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Spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with your EGG? Virginia Willis’ three course menu is perfect for a date night! February is also National Chocolate Lover’s Month, so don’t feel guilty if you’ve been cooking a little more dessert than usual on your EGG. If you’re looking for something a little more savory than chocolate, try some Roasted Chicken Flatbread or Pork Tenderloin with Honey Mustard.

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  • HotGrillHarry,[p]I usually have to grab the membrane with a paper towel in my hand to keep it from slipping. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get an initial corner to start, but then it usually peels back fairly well.[p]Walter
  • Bajatom,[p]Thanks. No grid extender, just the spare grid. I've got a couple bricks - may give that a try.[p]Walter
  • Flashback Bob, I've done a 750 sear then 350-400 to finish, 350 for the whole cook, 450-500 for the whole cook... the only thing that really changed was how long it takes to get medium-rare. Other than some excessive charring a few times, the fami…
  • BlueSmoke, Thanks. Hopefully most got sifted out the bottom when I scraped the dome then stirred the coals.
  • dhuffjr, Thanks. Found a new use for the foil I use to cover the tri-tip, chicken, etc. after it comes off the EGG
  • HoustonEgger,[p]Just put a 21#'r on the Large this morning. Platesetter (legs up) with a drip-pan and v-rack. Adjusted the dome thermometer to make sure it didn't puncture the bird. The wing tips may fall open and hit the dome, but it definitely …
    in 22# bird Comment by Walter November 2006
  • Sundown, Thanks !!!
  • Tiger Tony, I used to have my EGG under a patio cover (both with fiberglass panels and full plywood/shingles) and had about 5'-6' of clearance from the EGG to the cover. The cover was 24' wide and 12' long extending from the house. I didn't have …
  • Revolutionary BBQ Man,[p]Don't know about the Cinci EGGfest... hope you get a response. I sure hope it does happen since I just moved here from CA and brought my large EGG with me [p]Walter
  • TRex,[p]400* direct for about 6 minutes per side. Drizzled some maple syrup on the one with lemon pepper (on the right) about 30 seconds before pulling them off.[p]Walter
  • HolySmokes,[p]Sorry... I was so excited about actually getting the picture posted I forgot. One big salmon filet from Costco cut into 2 pieces. [p]Walter
  • tach18k,[p]How much more does it cook, searing it at the end? [p]Walter
  • Mike in MN,[p]Sounds good. I was just telling my wife that I needed 2 EGGs... one to sear the roast and the other to cook it [p]I'll need a better set of mits to insert the pre-heated platesetter as I burned my fingers removing it with with pair I …
  • Marine Cook,[p]Just did some corn the other day... in the husk... about 30 minutes @ 350*, turning once or twice.[p]Walter
  • tach18k,[p]That's the next method on my list. I've heard good things about doing the "reverse" steak cook.[p]Walter
    in Tri Tip Comment by Walter September 2004
  • Hooter,[p]Done it a bunch of ways... marinated, dry-rubbed, salt & pepper... high-temp sear (550*+) then lower-temp finish (350*-400*), medium temp (400*-450*) for the whole cook, lower temp (350*) for the whole cook. Lately I tend to cook them…
    in Tri Tip Comment by Walter September 2004
  • PapaQ, Not being an expert... but having just done the same thing for my son's HS graduation, I'll share my experience. I put 2 butts (7-8lbs. each) on the egg on a raised grid over a drip pan and the inverted plate setter about 2PM Friday afterno…
  • WessB,[p]That's awesome! A true testament to ingenuity and persistence. My only question (not having a table for my EGG) is how do you clean out the ash without having a mess in the shelf space?[p]Walter
  • Pakak,[p]Thanks for the info. Finally got it down to 215 then brought it back up to 225 before calling it a night. Woke up this morning with dome at 235 and the smallest butt at 171, the larger at 158. Dome's up to ~260 and the temps are rising..…
  • 1044,[p]They've usually been 6 or 7 lbs. I think it used to take so long because I held the dome at 210 and the meat was on the grid right on top of the fire-ring. After learning all the cool laws of thermodynamics and temp differences between gri…
  • The Naked Whiz,[p]Thanks. I'll be aiming to start them around 2 on Friday so they can be done between AM and noon on Saturday... just in time to rest and pull for party - woohooooo[p]Walter
  • Tony,[p]Broke my old grill (Meco) doing a Turkey about 5 years ago... and found the BGE advertised in the "On The Grill" magazine, noticed it was holding a full sized Turkey and the wife gave me the green light (no pun intended) to get the Egg... be…
  • Sundown, Seems a little quick... but what's your dome temp? I've had a few rise really fast, but then they slow down and eventually sit at 150-160 for what seems like an eternity before going over the top and heading home.
  • Spin,[p]Thanks... looks like we'll have a reason to keep the kitchen warm with oven heat [p]Walter
  • Pakak, Thanks. Guess my memory really is fading... ;-( [p]Good eats tonight - yummmmmm
  • Wil, Found lots (and I mean lots) of great threads on ABTs... Thanks again. Searched for everything (burger, dog weiner, bacon, etc.) and couldn't find the other references. Hopefully somebody remembers what I read a few months back and can remin…
  • Wil, Thanks... looks like it'll be good eatin' tonight.
  • Thanks for the great suggestions... I'll post what I ended up doing and how it turned out. I've got 2 marinading in the fridge... tomorrow can't get here soon enough. Guess I can always try high temp on one and medium on the 2nd along with the tri…
  • Omaha Mark,[p]Thanks... I'll give it another try. Best part is, even the mistakes turn out great [p]How much longer does it take?[p]Walter
  • Sundown,[p]Thanks. For some reason, when they started slipped through the rack and laying down, I thought they wouldn't turn out... or I'd have even more of a problem flipping them over. Every now and then I forgot that not all surfaces need to be…