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We’re feeling pretty super, how about you? The big game is fast approaching, and while we love football, we love an excuse to invite people over and cook even more! You too can cook like a champion with recipes from Dr. BBQ’s NFL Gameday Cookbook: Grilled Tuna Sandwiches from Seattle and Baked Brie from New England. Who’s going to win? You’ll have to cook both to find out.

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  • Yes. I prefer the smoked corned beef (aka pastrami) over the boiled or broiled corn beef. My wife thinks it is just an excuse to fire up the egg. Scott
  • Thanks for the reminder. I need to buy a brisket to corn and smoke.
  • If you smoke it you will have pastrami, which I like even more than corned beef. Of course you'll need to soak it in cold water first to get rid of some of the salt. Here is a link to a great recipe on thirdeye's site that soaks a store bought co…
  • Dizzy Pig rubs are super. I'd suggest going to the Dizzy Pig web site and reading about the different rubs available. The web site does a good job pairing rubs with food. (He has a few recipes too.) Then go to the Whole Foods Market and buy what…
  • Stike, Thanks for the suggestion. Looking at Carwash Mike's picture (below) it looks like he uses foil too. The ribs went on at noon today. Based on the picture I laid down a layer of heavy duty foil from front to back. I ran it from the back …
    in Rib help Comment by Scott June 2008
  • I was happy with the flavor. I wasn't real happy with the texture. But good taste. I'll scroll down and read your thread. Scott
    in Rib help Comment by Scott June 2008
  • Thanks. Looking at your picture - are you using foil at the top and bottom (do circles have a top and bottom?) to increase the area of indirect grill space? Scott
    in Rib help Comment by Scott June 2008
  • Thank you. I'll try cutting them down so they don't get close to the edge of the plate setter.
    in Rib help Comment by Scott June 2008
  • You should have no problem holding them for 4 hours in a cooler. I typically wrap in plastic wrap and then in a heavy towel. They are still hot when I go to pull them.
  • Thank you. I'll go shopping today. Scott
  • Ok, i believe you but don't understand. You are saying that big pictures can be seen in the narrow view (aka EggHead Forum) but not in the wide view. Sort a seems backwards. It also means it is an issue for the poster and as the reader there is n…
  • 1. Do I need a separate drip pan for each butt? The instructional recipes I've seen have all been for one butt and invlove using a v-rack and drip pan. I don't have 3 of these. Suggestions? I put a large drip pan on the platesetter (legs up),…
  • Citizen Q, 1st - The tone of your "constructive criticism' seems light on the constructive. 2nd - No one is forcing you to use the .net site. The .com site is still there for you. If you choose to use the .net test site then accept it as is. …
  • It is not necessary. I have one that I use when I cook over night. I love it - and I sleep better. If I'm not cooking over night I often don't use it. If I'm cooking less than 5 hours I never use it because the eggs are so easy to keep at temp. …
  • I think "ping" is originally radar/sonar jargan which computer programmers picked up. In sonar you send out a signal, with computers you send out a packet, and then watch for a response to see if anything is there.
  • The rain was a disappointment but I had a good time anyway. The bummer was when I got home (40 miles north of waldorf) there had been no rain all day, just some clouds.
    in Waldorf Pics Comment by Scott May 2007
  • You will want to play with the Guru some... I set my guru at 200 and the dome temp is at 225-230. The Guru probe is clipped to the dome thermometer, not at the grill, when I see this. Have fun.
    in Rib cook time Comment by Scott May 2007
  • I often go 18-22 hours at 250. Have only had a problem one time. Start cooking and have fun!
  • KevinH Thanks. I've been fighting with chicken skin for a while now. I'm going to try these suggestions this week.