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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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  • Interesting... I will be camping with the family at Lake Guntersville State Park for the weekend. In fact I am taking the LGE with me so we can eat in style while we are there.
  • Shoot..... I meant to go over there today for that. Oh well, whistlestop is next weekend.
    in Wooo Hoo Comment by BamaEGG April 2009
  • Wow that is a lot of meat. The most I have done are four 8 pounders for the superbowl. I did them two level with a raised grid. They took me 26 hours and were great. I hope everything turns out right.
  • This is a good topic. I thaw things all the time in the fridge and sometimes don't cook when I planned but a day or two later. My wife is always hounding me about the meat going bad if I don't cook it within a couple of days from thawing. Are you…
  • The first thing I would do is to kick your Egg Temp up to at least 225 maybe a little higher. It can be hard to maintain a temp as low as you have it. Also if your temp on the dome thermometer is 200 then depending on which egg you have the temperat…
  • I've kept them warm in a cooler for about 4 to 5 hours. But that was with 4 big butts in one cooler so there was a lot heat. I have never done newspaper. I usually double wrap in foil and then wrap them up in a beach towel. The results have been goo…
  • I got two 8 pounders sitting in plateau. I wish they would hurry up
  • It could be a while if the Butt is in plateau. Like some of the others have said you really need to have a external thermometer so you can keep up with the temp without opening the dome. Just curious, but why do you want it to climb all the way t…
  • Your profile doesnt say where you live. but if you live in the south east you can call the Mothership and order one. If you do it in the morning and which gives them time to ship that day and if you tell them to place the order UPS ground you will g…
  • Go with a fatty. Its simple. It will only take about 2 hours. And, it will be good practice for temp control. Jimmy Dean sausage rubbed with your favorite BBQ rub. I do mine 270 - 300 degrees. Indirect with Platesetter legs up and a drip pan. …
  • My brother is a phenomenal Graphic Artist.
  • How many people are you cooking for. I have done four 9 pounders and fed over 30 people with it.
  • Depending on their size I think five should fit fine. Just remember that if the butts are touching your cook time will be a lot longer because they will act as one solid meat.
  • Good question Eggtucky. My wife doesn't really like her ribs rubbed hence the plain rack. The other two is more or less an experiment for my own taste. Typically I have only rubbed and not used the mustard. In fact I have only used mustard one time …
  • Man I don't know. If they did it was way before me. Of course I am only 32. ROLL TIDE!!!!!
  • FlaPoolman, are you using the racks over indirect? How well do these racks do for getting a good crispy skin.
  • Phil are you cooking those indirect? If so how are you getting a good crispy finish on them?
  • I spent a saturday on Lake Martin a few weeks ago while visiting some friends in Wetumpka. Very nice place down there. I kept looking for Eggs with some smoke billowing out the top while running around the lake all day.
  • I have done two gasket replacements without a problem. I didn't use acetone. I used a painter's knife to scrape the old gasket off and a couple of grill bricks to get all the old gasket off. once the ceramic was smooth to the touch I cleaned it and …
  • Mine has hung on one occasion. Try to select the blower temp and scroll through your menu till you see blower then select it. It seemed like with mine that maybe reset the blower. I lost a huge brisket because mine got hung one night. But it has …
  • :laugh: Your killing me with the Barn reference. I have adjusted it several times. I think it is ok. I don't think it's ever been perfect but then again I put it together not a dealer. Its been sitting on 400 degrees for a couple of hours now and…
  • Congratulations on your new egg. You can use whatever stone you want under the egg. It just needs to no be touching the wood. You could even use the Green feet that come with the egg. ALthough I kept them separate for my dutch oven and pizza setup
  • If you only planning on serving Pork I would do at least four 8 pounders. You could probably do three on the LGE but I have never tried it that way. You will have a good portion of your cook getting direct heat and therefore may get a little char…
  • Your awesome. I'll have to get over there and get some Dizzy Pig. I haven't tried any of their stuff. Besides BGE Lump what lump do you carry?
  • I usually light in 4 different places with my MAPP. one spot under each of the platesetter legs and one in the middle.
  • Glad your cook turned out good. I my opinion, cooking butts is one of the most rewarding cooks you can do on the egg. It does take a while but the product you get absolutely blows away anything you can buy. I have four 7.5 pounders on my large ri…
  • 350 to 400 degrees direct on a raised grid is how I do them. Flip about every 10 minutes. Baste the last couple of flips. I will usually cook them a good 45 minutes.
  • Been using my stoker with my intel Mac for several months now. Works like a champ. The only thing you won't be able to do is use the stoker log since it is a windows program. Since I run Vista via Bootcamp on my machine I have Stoker log intalled to…
  • Thanks guys. Lots of good tips there. SHould make the next one even better.
  • Just make sure after you read about flashbacks you remember what you read. I have read it several times and the other day while doing some steaks I walked up and just threw the dome open. My wife said that i had singed hair on my head, arms, ears, a…