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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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  • Niner, I have the "Ove Gloves". I can carry a CI skillet from the grill to the kitchen (25-30 feet) before they start gettin' too hot. They are great for pulling the grate and plate setter when doing ribs. When they get real dirty, just throw th…
  • Hotwingking, I just sent you an email. Warthog
  • I have been doing flats only. I will have to try the point to see if that is what I am looking for. I guess I could do the whole thing and then mix them together to get the consistency of what I am looking for. Thanks again.
  • Thanks for the info. Can you buy just the point? How big can you get it? Again, thanks
  • I just did two this weekend. See post below. The only problems encountered were witht he lump that I selected to use. Make sure you use a good, low and slow charcoal. Otherwise you will be up early to re-load! Good luck! Warthog…
  • Jeffersonian, It was VERY good! Extremely moist and very flavorful. It had one of the best smoke rings I have seen. I am more curious to see if anyone else had similar problems with the lump that I had. I can't believe how quickly it burned up …
    in All is well Comment by Warthog June 2008
  • Celtic Wolf, I am using a Maverick ET 73 with the probe mounted to the grate. The other probe is in the lower butt ( I have two butts going on dual grids). I also have another digital thermometer with that one monitoring the upper butt. I am not…
  • I did the full clean prior to the cook. The difference was the Full Cirlcebrand lump. The low temp alarm went off this morning at 5:00. I went down and cleaned out all the holes in the ash grate, but wasn't getting the glow from underneath that I…
  • Spring Chicken, Sorry to hear about your recent bouts with the cutters. Here is hoping everything works out in your favor. Take care Warthog
  • What changes between 230 and 250? Warthog
  • 170 cook temp! I am following the competition pork recipe from BGE. It calls for 230, pull at 200. The last one I did was excellent, using this recipe. I have pictures of the twins (two 7lb butts) before I put them on, and then of when I loaded …
  • Big'Un, THANK YOU! I can't tell if it was clogged or not. This is my first overnight with FULL CIRCLE brand lump, so I am a little antsy. I cleaned out the egg prior to starting, so I didn't think I would have problems with the small chunks. Ap…
  • Just returned from Anchorage last week with 35 lbs of this. Not sure if it was copper river or not, but it sure tasted good. No time for pics. I did one rubbed with butter, then brown sugar and wrapped in foil. Very tasty! Couldn't pass it up a…
  • That was easy! Thanks again! Warthog
    in Gasket Help Comment by Warthog June 2008
  • It is Galaxy black! Thanks for the input. I am really looking forward to getting this thing put together. I think it is going to look like the first off road egg table. Warthog
    in Table tops Comment by Warthog May 2008
  • I don't think the sun will be that much of a problem out here in Seattle. I get morning sun and then it is gone around the side, away from the deck. Like I told Pyro, hot, here is 85! Pictures to follow (hopefully) soon. thanks again for you…
    in Table tops Comment by Warthog May 2008
  • Pyro, Thanks for the input. I have about 30 -45 days of summer here in the NW. "HOT" here is 85! Summer starts around July 1st. and is about over by about mid August with a few reminders thrown in during Sept. I am feeling much better about u…
    in Table tops Comment by Warthog May 2008
  • Anything has to look better than the ones that came with the egg, They are like sponges! I wasn't real concerned, but I know you have to be careful with granite countertops with acidic based liquids. Thanks for the input though. Warthog
    in Table tops Comment by Warthog May 2008
  • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have the round piece that was cut out that I was going to use for the paver. Thought it would tie everything in. I guess I my one concern was, did I cut the hole too big since I have to raise the egg …
    in Table tops Comment by Warthog May 2008
  • Thanks for the info. I just didn't want to have to notch out for the hinges unless I had to, while still keeping the narrowest of clearance needed between the egg and the table. Hopefully, there will be pictures soon!!
    in Table tops Comment by Warthog May 2008
  • If he is calling for granulated brown sugar, then that would be turbinado or raw sugar. I think you can find in most grocery stores. Look for plain brown packaging with "Sugar in the raw" on it. Warthog
  • I have to agree with most here. The plate setter and the dual probe thermometer (maverick ET-73) are my go to accessories on most cooks. I would venture that the plate setter is used on 75% - 80% of all cooks from chicken, pork, and brisket to piz…
  • Let's try this again
  • Stike, I just did this one last Friday. Ahi Tuna, rubbed edges in olive oil and rolled in sesame seeds. 350 direct about 2 minutes per side. Served with grilled peppers/onions/carrots in olive oil, salt and pepper. I had one tomato, so I cut it…
  • I ate a steak off an old BGE 20 years ago. NEVER forgot the experience. I have wanted one ever since. Like you, I am not rich. I went to the PNW eggfest last year with the intention of buying a large BGE. It has been almost a year and I have be…
  • OH! Now I see what you are saying. Then, yes, it should be T-51:00! It must be Rocket Science!
  • I am not certain, but I think I remember calling them like that in the past. they would call a stop at T- something and then I think after a complete systems check, they resume the countdown. I am sure the engineers went through the complete seque…
  • That would explain why RichardFL said it would launch shortly after 2:00 his time. Man, that would be hard on the nerves as a pilot on there.
  • I am sorry, I am on a temporary computer while mine gets worked on. The one I am on has no speakers. May be a moot point. I have two windows up on my screen and the one of the NASA TV showed the countdown clock and it stopped at 9:00 minutes. …
  • Off Topic- Something other than what is normally discussed here in this forum. Warthog
    in OT?? Comment by Warthog March 2008