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  • There is an easy solution to this question. Cook it up and see if it tastes like skirt steak or something else.Were you charged a skirt steak price or something higher?
  • Congrats on the new small. What do you estimate the weight of the 2 smalls and your new carrier to be, and how many people to carry them? I am trying to form ideas to build 2 individual carriers with wheels for a pair of smalls. Maybe a box with fol…
  • When I do a London Broil, I marinate it with Lawry's beef marinade. I cook it like a steak, but my temps stay at around 400F, which seems to cook evenly for me. It comes off of the Egg at 125, and is sliced to about 1/8" thick slices.
  • Some people use the small as an additional cooker. I work with 2 smalls, and usually only need 1 at a time. Small is the "just right" size for me.
  • The best thing from my small egg is the one thing that I keep coming back to the most. Apple wood smoked, marinated chicken breast. Sometimes it is on the bone, sometimes it is boneless, but it is always good, especially with grilled pineapple on th…
  • Garlic and pepper marinated chicken breast tomorrow!
  • I can't make my mind up about which one looks better, the Bacon Explosion, or the chicken fried bacon and gravy that is served in a little cafe in Texas. So I will just have to try them both!
  • Those look like a lot of fun. When you get tired of the dogs, they could be swapped out for pieces of bratwurst or italian sausage, or pieces of canadian bacon or brisket or turkey or chicken or pork or......
  • $200.00 Tops. If you drive 2 hours each way to get it and pay the full 250, you may as well just kick in a little more for a new one.
  • This will work for short notice. 1LB ground sirloin 1 pkg McCormicks Chili Seasoning 1 16oz can Sun Gold tomatoe sauce 1 16 oz can Bush Chili beans 1 can Rotel diced tomatoes and chiles 2 16 oz cans beef broth. 1 medium onion diced. Bund…
    in Chili Comment by JalopyBob January 2009
  • My electric starter is 30 years old, and is used regularly. It has not been particularly well cared for, and has sat out overnight in rain or snow when I forgot to carry it back into the garage on a few occasions. Sort of like an old Timex.
  • Frank was watching some Barney reruns before he painted them.
  • Welcome GKC! For steaks I like to rub them with a little vegetable oil, and give them a good coating of granulated garlic, granulated onion, and celery salt.Then let them sit on the counter awhile to bring them up to close to room temperature before…
  • That looks a lot like what we call Mountain Man. About the only difference is we use diced potatoes (about 1/2" square) instead of the hash browns.
  • A fatty smoked with some apple wood should be an easy way to start.
  • Last night was the Wolf moon, the years biggest and best, tonight should be pretty close. We had 12" of snow yesterday, with cloudy skies last night and tonight, so we missed both nights.
  • Sparky, most of us like playing with fire, and that new chiminea looks neat. But cookin with Eggs and or chimineas on a wooden deck without a heat or spark barrier is just asking to play fireman. I know a guy who lost a big money house this way. Jus…
  • The Canon S60 is a nice little pocket digicam. Your Nikon D60 should be able to produce much nicer images. If you want to see some amazing results from the D60, just attach the Nikkor 24-70/2.8G lens. It is a great lens.
  • Your tri looks good and I am sure that it had taste to match. I am also a fan of no sear, but have a question. Why do you cook this on a raised grid? I normally do them direct on the standard grid with great results. Just curious I guess.
  • Start with a Ribeye, Garlic and Onion pizza. The label shows that your garlic comes from Gilroy CA, which is the garlic capitol of America. The have a huge garlic festival every year. Do a search on Gilroy garlic festival. See what people are ente…
  • They both look good, but I noticed that you left the little shrimp leg on. Do you eat them?
  • That looks and sounds like a great shrimp recipe. I will give that a try real soon.
  • If it were mine, I think that I would do it Tempura fried with genuine rice flour tempura batter. Sort of like Tempura fried Halibut.
  • I am not much of a fan of the "foo foo" coffees. But I do enjoy a good cup of Kona coffee. I use a Mr. Coffee that I have had for 30 years. It refuses to die, and makes a good cup of simple coffee, without chrome levers and dials and gadgets. It wor…
  • In Milwaukee you should be able to find hickory, apple and cherry at Menards (save big money). Or if you want to visit the Gurnee IL outlets there is a big Menards right across the street.
  • After you have tried all of the above suggestions you should have some good heat. If you do not, try a new fresh dry bag of lump. Sometimes if you have had some for a while it will take on just enough moisture to not burn at the blast furnace temps.…
  • That Chevelle got a 454?
  • My last bag of Royal Oak Steakhouse lump, labeled a USA product contained charred building insulation and a pretty good size rock. This was a first, as it has always been good stuff before.
  • No suggestions except post a picture please and describe the flavor to us. HNY to you too!
  • For the rub keep it simple, fresh ground black pepper and celery salt. No time per pound, cook by temperature. 330F direct, hang a foil pan for drippings for aujus or gravy. No sear. A mix of apple wood and Jack Daniels for smoke.