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It’s almost Halloween and if you’re cooking on your EGG, you may end up with more people knocking on your door asking for pork chops than candy! In case you’re willing to share and want to please a crowd, we recommend warm Margherita Pizza, FGL’s Lemon Pepper Wings or our favorite, S’mores in a Cone!

If you missed the 17th Annual EGGtoberfest here are the highlights Click Here Fall is upon us, and it's a great time for getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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Chef Charles
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  • Canugghead said: Tom, saw this yesterday in another thread: somewhat similar to mad max and appears simpler. Link to my previous post on sv turkey, per MCAH:http…
  • We are cooking up our turkey on Sunday.  Will be picking it up tomorrow and brining it overnight.@canugghead -- although I am going to do traditional egged roast turkey, you have to enlighten me on the amazing ribs style and sous vide method for fut…
  • We just pop the bag directly from the freezer into boiling water until done.  Once finished, you can swirl in a bit of butter, salt and pepper.
  • I have a pot lifter that works like a charm.  A friend of mine and I were able to take the egg from the nest on my deck to the front of the house along some pretty uneven ground with no trouble whatsoever.
  • Lasagna is one of our favourite egged treats.  We even use the egg to smoke the tomatoes and garlic we use in making the sauce. 
  • Dickson's Hardware on Avenue Road sells a tool for lifting the platesetter.  I got one for Christmas so I am prepared the next time I have to lift out a hot plate setter.  I also have some fire bricks next to the egg for a nice convenient landing sp…
    in Ouch! Comment by Chef Charles July 8
  • The Pampered Chef company was pleased to replace our stone when we told the sales representative that it broke on us.  It is still in prestine shape gathering dust in our basement.
  • Paul Simon and Sting at their stop in Montreal at the end of February.  It was a good show.
  • Pantsypants, in Ottawa you can find the Maclean's boubon, rum and tequilla flavoured wood chunks. You folks in the GTA didn't clear out the CT stock this spring did you?
  • We like to cook up ham on the egg and we vacu seal several slices and freeze it for later use.  To reheat, you just drop the bag directly from the freezer into boiling water and it comes out tasting as fantastic as it did when first cooked. 
  • Welcome aboard.  It is always nice to see another Canuck join the fray.
  • SWMBO bought me an Anova circulator for my b-day.  We tried it out on Saturday with some carrots.  I attached it to a large stock pot and it took quite some time to get to the 183 target temperature.  Going to plan a couple of new experiments for ne…
  • I am in the get a second large camp as that is exactly our situation.  There are only two of us and we have two larges.  I bought the second large thinking that interchangeable accessories was good.  However, for the most part, one of my larges is s…
  • @CanuggheadI use the propane canisters with my weedburner and had no problems even on the coldest of days.  Mind you, I keep both the canister and burner inside rather than exposing them to the cold.Tom 
  • That made the news here and I always find these situations tragic.  You are right LS, working carbon monoxide detectors are a must.  We have two in our house, check them every year and replace them once every five just to make sure.  Folks should al…
    in Tragedy Comment by Chef Charles March 18
  • Around these parts, spring seems to be a bit of a fantasy.  We still have a couple of feet of snow on the ground and freezing rain is on the horizon.
  • I know this is not traditional in any sense of the word yet I take the store bought corned beef brisket and smoke it for a few hours and then pull it and wrap in tinfoil and place in the fridge.  The next day, I cook it in our pressure cooker with s…
  • Rib eyes tonight and paella tomorrow.
  • I too am tired of winter.  We are in another cold snap and have endured over 200 cm of snow this year and Spring just can't seem to come soon enough.  However, after reading your post, I am strangely feeling better.Tom
  • Skiddymarker said: @tjv - maybe you can answer a question for us if you don't mind. If you sell and ship a $100 product to Mickey Mouse, living in Anaheim, Orange County, California, if I recall correctly the retail sales tax charged to those…
  • Canugghead said: Thanks Tom, I remember you told me about it first.  At a holiday potluck recently someone made a vegetarian curry dish in it that was amazing, they also couldn't stop praising about it. Nothing wrong with our rice cooker but …
  • Canugghead said: We've been thinking of getting this, it won't gather dust since one of its many functions is to replace an old rice cooker that's used almost daily:…
  • Canugghead said: Tom, Lowes here also carries the red bag Basques  Yep, that's the one. @TexanOfTheNorth -- I will have to figure out if there is a Basque distributor here in Ottawa and find out if the same option is available to me. T…
  • That was one heck of a game.  Both goalies were outstanding.  Once again, Canada has ground to a halt and you can bet the the gold medal game on Sunday will be one of this country's largest TV draws of all time, even with a 7:00 am EST start.  Best …
  • Thanks Gary for the heads up.  The Lowes that is nearby is selling the Basques Maple for $18 per bag throughout the winter.Tom
  • Productivity north of the border is taking a pretty big hit with these games going on.  I was joined by many of my colleagues in the boardroom watching the latter part of the women's gold medal game.  During the CBC telecast, they were showing feeds…
  • Canugghead said: @caliking and @Chef Charles - I can see myself running two SV units down the slippery path! Just got myself a thrift store electric hot plate; when teamed with my DIY SV controller I can use any large pots, including a huge t…
  • Canugghead said: Nice find! Been debating between the Demi and Anova.  Anova is more versatile size-wise but I bet Demi will last longer since there's no heating element nor moving part in contact with water. Gary,I have been eyeing the …
  • @L_S - My time in the boy scouts taught me to always be prepared so I always have a full bag of paella rice in the pantry even though I can buy them down the street.@Mattman3969 - you can't go wrong with the Whiz's recipe.Tom