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  • I have used a 3 lb coffee can, with a 1" hole cut in the bottom and the top completely removed, to maintain 150 degrees for many hours. (That is 150 dome temperature, I didn't use a probe to get an accurate grate temperature, was just seeing how sta…
  • I use a chunk of DuraFlame fire starter about 1" in diameter. I open the bottom vent and remove the rain cap, then I scoop out a hole in the center of the lump (not all the way to the charcoal grate), drop the fire starter in, and light it. Once it …
  • I bought a cover designed for a bullet smoker for about $10 and use that.
    in BGE Cover Comment by Shoe June 2007
  • Kaydee,[p]You find this thread worth reading.
    in Accesories Comment by Shoe May 2007
  • Both vents need to be open, even if just a sliver. For 250 dome I usually find myself with the bottom vent open about the width of a nickle, and the multifunction cap with the slider shut and the daisy wheel about half shut. Once the temperature is …
    in smoking Comment by Shoe May 2007
  • Here's an easy meal - chop some of the brisket into bite-sized chunks. Put them back on the egg with some smoke and rub at 350 for 15 minutes or so, along with a few slices of onion on the side to soften up. You'll want something atop the BGE grill …
  • If I were in your shoes, I would base my consideration on weight / portability requirements. The BGE is so fuel efficient that cooking on a large is hardly a lump purchasing economic hardship. You can roll the Large around in its nest, but the mediu…
  • Here are some ideas for accessories for your large BGE.
  • Butter hot tub method!
  • stike,[p]Do you close the dome while the paper towel is burning?
  • If you want more bark, cut the skin back an inch or two on the leg end. Leave the skin on the bulk of the roast. Some people score that skin with a knife, I never had.
  • Oh, and you need one of those jiggle sticks. Coathanger works, two inch length to poke up through the grate. Take the other end, wrap it back around, secure with duct tape to form a handle.
  • I took a 3 lb coffee can and drilled a 1" hole in the bottom with a hole saw, then loaded it up 50/50 with lump and wood chunks split to lump size. Lit it by dumping lit lump on top. Rested it on the BGE firegrate. Temperature stabilized at 150 rock…
  • Yeah, that was the way mine was. I finally just slammed the door a couple times and it never stuck again.
  • Here's what I've accumulated. I'm stepping a bit outside your "custom built" criteria, but these are things I find myself using and wouldn't want to be without.[p]1. Platesetter 2. 14" cake pan for use as a drip pan atop inverted plate setter 3. P…
  • Platesetter legs down, pizza stone on top, some sort of separator (I used 3 half-inch copper elbows from the hardware store I flattened some with a hammer) to separate the two. That separation allows the stone to be heated by the air temperature in …
    in Pizza Comment by Shoe April 2007
  • To separate the stone and plate setter I use 3 half-inch copper elbows from the hardware store that I hammered down a bit to flatten.
  • Think I emailed you or someone else here on this subject a week or two ago, but I bought a 12" cast iron skillet with a removable handle from Meijers. The guy who posted about this skillet got his at Target. I use the handle as a grid lifter. There …
  • I have two aluminum cake pans, 10" and 14", that I line with aluminum foil for easier cleanup. The 10" is nice for sitting under a whole chicken, I use the 14" one on top of the inverted plate setter.
  • I put mine on about an hour after shutdown or so. If I can hold my hand against the egg, I figure it is cold enough.
  • Read my post above about spatchcocking a turkey.
  • That is how we have cooked our Thanksgiving turkey for the last 5 years. We don't separate the two halves, though, just cut out the backbone, keelbone, ribs, and press down hard enough to "crack" and flatten.[p]We put sliced apples into the bottom o…
  • smokn gramma g,[p]Did you try this dealer locator page? It lists the closest to Port Huron as:[p]Reflection Pool 7 Spa 4128 24th Ave Ft. Gratiot,MI 48059 810.385.7225[p]I bought mine at:[p]Bourliers BBQ & Fireplace 23245 Woodward Ferndale,…
  • Spring Chicken,[p]For $12 at Meijer's I bought a 14" cast iron skillet that has a removable handle - fits nicely in the large BGE.
  • 1. Get the fire going. Use your favorite wood and let it smoke for 10 minutes or so at 250 dome until the smoke turns from white to blue. I am unusual in that I like mesquite with chicken, just don't use a lot. One chunk split into smaller 1" pieces…
  • I had to slide the lower vent cover fairly vigorously the first couple times to get it to slide over the far left end of the screen and shut the lower vent.[p]Don't use the combination daisy wheel / slider to shut down the egg, use the ceramic rain …
  • That's the way I do it. Get the temperature stabilized, then shove the lump around if necessary so you can lay the wood chunks directly on the burning coals. Then I let it smoke 10 or 15 minutes until the smoke turns from white to blue, then add the…
  • Try cake pans. I bought a 10" one at Meijers and a 14" one at Michaels.
  • Reset mine just a few days ago!
  • Dare I say it... EGGzactly!