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Spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with your EGG? Virginia Willis’ three course menu is perfect for a date night! February is also National Chocolate Lover’s Month, so don’t feel guilty if you’ve been cooking a little more dessert than usual on your EGG. If you’re looking for something a little more savory than chocolate, try some Roasted Chicken Flatbread or Pork Tenderloin with Honey Mustard.

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  • BENTE,[p]Well, I just started looking on the forum for about this exact same thing, and somebody else is already asking![p]I just ate at a restaurant wher I had some of the best tri tip ever. They say 15 HOURS @ 140. Oven was an "Alto-Shaam", which …
    in Temperature Comment by WJS March 2008
  • bozzy, Was definitely going with mesquite, with a bit of Oak. I always thought that once the exterior of the meat reached a certain temp, you couldn't get as much (any?) smoke flavor into the meat, hence the desire to start low.
  • RIBS 4 U, I'll second that.[p]If you want a preseasoned, uncooked tri-tip at Costco, try Bill Baily's Santa Maria style tri-tip. Also, look for thicker ones that have a "tip" (triangular) rather than the ones that are more rectangular.[p]I've had r…
  • egret, I'm jealous. Very jealous.
  • fishlessman, Now that looks good! Tell me more. You got preferred seasonings? Chips/chunks? About how long?[p]Talk!
  • Lawn Ranger, Saw your original post on this one and thought I'd give it try myself. Picked up a package at Costco yesterday and am planning on cooking tonite. Just wondered if you ended up basting/mopping (and if so, with what - looked in the fridg…
  • mad max beyond eggdome, Thanks, that clears it up. Didn't realize it was two different setups - DOH![p]Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Car Wash Mike, How much water do you lose in 2 hours? I'm looking at 5-6.5 hours (best guess). Don't think I can go that long. Might just have to dis-assemble, refill the pan and put it back together.
  • Car Wash Mike, Look's like a possibility.[p]Why foil over the water pan? Don't you need to check/refill? (I know I'd make a mess trying to do it!)
  • TRex, Great suggestion! Clipped a couple of sprigs of rosemary off and threw them in a pot with the basalmic and let it simmer. The smell just kept getting better and better. Threm some kosher salt and cracked pepper on the steaks and worked that i…
  • TRex, That sounds good! Got a ton of rosemary growing in the yard, and a variety of Basalmics (love the stuff!). I think I'll make some just to see how it turns out, and try it if it comes out OK. Thanks!
  • tach18k, Yeah, tried to pick some up at Costco, but they were out. Didn't particularly care for the offerings at Albertsons. Gotta come up with something else.
  • The Naked Whiz, Yeah, that's my fallback if I'm not certain of what I'm going to do. I've done a couple of long cooks (butt & brisket up to almost 18 hours), thought I'd check and give this a try if I'm comfortable with the procedure. John
  • KennyG, I'm interested in the smoking method, but have some questions. What temps do you aim for when smoking? Is the Hickory too strong? About how long for the smoking part? Direct/indirect? Any need for liquid and/or drip pan for flare-ups?
    in Pork Chops Comment by WJS September 2003
  • ChuckE, That's what I thought. I'm gonna use cast iron for kicks, and see what happens. Carrots, red potatos, and onions under the chicken. Trying to think of what else to put in.
  • Strmn2Smoke, You're right! It came out fantastic! (Thanks TNW) I cut it, oiled it, then used a combo of rubs (Prudhome, The Keg Cajun, and Mansmiths Dry Fire), Ccooked at 350 for about 55 min, then closed it down for about 7-8 more.[p]Results: inc…
  • The Naked Whiz, That's the site I was looking for. Bookmarked it this time.[p]Thanks!
  • Spin, Now I'm getting confused. It held at about 158 for better than an hour, then dropped to 156 for about an hour and a half. it went back up to 158 for a little less than an hour, and seemed to climb right before my eyes to 163. I figured i'd br…
    in Pork Plateau? Comment by WJS May 2002
  • Spin, My dome temp has been between 220-250 throughout the biggest part of the cook (started a little hot at 300 1/2 hour into the cook, took almost an hour to get the temp back down), so I'm hopeful it's the plateau.[p]Lookin forward to pullin som…
    in Pork Plateau? Comment by WJS May 2002
  • Big Murth, I used an estimate of 15-20 min/lb and worked backward, allowing for time to get the egg to drop and stablize.[p]The longer you sear, the more you aim at 15 min/lb. Use a Polder or instant read to confirm temps.[p]As far as the temp goes…
  • John, I just did my "experimental" Prime Rib a week and a half ago. Results were good, but I am planning on modifying a little next time.[p]I started with an 8 pounder (no bones) from Costco, and used "Keg spice" on it. I fired up the Egg to about …
  • Spin, Thanks for the response, it all makes sense, and I shall give it a shot.[p]Question for tonight, I'm doing some filets, and was planning on the high temp/sear, then dwell, technique.[p]I want to get dome temp up around 750+ initially. Should …
  • Babyray, That's a pretty big piece of meat for Chateubriand. I've bught a couple of the cryovaced (sp?) ones from Costco. I usually cut 2 filets off of each end for steaks or fondue. I use the center section for the actual Chateaubrinand. I try to …
  • Babyray, Are you trying for Chateaubriand?
  • Citizen Q, What about searing it at a higher temp(say 500-550) for about 15 min. then dropping the temperature back to 250 the rest of the way? (That's how I usually do my prime ribs, and they come out very tasty). That might seal the juices and gi…
  • JJ, Thanks for the info. I live out in California, in a somewhat rural area. My "local" BGE is a BBQ Galore 60+ miles away, with a very limites supply of accessories for the Egg. I'm hoping for a specific dealer willing to ship, or a web site.[p]
  • Spin, Where do you order/buy a plate setter? I know there used to be a link to a site, but I couldn't find it.
  • EJ, Thanks for the link! I've got the meat marinading (but I had to improvise on a couple of ingredients). I'm only going to marinade it for 8 hours due to time constaints. I'll let you know how it turns out.