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  • I fried my felt a couple of years ago and my nomex on Friday doing pizzas. I installed a Rutland on Saturday and did another pizza cook on Sunday, no problems. The rutland install was easy-peasy with some advice from the forum.
  • While I think both packages shown in this thread are more than I would spend, I'm not sure that they are priced "incorrectly". Consider that the buyer will inevitably say, "Will you take $200 less for it?" regardless of the list price. The seller mu…
    in What a deal! Comment by Matt August 2010
  • CW -- you are a true gentleman. Thank you so much for the offer. If you are willing -- and have the time -- I would very much appreciate your help. Should I send an email to discuss? Matt
  • Agreed wholeheartedly -- I love a salsa of smoked tomato, dried puya (or Arbol) chile, fried garlic, Mexican oregano, and fresh minced white onion. I was only making the point that there likely isn't a Mexican (or, when considering "pico de gallo", …
  • Ibanda -- Note that "pico de gallo" is a term likely coined in Texas to describe what is typically referred to in Mexico as "salsa mexicana". In these sauces, the ingredients are never cooked. A table sauce made of roasted tomatoes would typic…
  • During the summer, I smoke tomatoes (chiles, too) whole on a Big Chief electric smoker and then freeze them for use year-round. When thawed, the skins slip right off, making them very easy to work with. Matt
  • I have a pair of welding gloves that work well for removing very hot hardware from the Egg. They work well, but you need to have your plan in place before picking anything up, because the window is small. Matt
  • RRP -- thanks for the detailed instructions. I need to do a realignment at the same time -- I assume that I will be able to do this after installation but prior to the burn? Thanks again. Matt
  • OK, so I got my Permatex Ultra Copper. What is the application procedure? Smear a thin coat on the clean ceramic, apply the gasket, and wait 24 hours to cook?
  • I checked the Permatex website, and they say the stuff is only good to 700F -- this obviously isn't a problem for the folks who use it?
  • Chubby -- Thanks, several have said that. My only concern is that my Egg is still at 250 from last night's pizza cook -- the chunk of burned gasket is causing it to leak like a sieve. So, I need to remove the old gasket today anyway, and as long …
  • RRP -- Thanks for the response, but what is Permatex Ultra Copper? Matt
  • Thanks, Rich -- maybe I'll give that a try.
  • Fidel -- Thanks, but I don't have a helper. I understand that the plastic latch doesn't play a part in the alignment, but I was thinking that if I didn't have to worry about keeping the bands together manually, it would be easier to get the align…
  • Another question -- if I install a Rutland today, do the low-temp cure, and then let it rest, can I do pizzas tomorrow?
  • All -- Thanks for the tips. Is Rutland the consensus best gasket option? Anyone ever torched one? Matt
  • Ming Tsai has a recipe for homemade sambal oelek in the Blue Ginger cookbook -- it's excellent. You can probably find it online as well. Good luck. Matt
  • Clark -- Note that if you roast them while still green, they will work out a bit better for you. I don't have a good explanation, but the wall thickness on these types of chiles seems to decrease as they mature. Also, I don't see the shape as a p…
  • The dry-aged strips are excellent, but I prefer the grass-fed -- they have been my favorite so far.
  • Don't have an answer for you, but noticed your handle. I am a civil engineering professor at NCSU. Are you in Raleigh?
    in Nest Handler Comment by Matt August 2010
  • TNW -- Was that, by any chance, one of the cowboy steaks from The Meat House in Cary? I was looking at those yesterday, but opted for a selection of strips instead. I'd like to know how it was. Matt
  • I typically brine then smoke indirect at 250 or so. Never been disappointed.
  • Clark -- I prefer my chile powders to be "pure" -- i.e., just flesh, skin, and membrane. The seeds will make it hotter, but yes, I think they make it bitter. If you just use the meat of the chile, the powder will have better, more subtle flavor a…
  • Ben -- For the fermentation, I mince the chiles and mix them with some kosher salt and place them into quart jars (about half full). I then fill Ziploc bags with a salt water brine and use them to weigh the chiles down (if the bags break, it won'…
  • Jeff -- I've done it both ways -- if I know I am going to be making powder, I seed prior to drying. If I am going to be doing something else with the dried chiles (relleno, pickling en adobo, sauce, etc.) then I dry them whole. Never had a proble…
  • Ben -- Do you know Rick Bayless, I assume? I am a bit of a groupie, I must admit. I met him once when I ate at Frontera, but I haven't eaten at Topolobompo or Xoco yet. Clearly, I am due for another trip to Chicago. Matt
  • I've never had a problem drying serranos, with or without smoke. I have smoke-dried them in the past and then ground them into powder (after removing seeds, which can be bitter) and I have also made smoked serranos en adobo. You will sometimes see s…
  • Those look nice -- I am anxious to hear about the "smoke level" in them. I used to smoke then dehydrate, but my current preferred method is to dehydrate about 75% and then smoke. Since I use an electric smoker (Big Chief) for chiles and tomatoes, I …
  • Richard -- I have a small Weber gasser for camping and tailgating that runs off of "plumber's propane" -- the small blue canisters. I can get an adapter that allows me to attach to a large propane tank instead, though I haven't done it. I assume …
  • Get this -- I've also been know to (on occasion) make my mater samwich with yellow or even (gasp!) purple tomatoes. I'd better quit now before I get banished to somewhere above the M-D line.