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Is your Big Green Egg still cooking even though it’s cold out? We hope so! We love the opportunity to cook heartier meals on the EGG during the winter. Some recipes you definitely want to try are Double Smoked Potatoes, BBQ Chicken Soup, Monte Cristo Sandwich and Breakfast Quiche. These are sure to keep your stomach warm & full! We can’t wait to see what winter-inspired dishes you cook!

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  • They wont respond. They are waiting for your attorney to contact them. Think about it. You email them telling them you severed the tip of your finger. They are waiting for a law suit. I bet that email is floating around legal or outside council. 
  • Call the mothership or your dealer. My large developed a small crack in the base. About 6 months later, it went from side to side. It was basically splitting in half. The base was replaced under warranty.
  • Did you leave the top open the whole time to get to 650? Leave it closed and open up the vents to get to 650. Make sure you burp it before you open it once it's at temp.
  • Awesome meal. Awesome firearm. Aint nothing like the boom of a 44. Love me some filets and 44's. I take my Anaconda to the range almost every time I go. Go ahead, make my day. And while you are at, get off my lawn. 
  • I have a med, large and mini. I started with the med for my family of five. The large was a gift from a family member. I use the med way more than the large. I have done pork butts, turkeys ribs, pizzas, etc on the med. Dont get me wrong, I love th…
  • Dont ask me how I know, but the BGE corn holders are REALLY REALLY sharp.
  • Austin Egghead wrote: Another reason why I miss Maryland. As Mary Chapin Carpenter once penned..."where you don't nuthin but some beers and a bushel". Thanks for jogging memories. Those guys look really good. Did you use Old Bay on them ? …
    in crabs Comment by Sundazes July 2011
  • Photo Egg wrote: I was lucky. No arm hair melt down. The cross breeze kept if off my arm. Toasted the gasket. The 3rd picture you can see part of my gloveless thumb. I no better than to temp fate. I will leave the flashback photos for the Whiz.…
  • mxdad, is that you Joe?
  • RTS with a touch of Cow lick goes on most on my steaks.
  • That is great. Tom is a good guy. I have a bunch of his stuff. I called him a few weeks ago about doing 8 racks on the large. I was all ready to drop $$ on the AR. He talked me out it and told me how I could do it with what I all ready have from him…
  • I like the table, but the ghost dog to the right is freaking me out.
  • vidalia1 wrote: Number 5 is a key member of the BGE management in Tucker, GA. If she says can count on it. Great thanks for the verification.
  • Who is number5? There has been so much speculation and misinformation that it would be nice to know who this person is. With only 29 posts, it makes me wonder. If anyone can verify this person works for BGE, that would be great.
  • May I have 10,000 marbles please?
  • Are we on double secret probation ? If so ......... Ramming speed!!!!
  • I wonder how much those lighted signs in ATL cost per month? I wonder if those pretty signs sold more eggs than this forum. If BGE pulls the money train off the track here, I would need think about joining. The point here is that I believe this for…
  • If they nuke this forum, I will be pissed. Even though I Don't post much, I read and learn from here almost every day. We all should start an email/ call campaign to complain. If we bombard the mother ship, some bean counter will have to take notic…
  • I guess I wont brag about the pop tart I had for breakfast.
  • I order from Freds quite a bit. Since i am in MD, i get the stuff the next day. great service and I have never had a problem. Besides, the name is just plain cool. Tell people you got the seasonings from Freds music and BBQ and watch the looks or en…
  • I have no probs with temps on my medium. It get used the most out of the 3 I have. The large sees use for entertaining and bigger cooks. The mini is my quick lunch machine. The Med is my go to most nights for dinner. Last night, I seared a couple of…
  • Welcome, love the pics.... I also approve of your choice in teams. Are you in the Balt area? There are a few eggheads around here. Go Ravens!!!
  • My wife got a .40 cal Beretta one year for mothers day. And yes, that is what she wanted. And no, I have not experienced the business end.... yet.....
  • I was a t Sams today. They had both 80 and 90 % ground beef. Must be a local thing.
  • pink delicious sounds :woohoo:
  • Nice. I hate to be one that has to tell you this. There is something wrong with your egg. It's all white inside. And what is that silver thing inside it? Seriously, Enjoy.
  • OK, I guess I will shut up and move a long. Seems we don't have it so bad here.
  • Adam Boca wrote: My V is an older one with 405hp...still A sick car!! I love the LS engines!! What is a N? 320hp NorthStar. It will chit and git also. And no, I will not put my eggs in the STS. Although it has carried many a bag of lump :-)
  • Gotta love the V. I almost got an STS V, but got the N* instead. If I had the V, I would be dead. The N* has got enough to get you in trouble as well, but it aint like the V. That V is what 560 hp?
  • Take care on the Droid devices. I was reading an article today that Google has found several apps that are compromised and removed them from the app store. One was even d/ling other apps and doing who knows what.…