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Adrian B.
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  • jake, As MIK said, it will be the same. Just leave a little breathing room between them if you can. Cook for the largest size. The smaller one will be fine, because it's really hard to overcook pulled pork.
  • Congrats on the blue ribbon!
  • Bobby-Q, Even as a spectator, it is like going to the World Series. And this year was even better than last! The weather made it perfect, which brought out throngs of people. I couldn't believe the lines for buying food at the front. Even the sampl…
  • T-47, The majority of my cooks are boneless skinless breasts, so I've done just about everything to dress them up. Various italian dressing marinades like CWM suggests are good. Lemon pepper rubbed on with a little EVOL is good. For that matter, ju…
    in Chicken Comment by Adrian B. July 2005
  • Kyle, I always cook mine direct on a raised grid at ~375 dome temp. The skin is always a beautiful brown and crispy. The insides are always perfectly moist. Letting it sit for about 10-15 minutes will let the juices distribute really well to keep it…
  • Steve, The ~160 temp range is when the meat is in conversion mode. It is breaking down the fat and such. Let it sit at that temp as long as it wants. Mine will stay that way for hours - the longer the better. It will eventually let go and start cli…
  • Gwen, I use a BBQ Guru for all my low & slows but I think I know what the deal is. [p]When my BBQ Guru is set at a hair under 225 grate temp, my dome temp guage reads right around 250. [p]When the butt hits the conversion plateau at around 160-1…
  • John Sundahl, I usually do my vertical chickens direct on a raised grid, and they turn out perfect every time. 375deg for about an hour and 20 minutes.
  • Craig B, here is a link to Wess B's site with a really good pictography about his setup. [ul][li]Wess B's setup[/ul]
  • MarianneO, I usually do my whole birds at about 375-390 dome temp. Rubbed with some veggie oil rubbed over the skin, then put on a vertical roasting stand. I like a little pecan wood for smoke, but not too much. I've also been recently spatchcocking…
  • Tim, you're making the same mistake I did for a long time. You aren't getting it up to the right temperature. At 160, pork shoulder meat is just starting to really cook, so it is actually under-done at that temp. Yes it is safe to eat, but it will b…
  • fishlessman, "I see" said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.
  • mad max beyond eggdome, I love the use of the little green egg feets. That is a perfect way to keep the bottom of the bird from burning up.
  • Here's an old pizza setup I've started putting the 3rd leg right at the back to avoid burning in the hot spot - with much better results
  • possessed, I don't understand the question. If the raised grill is sitting on top of the bricks, there should no be ANY gap between the bricks and the grill. ???
  • 1shot1kill, I used Dr BBQ's Big Time Shmear on mine. It cooked at 225 grate temp with my Guru for 20-1/2 hours. I would maybe suggest foiling it for the last couple of hours if I had to do it over again, and probably the below suggestion. [p]If you …
    in Help Comment by Adrian B. June 2005
  • Becks in MN, with 2 good sized butts (about 8 lbs each) you should do fine. One of mine stuffed 8 people with enough left over for several more sammiches. Between the adults and kids, you should have leftovers from 2 butts. [p]I threw my leftovers i…
  • I agree with Smokey. I've never used a v-rack for my butts. They sit on the main rack, side by side.
  • danny, re-adjust your bands with the lid closed, and push the back side down a little to get it all snugged up. Mine was that way too until I adjusted it.
  • Chris, Putting it in the foil for at least an hour helps the meat redistribute the juices, making it better and more moist overall. [p]It all serves another purpose: You can't really time BBQ perfectly. Like Dr BBQ says, it is done when it's done. …
  • teach31, I used a platesetter (legs-up) for a whole turkey, but I usually do not use a platesetter when vertically roasting chickens. I haven't tried a vertical roast on a turkey or turkey breast yet, so I can't help you there. [p]I always pre-heat…
  • Fairbrother, Here is a link with some good tips on brisket, as well as dozens of other unasked questions. :~) [ul][li]The Naked Whiz[/ul]
  • Another Newbie, mine came pre-assembled with some clear caulk-type stuff. Maybe it was a high-temp RTV or something. [p]The leak around the gasket may be as simple as adjusting the bands around the lid. [p]It sounds like you got a good deal on an "e…
  • JDOTR, Congrats on the good showing. [p]My wife and I stopped by there, but they turned us away saying we had to park at the local school and take the shuttle bus in. thanks. After a long day with my parents and a dog with crossed legs a…
  • Georgia Drifter, like everyone else has said: Awesome setup![p]It even looks to me like you've got plent of room to grow in that thing. You could easily add a small & mini, or another large and a mini.
    in Egg Table Comment by Adrian B. June 2005
  • Gwen, I got a deal on mine and had a couple of things thrown in "for free" but I still have over $1000 invested in mine. Like TN slagamater said, it is money well spent! I wish I invested other money this well.
    in ON ORDER Comment by Adrian B. June 2005
  • Dave B, if you're not using a BBQ Guru, then set your dome temp between 225 and 250. Mine usually do very well at 1.5 hrs/lb. So for a 6.5lb butt, you might be ready to go at 10 hours. If it's ready then, just wrap it in foil and put in a cooler wit…
  • Well Reverend, instead of spending all that money on a new brisket, just throw you some bacon on it. It'll be fine. :~)[p]If you REALLY want to spend a few dollars, then just go get a boston butt and put it on the rack above the brisket, and the fat…
  • Eggprentice, I either spatchcock mine (see The Naked Whiz's link) or vertical-roast. Either way makes the best chicken you can sink your teeth into.
  • tj, Follow this link to some fine ribs: [ul][li]Wess B's ribs[/ul]