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  • Briquets???? what's Briquets?
  • Hi Randy, missed you and Desert Filly at Midwest Eggfest. I got to show off my ribs at the meet n greet. Maybe next time? Cheers M
  • Hi Randy, Yes, the fat part is the oven temp, and the skinny part is the food probe. the cable is just a bit thicker. When I stick it in a turkey breast, for instance, I can see that the dome temp at cooking level is say 350, and the turkey temp …
  • Ken, So. I was at a Linens-N-Things store when I spotted this polder dual thermometer. It was 30 bucks, but I had a 20% off coupon. so for 23 bucks, I can tell the cooking environment temp and the food temp. I have used it for several cooks now …
  • Rich Gliwa, All year round. even below zero. cooked chicken last night, tho it was only 10 degrees F[p]M
  • Lionel, I own this knife. I thought it was a bit extravagant, but it is the best I have ever seen. Lifetime guarantee for sharpness. only available in Walker MN at Reeds Sporting Goods [ul][li]leech lake Filet knife[/ul]
  • SouthOfI10, I inject birds all the time. I will be doing Creole butter tomorrow. also one is in the brine.[p]check this out [ul][li]injected turkey[/ul]
  • tricky,[p]for Brining, check out this link [ul][li]brining 101[/ul]
  • BillyAustin, for me, I like apple or cherry. Cherry will give your turkey a deep red color. and it tastes great, not overpowering at all.[p]Cheers
  • Dawgtired, My favorite is Cajun Injector Creole Butter. CHeck out the post from a couple weeks ago [ul][li]turkey post[/ul]
  • Conundrum, Check out this post I did last month [ul][li]Spatchcock Chickey post[/ul]
  • mr.b, hey I was gonna say the same thing as Bib'un.[p][p] [ul][li]brining 101[/ul]
  • Jason Upton , yup, do it all the time. See the link to a post from yesterday [ul][li]brining link from yesterday[/ul]
  • picturman, here's another one on brining turkey [ul][li]turkey tips[/ul]
  • picturman, Hey, I found another good source for Turkey brines:[p] [ul][li]more turkey brines[/ul]
  • picturman, Brining is real easy, and there have been a lot of posts recently on the subject. Here is a real good brine:[p]1 gallon water 1 cup coarse kosher salt 3/4 cup soy sauce 1/2 c white sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup honey 1/2 cup a…
  • mollyshark, 170 is way too high. you only have to cook port to 139 degrees these days. it will come out medium. I usually cook to 145 deg.[p]M
  • Rascal, I just bought it in the grocery store. I tried it last year foir a turkey I smoked in my smoker. It was good. now trying in the BGE (I did the injection method last year in the BGE) I will be doing 3 turkeys this year.[p]Cheers[p]M
  • Not Sirius, I also brine turkey for the BGE. Works great, nice and moist with good flavor. I usually make my own brine, but will be trying Fire and Flavor brand this year. ([p]M
  • Mickey, Hey, this is a great question. You"ve seen my collection of injectors. The one you get will almost certainly depend on how often you are going to use the injection method. I would suggest that you try it first. get the Cajun injector wi…
  • wannabebackinTexas, I use a HD bucket too. it is only used for this purpose. I use a brewers disinfectant. Iodophor, what we use to sterilize brewing equipment. or, you could use a 10% solution of household bleach.[p]keep it cold for 24 hours, …
  • wannabebackinTexas,njector Creole Butter Flavor. I'll be using that this Thanksgiving too. [p]CHeck out my post for injected Turkey. Let me know how it turns out. [p]Cheers [ul][li]EggspertMN Turkey post[/ul]
  • bill, Hmmm. That's just crazy enough that I might give that a try. I really liked the brisket that I did. It is a little like corned beef, cept firmer, and it frys up real nice. The chuck roast you mentioned would probably be just a s good, wi…
  • RustyEgg, YES! I love buckboard bacon. I've made it with shoulders, and loin. Loin makes for real nice Canadian style bacon. One hint however, wait until it is cold before slicing and packaging. If you do it warm, the collagen will solidify an…
  • Jeeves, I agree with Phil. pull it all together.[p]M
  • Alpine Angler, OFF with the membrane![p]M
  • T-Que, I posted about a week ago of one I did while I was in a fowl mood while NOT being in Atlanta for Eggtoberfest. Have a look at the link below[p]I usually do 12-14 lb birds, but you can do a 20 lb but you have to be a little careful not to ge…
  • Dr. Dave, I chronicled my turkey preparation earlier this week. I was in a 'fowl' mood that weekend cuz I wasn't at the Eggfest in Atlanta. I use a method similar to this on Thanksgiving too. I definitely think you should have a practice run. …
  • mad max beyond eggdome, Good idea! we always scrape that stuff off. I'll give it a try. Thanks Max![p]Mark
  • mad max beyond eggdome, Sure did Max! made stock first with neck and giblets. Then strained it. Made a roux to medium (about a peanut butter color). dumped in the stock, some drippings, a little white wine, cut up the giblets into tiny pices. …