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We hope everyone’s enjoying the first few days of summer. For us, the weather heating up means one thing - the EGG’s gonna be busy! Whether you’re making stuffed burgers for a backyard grill out, some brats before a baseball game or searing a steak for dinner on the patio, we hope you’re doing it with full flavor and having fun all the while!

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  • We can put handles on the xl woo, but decided against it.  Lifting a loaded woo can easily get unwieldy.  It's a balancing act to keep the grid level when lifting and/or carrying that much weight - balancing a 24 inch wide diameter on a 4 inch pivot…
    in Woo for XL Comment by tjv March 26
  • i appreciate the feedback on the mmwoo and using the platesetter.  I need a little more information on where the difficulty is.  Is it difficult to fit the platesetter between the legs (tight fit) or is it difficult to slip the platesetter under the…
  • When I do spatch, I pay close attention to how the lump is burning.  I work the bird around the hot spots by either spinning the grid or actually moving the bird.   I start the bird skin side down for five or 10 minutes to get the skin rendering/br…
  • Last thanksgiving weekend I stopped at Costco to pick up a brisket, place was busy.  First thing I noticed, the brisket packaging was all wet.  I then saw the meat case thermometer and it read 50 something degrees.  Just then the meat guy from behin…
  • blowboys sweet 180, not to sweet but great on beef. t
  • On the thermometer, you can take the spring on the inside and put it on the outside to draw the thermometer up a bit.   On the XL, the xl grid won't go much higher than the felt rim and have the dome close easily around the grid. t
  • fljoemon said: @tjv .. how do you add the second grid .. using nuts & bolts? just set it by hand on top of the food, press grids together with fingers to hold food in place and flip over, lift off original grid. t 
  • chunk the basket and get a second grid.  when ready to flip add second grid and flip over, remove first grid........ easy on clean up too.
  • if you cut metal, best is little oil on the cut line and a slow blade speed.  did I mention a slow blade speed. t
  • lots of different fields for electricians, other than the guy who drops a plug now an then at your house.   my nephew works for a big firm and all he does is install and maintain high end controllers and such.  One of the cleaner and better paying j…
  • Lmidkiff said: Mapp 5300 F vs Propoane 3700 F  right from bernzomatic,  we don't use it with the oxygen bottle. "Fuel Uses Oxy / MAP-Pro™: Flame temperature in air is 5,200 degrees F. Ideal for: Cutting and welding iron and steel, when yo…
  • Thumper169 said: EGGjlmh said: I use a propane torch, anyone know how much better MAP torch is?Good question, I'd like to know this answer as well. Propane can spit or flame out with the bottle upside down, map won't.   Map is about…
  • nice idea,   looking at the picture an idea, if you have the 16 half stone put it on the oval grid or slide guide underneath.  this way give you two zones, one grilling and another warming......t  
  • big things in little enjoy, t
    in Mini Max at last! Comment by tjv March 1
  • great looking......perfect dish to enjoy on cold days.   when I make it, I scoop the liquid after simmering couple hours and use it for lasagna style tomato soup.    
  • easiest for me is cast iron skillet on a gas stove.  saute mushrooms and onions, push to side of pan, add burgers.  flip once, add cheese and pile on mushrooms and onions, put lid on skillet for couple minutes to melt cheese.  total burger cook time…
  • It's not the first time I had to deal with the confusion surrounding website names........ NPHustkerFL,  thanks for the kind words. t
  • Good question.  Maybe this helps.   The inside diameter of the medium fire ring is slightly larger than 12 inches.  On the medium woo ring, the stone (10" or 12" ) sits 1/2 inch above the fire ring.  The 10 inch stone provides more open area out of …
  • couple differences between the mini max woo and the kjoe junior racking system.  1. full bottom ring on the woo vs open ended legs on the kjoe junior rack; -  full ring keeps the 10" stone on the woo.  the 10" kjoe stone can slip out the open legs w…
  • gotta love the MMoMM..........MIckey Meals on Mini Max............ t
  • 60% bad byons butt rub, 40% turbinado sugar,  raised grid direct 400ish degrees.
  • I think the good Dr. needs to expand on his context as best I can tell all cookers are starved for oxygen to maintain lo-slo smoking temps........guess it comes down to what or how much is starving........ t
  • If you find something out of stock on CGS, please give us a call.  We working to keep the inventory accurate but having an online and retail store pulling from the same inventory can at times be troublesome.  With today's technology, one would think…
  • Terrebandit said: I wish the ceramic grill store would do a Black Friday discount of some type. In the retail store, it's $50 off all cookers and 10% everything else, Friday and Saturday. Online for us is a little harder as we have to w…
  • stlcharcoal said: That is still a device that I do not understand the purpose of.  It's to "reduce lump usage", but you still need to heat the entire XL BGE.  It doesn't matter if it's on one side or the other, just in the middle, or around the …
  • we have the craycort ci grid in a one piece.  13.75" OD.  The one piece is easier to get in and out.  Most folks use a adj. rig crossbar to lift it out.    the ci grid looks tight.  how much slop is there with it sitting on the fire ring.   t 
  • bottom ring can hold a 10" stone or grid.  As pictured the ID of the lower ring is approx. 8".  It can be just about any diameter.   Material is 304 stainless steel, 1/4" diameter round bar.   t
  • can do this, with or without handles.  drops about 1" into the fire ring and 1.75" above fire ring when sitting out of the platesetter notches.   Fun having the equipment to whip something up like this in couple hours..........t
  • I've smoked a bunch of cheese and finally got around to using the A-Maze-N smoker tray.  Gotta say, easiest method to keep the smoke going for hours.  I put the tray on the lump grate and elevated the cheese on the adjustable rig.   The pellets come…