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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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  • next time try Worcestershire instead of the mustard, adds to the flavor profile  t
  • Little Steven, Fabtech Atlanta next month, you going...... t
  • a heineken while egging.....must be me but not sure they are a good mix.......just don't think of heiny as a bbq/grillin' beer....... t
  • that's kinda small.  may need to wrap halfway thru to perserve moistness and tenderness. t
  • last night, again tonight was/will be canadian club small batch 12 year old whisky.  good stuff for my level of sophistication and price point t 
  • couple things to check inside/around the firebox - new lump vs. used lump,  sometimes all used can have difficulty getting up to higher temps.- need to make sure the lump grate holes are open,- firebox is properly aligned with slider and not obstruc…
  • we have butcher paper at ceramic grill store.  Rolls are 24" wide, 250 feet long, 40#, wax free and FDA approved.  We include shipping in the price.  250 feet is plenty of paper for the typical backyard cook.  24" wide is best as it give you ample r…
  • call your county extension service.  they will get you to the fella/gal who can help you. t
  • craftsteak in the MGM has prime flat iron and hanger among its other steaks.  Best hanger steak I've had anywhere, reasonably priced too for a top end steakhouse.  you can check the menu online, search mgm grand...restaurants...... t
  • The Large Woo and Large AR occupy the same space, so no way to get them to work together.   We at one time offered a Woo Extender, raised grid above the Woo, but our fabricator jumped the price to high to make it affordable.    Given the positive fe…
  • I went through the pros and cons of paper as we started carrying in it at Ceramic Grill Store.  I was told by those who make rolled paper to stay away from Kraft paper as it is made from recycled paper and not FDA approved.  Also, wax paper is not r…
  • Right now we have cherry, apple, peach, plum, post oak, sugar maple and mesquite by the pound.  I think a couple are short supply, might want to call. t
  • for grilling cooks I light in multiple spots covering how much grid I plan to use.   for example the complete xl grid, I'd light at clock locations 3, 6, 9 and 12 plus the center.   for half grid , 1 spot back, 2 spots center and 1 spot forward On s…
  • start the bird skin side down for 5-10 minutes then flip over to meat side down.  Use the bge large grid atop of the AR.  watch the skin as the bird cooks to see how it's doing.  might need to flip back over during the cook.  only rub on the skin.  …
  • It's a family run operation.  I met them at HPBA couple years ago.  Only complaint is lump size: pieces can be on the small size.  If they could bag bigger pieces consistently, it would be one of the best lumps around for the price per pound.   We c…
  • most places I just give them a phone number to get recognized for whatever. t
  • need a good steak fire, even burning lump across the firebox. t
  • Dobie said: @tjv whats the answer to my large deep skillet fitting inside the handles of a large Woo? I figure you're the Woo Master  Max. 16" diameter is a safe size to fit inside the PSWoo.  14" dia. will extend to the three half ci…
  • Gotta dig the cast iron griddle for blackening.  Pic is bayou classic two sided griddle (flat side) on spider in xl. Only problem with two sided cast iron pieces is generally end up with only one good side as the side that typically faces the lump t…
  • no, the PSWooCI does not work with the swing rack. t
  • HDmstng said: Here is another cool item you may want to consider, the PSWoo platform.  This thread got me thinking if the spider could be used with the oval stone or if I could get some sort of cross bars for my PSWoo2 to hold the oval stone.…
    in PSWoo2 Comment by tjv July 2014
  • thanks to all for responding.  It is greatly appreciated.   To answer a couple questions. The large Woo has evolved over the years, going from a simple way to raise the grid to working with the platesetter and finally, latest additon, working with B…
    in PSWoo2 Comment by tjv July 2014
  • inside the cooker, we use pizza stones for indirect pieces, makes it easier to change the shape, size and location depending on what we're cooking.  Also, it's 360 degrees of open airflow around the entire stone, no legs to interfere with air moveme…
  • open up the skin at the thick end of breast and slowly work your fingers into the leg. dump in the rub and work into the meat.  best if bird is a Grade A bird, insures full skin coverage over bird. start skin side down for 5 to 10 minutes to give th…
  • Great to see you're at it again.  The xl woo2 and 17.5 stone might solve your indirect problems and help with grilling by raising the grid to the felt line.  It's a short drive to Denton from Dallas. t
  • brisket prices in north texas are around $4/lb for packers.  The local walmart had select grade packers last week for $1.99/lb.    prices jumped because feed was in short supply couple years ago.  Many ranchers sold off cattle early due to the short…
  • tksmoke said: @tjv - if I lit my medium like that, it would be at 1200 degrees almost instantaneously.  It is incredible how fast the medium comes up to temp with good airflow and good lump.  Fire = fuel + air + ignition source.  Using the M…
  • dig the bark on the ribs....whatcha use...... I'm becoming a no sauce rib guy, liking good bark...... I've tried a couple CAB briskets,  not a fan so far...... t
    in Plan B Ribs Comment by tjv July 2014
  • - ok to keep the lump in the bag in the garage.  want to keep lump dry.- light the lump in multiple spots to bring the entire firebox up and burning at the same time, try and center on lighting - keep the dome closed while the lump is comin…
  • gotta dig a fantastic brisket......very nice t
    in Prime Brisket Comment by tjv July 2014