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It doesn’t get much hotter than the EGG cookin’ in July! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with a bit of whatever you’re using for the Beer Can Chicken. Ice Cream Sandwiches are also a great way to stay cool. Looking for some great ideas for a summer cook out? Try out a Pimento Cheeseburger or Dr. BBQ’s Spare Rib Surprise. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors stop by for a quick bite when they smell what you’re cooking!

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  • So how long do you soak? I like salty and don't want to overdo the soaking...
  • Hey all, just another update from my overseas experience on the sustainability of a BGE experience in the UAE.-The Egg: Most of the metals parts are holding pretty well other than rusting: the humid sea air carries lots of salt to help with that. Bu…
  • Hey killborn, The problem is not getting lump, it's getting good lump. And my options are dried up. Do ship your bge there still isn't a dealer. Will keep you guys posted if I find a lump source
  • I posted an update on another thread, but thought I'd update here: if you use sugar maple lump, I suggest using very light smoking chips, the lump itself will give an amazing taste.
  • Late update for Bob. The Maple lump was amazing. Small lumps, slow burn, unbeatable aroma!
  • Update from Abu Dhadi. Been here for two years now, so I thought I'd give you an update on a few things: -Shipping a BGE: The moving company I used wrapped the egg in bubble (huge) wrap, then in a moving blanket, then a lot of packing tape. Egg was …
  • I agree with Naked Whiz on that one: when I moved to Adu Dhabi, my fire box cracked in transit. I've be constantly cooking on the egg in the pass two years and all is well... Until a brat from the neighborhood cracked my plate setter with a soccer b…
  • I'll bring a few bags with me, just in case. But the locals are pretty good bbqers (think Shewarma and Shish Tahouk), so I should find some lump there, and if not, I'll try and make some...!
  • That`s why I'm shipping out of Canada, so it doesn't fall under government piracy acts :P
  • I'll probably have to ship charcoal and some smoking chips seeing that I'll land in the middle of a desert. I was thinking of dropping the fire pit and ring into HD packing peanuts.
  • UPDATE: After bringing down the dome temp to 250, the Butt just pulled away from 165. Bye bye plateau. Thanks all, next glass of whiskey is to your health.
  • I'm going to try Maple lump charcoal pretty soon, I'll keep you posted on how that goes.
  • The beer and liquor store are walking distance. I have prime real estate here!!!
  • not size of the bottle to shape of the drinker`s liver :P
  • Guess that gives me enough time to run to the liquor store then :P
  • Patience isn`t the problem, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't in trouble. Want to make sure I don't run out of bourbon during the waiting game :P N.
  • Good to know, my Evan Williams Single Barrel 1998 Reserve is on the rocks and I`m relaxing again :P
  • Hey Bob, I've found the Basques, and to my surprise they only sell it in one grocery chain (IGA) and at a cheap corner store (Bonisoir). They actually talk about the BGE on their site, so it makes things interesting, but I'm a bit suspicious that t…
    in New member Comment by Sabbat May 2009
  • nice!
  • I haven't actually but I will look for them; the BGE charcoal we get here isn't as lumpy as I would like, so I've been looking for an alternative. Will keep you posted!!!
    in New member Comment by Sabbat May 2009
  • It would, indeed. Then again, everything is in French up here, they don't even know what a Brisket is! I have to order a lower breast beef roast...
    in New member Comment by Sabbat May 2009
  • Thanks! The pork square is basically like a rack of lamb except for pork. It's a pretty cut with lots of potential!
    in New member Comment by Sabbat May 2009