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  • i don't believe this to be an issue at the server. have you attempted to clean your cache files?
  • i emailed the file to you, then sent a follow up email . did you receive either emails?
  • i agree. pork tenderloin works well on the mini. below is one of my favorites. the potatoes are to die for. total prep and cook time
  • thanks for posting the video link. very good demonstration especially for anyone who has never trimmed spares. isn't the internet a wonderful thing?
  • you must be a webber guy in a previous life 'cause i think the water is a weber trick. you will find many, including myself who do not add water to the drip pan and get great results when cooking ribs on the egg. ceramic cookers are known to cook w…
  • yummmy, burgers will always be my favorite. thank the gods for all the advancements in cardiac care and different ways to cook these buggers.
  • see the army dude at the top of the page? just above him is the search function. simply type your subjet and hit return. i hope that is what you mean 'cause i don't think there is any other option for a member/user to review archived posts
  • thanks for all of your comments. !!!
  • when you have that setup do you maintain normal vent settings for temp control or do you have to make adjustments to achieve the same temps?
  • hmmm? does that mean you now have three eggs rascal?
  • although i have never-ever cooked a well done steak on the egg, i suppose one day i willl have a guest that loves a steak prepared thusly. glad to know the thing will still come out moist and tender.
  • ahhhh bluegill. what a fish. bluegill was my first ever catch. actually caught 3 of them that day. i was six years old. dad put them on a stringer; nailed them to a tree 6 ft in front of me; told me to raise my left hand; he took a picture. poof! in…
  • i agree that it may be something with firefox. however i would first try the following which i do as a part of my normal windows tuneup procedure: i assume that you have windows on your pc. if so, i would give this a try. this will "superscrub" y…
  • note: if you remove the seeds and the veins from the jalapenos this becomes a very mild chimichurri. leave the seeds and veins for more heat. Pork Tenderloin with Chimichurri Chimichurri: 6 garlic cloves, peeled and minced 2 jalapenos, see…
  • thanks bill for the tuna recipe. i plated the tuna on a bed of twice whipped potatoes and an authentic spinach caesar salad. had fresh strawberries with sweet sour cream and red wine sauce for desert. oooops can't forget the '02 robert pecota caber…
  • first thing to remember when you have issues like this is to clear your cached files. to do that in firefox navigate to the menu bar at the top of the firefox window; proceed to "tools"; proceed to "clear private data". make certain that the followi…
  • looking really good so far. it would apppear that you've really considered all the angles. good luck. be sure to post pics of your egg in its new home.
  • looks very good. wait 'till you do your scallops on the egg. btw, there is a dude (i believe it's rick's tropical delight) who has some killer pics of scallps done on the egg. they're all engulfed in flames and stuff. i'm sure they will be poste…
  • dang that looks yummy. guess where i'm heading, 'cause it's gonna be tuna tonight. btw, did you let the tuna swim in the wasabiyaki and green tea salt for a while before grilling?
  • great looking steaks and great idea. thought maybe you might have done them on your mini. btw, what is the 411 on the tuna? i missed your post.
  • there is no definitive answer to your questions. it will depend on your personal preference. you may want to begin here for a primer. follow this link. there certainly are other …
  • hey thirdeye would you mind sending me that link. please. i have an old large egg (the clay variety) that i may try to restore. thanks mark
  • alton's episode on tuna is a good one for anyone who would like to cook a fine piece of tuna on the grill. i use his method on my mini. by the way, i have that episode tvo'd and saved in avi for viewing on your pc. email if you would like a copy.
  • if you look at the new template currently being worked on (, it would appear that functionality will be implemented.
  • what size egg will you be taking?
  • here is that link
  • i wonder how many people buy an egg only to disocover their hidden talents. good job on the table. sooo.... may i suggest you get started on a matching adirondack chair for your understanding wife
  • no problem if the pork is in the range of 160-170, it can still be quite yummy. however that is a temp range that would be better for slicing thin rather than pulling mostly because the connective tissue within the butt hasn't been borken down suffi…
  • you guys bust my butt. thanks for the laugh