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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Looks good! Interesting. May have to try those temps at some point. When I do reverse sear, I usually go much lower to start with (225-250), but your results photo looks tempting.
  • Only time I did it was directly on screaming hot coals for a couple minutes, pick it up, shake it a bit (to get any coals off), flip it, and measure til done. Pull it and give it a quick brush to get any ash/coals off.
  • Came out pretty good. A bit blurry, but a clean "bite"! Great flavor.
  • grege345 said: I find BB ribs are done sooner than the standard 3-2-1. I keep a close eye on them and tend to cook more in the 200-210 range at the start
  • I purchased and use a Lodge CI Trivet for low and slow. The SS ("High-Que?) is good for very high temps, but you can blow through an awful lot of charcoal.....
  • When I was first introduced to Tri tip on the Cali Central Coast in the early 80's, it always had a nice fat cap on it. The method they used cooking was to sear the trimmed side for a few minutes, then  flip it and do most of the cook with the fat c…
  • I have ended up with a couple of old pieces (wife got them from her Grandmother if I remember correctly) that were cracked when we got them. No clue how it happened. I've never cracked anything and I've done some very high temp cooks. I always make …
  • OK. I tried looking it up - musta missed it. How do you make Ted Reader's garlic paste? I'm always looking for a different seasoning to apply to the outside of my next Prime Rib.
  • My best results come from using the plate setter (feet down), three old Egg "feet" on top of that , then the pizza stone on top of the feet. Allow plenty of time for the whole setup to get stable at the desired temp before you start. Great crust if …
  • Friends and Family all know that I'm into BBQ, so when we're going out for Lunch or Dinner, they suggest a BBQ Joint. I always try to steer the group to a different type of restaurant.  There are a couple that are OK, but by and large...... >:/
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  • 2 LBGE here and I love the combo! My older one is for high temp (and had a Rutland gasket) and the newer is for low and slo. If I do a multi temp cook - I'm set. If I have a bunch of people over, I'm set. All of my accessories fit both.YMMV
  • Depends entirely on your Egg - how air tight is everything? If you've done the Dollar bill test and your gasket is well aligned, the amount that you need to open the Daisy will be greater than if some air can escape around/through the gasket gap. Li…
  • 6 PM East Coast time? Currently the "Black Friday" deals on Amazon shows 160+ pages of specials (for me at any rate) Figure I'll just make sure I check in at the top of the correct hour and see what the deal is (left my old remote thermometer [not a…
  • Black_Badger said: I rushed right out and checked at the Carlsbad location; no joy. Needless to say I'll be stopping in much more often just to take a peek. Thanks for the heads up.  B_B Make sure you check that part of the Fresh meat se…
  • Black_Badger said: Where exactly did you find those? Going to check my local Costco, but willing to travel to get them. CheersB_B I got mine in Rancho Mirage, and they've been spotted in several others - La Habra is mentioned frequently …
  • Congrats! Good job Smitty, R2 and Badger! (that's a long drive!) So where'd you end up for the season?
  • Congrats Smitty! Well done!
  • Hmmmmmm Just looked at Amazon, and all they are showing are first editions at ridiculous prices. Maybe I'll try Barnes and Noble tomorrow.
  • Reverse sear. Cook indirect with mild smoke until an internal of around 120. Pull it and ramp up for a quick sear - just a minute or so on all sides. Pull and rest for 20 minutes or so.
  • Plate setter (foiled or drip pan) most of the time. Spider and pizza stone for large indirect (Turkey) - gives a couple of extra inches of height.
  • OK - I'll share my most frequently used recipe. Pay close attention to the sequence and quantities..... 10 oz Jose Cuervo Margarita mix2 shots of decent Tequilla (and just a splash more)2 shots Triple Sec Juice of half a limeTINY slice of …
  • Is your Tivo RF capable? (I'm not a Tivo person - no clue on whether they are or not)
  • Austin Egghead said: Thanks Grif, was a lot better tasting than Campbell's. They were my customer when we lived in CA. It is amazing how many food and wine companies have HPLCs and GCs @sodig. Once you roast chiles on the egg you won't go…
  • Sterling - completely different experience (tram ride to the top of the hill) and some very good reserve/small batch wines as well.
  • I have an old pair with no label that work OK, but decided to get a second pair (I invariably leave the gloves inside after bringing food back inside after a cook). Bought a cheap brown pair marked "Western Electric" (can't remember where). Almost a…
  • Austin Egghead said: Will be reading labels very carefully. If I have to cook a $$ cut of meat to 160, I might as well make jerky. Will be talking with the butcher in Westphalia about how he processes the meat. Thanks for the links …
  • CPARKTX said: I used the recipe from this older post (third down, from HavausTom): Huh....looks like Rich in Morro Bays method
  • jls9595 said: what kind of grids are those, and where did you get them? I believe it's an Adjustable Rig on the bottom, but I was going to ask about the top as well.…
  • Is this a trick question......? :D
  • Sounds spicy - 3 Serranos with seeds? I've smoked tomatoes, peppers, garlic, and onions prior to making salsa, but never grilled them. Have to give it a shot. My experience has been that smoking jalapenos makes them milder (like ABT;s). Not sure on …