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We’re so close to Thanksgiving that we can taste it and we’re ready to help you prepare the most delicious Thanksgiving feast you’ve ever cooked! Check out our Turkey Cheat Sheet for turkey tips, our Thanksgiving page for turkey recipes, and our Holiday Entertaining Publication for all other Thanksgiving needs to help you make this the best Thanksgiving yet! PS. Don’t forget about breakfast Thanksgiving morning either!

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  • PattyO, I have never tried a "pearl" hot dog. I have had Hebrew National Hot Dogs and think they are as good as any I have tried. They now make a 1/4 pounder, 4 to the pack which I have bought at a local Kroger store.
  • The Ramada Plaza, Springdale Hotel, 11911 Sheraton Lane is only about five minutes from Jungle Jim's right off of I 275 at route 4. Also Jungles have guided tours for groups which can be arranged at no costs. You can "eat your way" through the store…
  • I am using lump from the GFS at Bridgetown Road. I use the green bag, it is made by Royal Oak USA and is said to be Food grade ( what ever that means) I have tried several other brands but I have had real good results with their lump.
  • I am in Cincinnati, west side of city
  • The buns look great ! Your photos and documentation should remove any doubts folks have on the success of making them. What is the "Rienhart" method you mentioned ? The recipe you posted is not the same as the one KA has on their web site. Seeing th…
  • What recipe did you folks use ? Was it the one on King Arthur's web site ? I thought I would try their recipe the first time. If any of you have a good recipe for these buns, E-mail it to me and I will try it. I bake a lot of bread so I am familier …
  • My user name is Bucko, How do I get my name and password removed from the forum ? Knowing someone else is using my handle makes me feel very uncomfortable.
  • Thanks guys ! I have the 10 CFM fan and from what you have said, I am pretty much in the ballpark with my adjustment.
  • I discussed this topic a while back on the forum. Also talked with the "Mothership" about this at that time. The drawing in the "green book" clearly shows the bevel down on page 8. I was told " with the bevel "up", as the grate expands from the hea…
  • I have discussed this topic with the 'Mother Ship" Their answer is to place the bevel side down as shown in the owners manual, page 8. Bevel side up will not keep the grate from expanding but will put additional pressure on the firebox sides with th…
  • When putting the grate in the fire box, be sure to have the beveled side down. This beveling allows the grate to move up in the firebox as it expands from the heat releaving the pressure against the firebox sides. This info might seem very basic to …
  • Last weekend I did about 5 LBS of poppers Sunday morning. I cooked them about 3/4 the way done, refrigerated. Took them my the 82nd Airborne Chapter picnic in the afternoon along with a large cast iron pan. Warmed them up to finish cooking on a larg…
  • I have the same set up along with the #3 flip ring and 21" full and half stainless grid. For indirect I use a 16" stone with the triangle hanger. I still need to get a 15" cast iron grid to complete my set up. A 15" or 16" wok works perfect. With th…
  • I like to use a combo of Cream Cheese, shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese, shredded Monteray Jack Cheese to stuff the peppers, wrap with Bacon. Enjoy !