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  • Thanks for the info. I may put this one on the back burner and back into the freezer. I remember doing a beef roast low and slow. It didn't take that long to cook and it was fork tender. Must have been a different cut of beef. Wish I had kept notes!
  • I don't use a rub, just salt and pepper. BUT! (no pun intended) I do insert slivers of garlic in the butt, which disappear by the time the pork is pulled, but make it very tasty
  • Thanks for all the tips. I was mainly trying to figure out whether to do this overnight, so that's settled!
  • Try brining the free range chicken. That will solve the dryness problem.
  • Put the BGE feet between the stone and the plate setter. That will solve the crust burning issue.
  • I'd like to second the above comment. I had a good friend and her boyfriend come over for dinner. She was in the market for a grill and was wondering about the egg. The second she saw me get on my knees with a bent wire to clear out the grate she sa…
  • That Mohla looks great but went with the first recipe above. Still chugging away in the egg -- now in my Dutch oven. Smells great so far.
  • Here are some tips from my experience deviled eggs are great for lunchartichokes with either butter or mayomake a simple sauce of soy, sesame oil, ginger (or garlic or both), sirachi if you have it and put on your grilled veggies.grill asparagustry …
  • I roasted two young goat thighs last August. Here's my recipe: I marinated the thighs (about 2.5 lbs. each, from an organic farm) for about 2 hours in 1/2 cup lime juice, a bottle of white wine, a couple cloves of garlic and some olive oil. I us…
  • Thanks -- I think I'm going to do a variant of the grill and braise. Unfortunately my Dutch oven isn't large enough for all the ribs I have so the braising will be done inside.
  • here here for the Aeropress. I bought one about 4 years ago. Hands down the best coffee maker I've owned. That being said, if you want a drip machine I have no advice. I'm as obsessive about coffee as I am about my BGE. Currently have an Aeropress a…
  • Once I cooked these like I would ribs -- just salt and pepper and about 5 hours at 300 or so. They were awesome.
  • Sorry, was thinking of taking pics but the day was busy. The roasts looked fine, but nothing to write home about, visually. The best picture to keep in you mind is that both bones were picked up and gnawed on, which is the highest compliment!
  • I'm in Louisville and I think you're referring to Blue Moon BBQ of Owensboro, or at least that's the place that's famous for it. If I make it to the state fair I'll try some.
  • Thanks for the tip! I'll marinate for an hour or two and then inject before I put them on the egg.
  • I think I'm going to marinate it in wine and lime juice. My friend brought over some rub from Trader Joe's. One roast will get that and the other will get the curry treatment. Thanks!
  • Thanks for all the comments. I'm going to get a look at the roasts tonight. I'll post a follow-up.
  • My understanding is that these roasts are from a young goat and don't have the strong flavors associated with the more mature goats. We want to slow roast these whole. What marinades would you suggest and what egg temp and final meat temp are good t…
  • I went on the Atkins diet about 15 years ago, before it was really well known. Wanted to lose about 5 lbs. and wound up losing 15. I couldn't believe the stuff I was eating and still losing weight. Steaks or pork chops every night and that summer I …
  • My understanding is that fish sauce is sort of like MSG or even salt, it's a flavor enhancer, not to be used because it tastes like rotten fish. I'm not a scientist, but it has something to do with how protein molecules bind to flavor agents. That b…
  • My Dad doesn't like Indian food because in WWII, on ship, when the meat would start to turn the cook would start dumping curry on it. I love Indian food.
  • What about sticking as much garlic in it as possible?
  • I've been roasting coffee for about 3 years using hot air popcorn poppers. As stated above, the only advantage I would see would be not smelling up your house with the smoke. That being said, you'd need a cast iron pot or skillet. Still, you can get…
  • For the Louisville guy -- the lump at Value Market is Royal Oak rebranded. Its about $7.50 for a 10 lb. bag. Sometimes on sale. Picked up a pork butt for $.99/lb. there last week.
  • The best set up, in my opinion: plate setter legs downBGE feetpizza stone650 never had any problems with burning.
    in Pizza 911 Comment by JohnB February 2012
  • Try brining your chops. I usually brine mine in water with kosher salt and sugar for 6-plus hours or overnight. I get all my chops from pasture hogs and have had great results. The brining adds moisture to the meat.
  • I use a chimney starter and newspaper because I'm a cheapskate. If I'm feeling particularly frugal, and am not in a hurry I'll just stick some newspaper under the ceramic grate and light it.
  • Thanks -- I guess I'll need to check with the people giving us bids to see how they mix it and seal it.
  • Luckily we have a drafty old house! Since the range is only about 30" I guess we won't need a very large hood unit.