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Are you happy it’s finally National BBQ Month? While we like to BBQ year round, May is our favorite because the whole country is celebrating delicious food. If you’re new to cooking BBQ on your EGG, check out our Smoking Basics Publication...if not, proceed to some of our favorite recipes! We love Dr. BBQ’s Coffee Rubbed Brisket, Famous Dave’s Sticky Ribs and Virginia Willis’ Pulled Pork. Pair with this cheesy favorite for a winning way to start off May!

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  • 60% bad byons butt rub, 40% turbinado sugar,  raised grid direct 400ish degrees.
  • I think the good Dr. needs to expand on his context as best I can tell all cookers are starved for oxygen to maintain lo-slo smoking temps........guess it comes down to what or how much is starving........ t
  • If you find something out of stock on CGS, please give us a call.  We working to keep the inventory accurate but having an online and retail store pulling from the same inventory can at times be troublesome.  With today's technology, one would think…
  • Terrebandit said: I wish the ceramic grill store would do a Black Friday discount of some type. In the retail store, it's $50 off all cookers and 10% everything else, Friday and Saturday. Online for us is a little harder as we have to w…
  • stlcharcoal said: That is still a device that I do not understand the purpose of.  It's to "reduce lump usage", but you still need to heat the entire XL BGE.  It doesn't matter if it's on one side or the other, just in the middle, or around the …
  • we have the craycort ci grid in a one piece.  13.75" OD.  The one piece is easier to get in and out.  Most folks use a adj. rig crossbar to lift it out.    the ci grid looks tight.  how much slop is there with it sitting on the fire ring.   t 
  • bottom ring can hold a 10" stone or grid.  As pictured the ID of the lower ring is approx. 8".  It can be just about any diameter.   Material is 304 stainless steel, 1/4" diameter round bar.   t
  • can do this, with or without handles.  drops about 1" into the fire ring and 1.75" above fire ring when sitting out of the platesetter notches.   Fun having the equipment to whip something up like this in couple hours..........t
  • I've smoked a bunch of cheese and finally got around to using the A-Maze-N smoker tray.  Gotta say, easiest method to keep the smoke going for hours.  I put the tray on the lump grate and elevated the cheese on the adjustable rig.   The pellets come…
  • SkinnyV, I think folks are hoping to smoke on the mmax too.  What I was told yesterday by the reps was approx. 6 hour burn at 250ish before the lump runs out.  Best I can remember, that is very similar to the current small.   On the mini with the wo…
    in KJ Vs MM Comment by tjv November 2014
  • ok LS, chicago it is.   t
    in KJ Vs MM Comment by tjv November 2014
  • ron, look at Lit's pics above.  check the grid as it sits on the platesetter in conjunction with the felt line.  It's maybe a smidge above the felt.  Also, check the distance from top of fire ring to felt -  a good reference for distance is the notc…
    in KJ Vs MM Comment by tjv November 2014
  • Eggcelsior said: tjv said: the distance from the top of platesetter to the bottom of the grid ain't much, lucky to be an inch. t For a small PS or the MM PS? mmax
    in KJ Vs MM Comment by tjv November 2014
  • the distance from the top of platesetter to the bottom of the grid ain't much, lucky to be an inch. t
    in KJ Vs MM Comment by tjv November 2014
  • I saw the mmax at a show yesterday.  Gotta wonder why such short legs on the platesetter, especially after all the comments with the original short legged xl platestter.  Can't be much more than an inch spacing between grid and platesetter.  t
    in KJ Vs MM Comment by tjv November 2014
  • dang dude,  time to load up that fancy cooler with a very large cold great job. t
  • I think you are comparing two different style for ribs, brasing vs smoking.  By wrapping in the oven, you're basically brasing the ribs to doneness. Given the process you outlined, my guess is fall off the bone and very sweet.  Try the same process …
  • couple things to consider. - most states offer some type of college fund for state supported colleges.  good thing to look into as it makes you commit to making it happen- if you go shopping for a specific item, leave the credit cards and extra cash…
  • Ceramic Grill Store,  Corner Mayhill & Morse in Denton We are the folks who fabricate the adjustable rig, spider, woo and such!codydham said: @tjv, Where are you located?
  • you gonna build a mini holder for your new wheels. mickey's meals on wheels........ t
  • Welcome to kamado cooking!  I'm wondering if your buddies rollled thru our store couple weeks ago.  We had folks buying for wedding gifts.  If you like, save the $175 and pop up and see me.  I'll spend some time with you and get you going in the rig…
  • This weekend I was in both my local sams and costco clubs.  In each store, a guy was operating two rotisseries, spinning a bunch of chickens.   I asked 'em what temp and how long they spin the birds.  Each said 1.5 hours on time and to 180 internal …
  • next time try Worcestershire instead of the mustard, adds to the flavor profile  t
  • Little Steven, Fabtech Atlanta next month, you going...... t
  • a heineken while egging.....must be me but not sure they are a good mix.......just don't think of heiny as a bbq/grillin' beer....... t
  • that's kinda small.  may need to wrap halfway thru to perserve moistness and tenderness. t
  • last night, again tonight was/will be canadian club small batch 12 year old whisky.  good stuff for my level of sophistication and price point t 
  • couple things to check inside/around the firebox - new lump vs. used lump,  sometimes all used can have difficulty getting up to higher temps.- need to make sure the lump grate holes are open,- firebox is properly aligned with slider and not obstruc…
  • we have butcher paper at ceramic grill store.  Rolls are 24" wide, 250 feet long, 40#, wax free and FDA approved.  We include shipping in the price.  250 feet is plenty of paper for the typical backyard cook.  24" wide is best as it give you ample r…
  • call your county extension service.  they will get you to the fella/gal who can help you. t