar Marine Poly.  3 coats on ALL SURFACES!!!!! Seconded.  If you want a serious finish that will last, go with marine grade.
  • rbdaniel said: Then poured about a half cup of the apple juice vinegar mixture into each foil wrapped butt. Left them on the egg for about another 3 hours until they reach 200. Let them sit in a cooler four about an hour.  OMG, they were so m…
  • Don't forget to brine - adds flavor and makes the cook much more forgiving.
  • Yeah, that was probably you.    (On the parking lot side, more or less opposite the stage?)  Didn't get any of your wings this year, just bad timing.
  • I do something like that with my turkey on Thanksgiving (learned it from Julia Child years ago) and it works pretty good.  At least with the turkey, you still want to brine though. A huge trick to crispy skin is to get it dry before cooking - I usu…
  • Rub it with a little Johnny's, or a rub based on Alton Brown's recipe (substituting Johnny's for the salt), then wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and let it set overnight.  Or just rub it with a little salt and pepper, then wrap, etc...
  • It is barely possible without any kind of an extender, I've done it, but it's a massive PITA.  You have to place them 'on edge' and lean them up against each other, pay attention as they shrink during cooking, and rotate/re-arrange them at least onc…
  • caliking said: On the bright side, maybe scotch prices will go down Oh, please, please, please!  Watching the price of my daily dram go up like a rocket over the past few years has been painful. That being said, lump is made of scraps.…
  • Chamber vacced?
  • Looks good, congrats! Brining helps chicken breasts a great deal - 3/4 cup each sugar and salt in three quarts of water for 30 mins leaves 'em nice and juicy and widens the window you have to pull 'em off the Egg.
  • Grr... your parents have my second large!
  • They're cut from the butt, so I usually cook them the same way - low and slow.  (Though they'll cook faster than a full butt due to the higher surface/mass ratio.)  The big thing to be careful of is they can dry out easily due to that higher ratio t…
  • jllbms said: You might care if you're out of service for 1-3 months while waiting for your dealer to "service" you.  Fortunately, mine was still usable during the wait, but others have not been so fortunate.  I don't see how expecting a high …
    in Reliability Comment by Elde June 2014
  • I had some of that corn... it was pretty dang good.
  • They had one at the PNW Eggfest yesterday, and a team was cooking a suckling pig on it.  Darned good pig, but yeah - unless I hit the lotto, I'd want another large or a brace of mediums to expand my collection instead.
  • Usually the night before... at least 12 hours.  And then wrap it real tight in plastic wrap so that any moisture that the salt pulls out forms a brine and is held close to the meat.
  • *sigh*  I wish you were near Seattle...
  • That's a nice looking butt!
    in Butt success Comment by Elde June 2013
  • Carolina Q said: That would really, REALLY annoy me if I bought a gasket from BGE and found it was too short!! The gasket was plenty long...  the problem was operator error on the scissors when trimming the gasket after applying it. Than…
  • Carolina Q said: What kind of gasket? What adhesive? You may be able to close the gap with the adhesive you used. Though with a gap that small, I don't think it'll matter much. High heat gasket from the Mothership, 3M '77 spray adhesive.
  • Eggcelsior said: If you put in ketchup, make sure you call it Lexington-style sauce. Trying to pull that over on an easterner will raise some eyebrows This.  There really isn't such a thing as 'Carolina' BBQ, there's two different styles..…
  • nolaegghead said:  Also, take out any lump during this operation and clean it out before you fire it up again.  Burning gasket is no bueno.  It's currently completely taken apart, cleaned out, and resting between the ribs of my cutting…
  • nolaegghead said: If you heat it up, the old gasket comes off easier.  I used a sander the last time I scraped off an old gasket.  You want the old adhesive and gasket completely removed. So, all the way down to bare ceramic?