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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Back in the early 80's, the one in Plano (BEFORE they got all franchisey) was pretty damn good to anyone who wasn't a connoisseur. I was there for 2 weeks on a difficult customer situation and we found great solace eating at Dickey's four days in a …
  • In 13 years, two bases for my large, and a firebox for the large.  I have broken firebox for my small, but I won't claim on it since there's no need to replace it.  It is happy now.  It won't crack any more.
  • Mama Roneck said: Had my large BGE 7 years, and still going strong on my first load of lump.  I've heard tell of folks making it 10-15 years... Oh my......  :))
  • Stainless steel can make sear marks just as well as CI.  I sort of proved that with a bit of over the top searing, lol:  
  • RRP said: Call the company for instructions on how to return it at THEIR expense! You shouldn't even have to pay for postage! Or maybe just call the company and go from there?  :-)
  • Does BGE say anything about the need for anything beneath the table nest?  I have one but haven't gotten time to do any experiments (bwahahaha!!!! it's alive!) with it yet.
  • JRWhitee said: Do you guys wrap your potatoes in foil or cook them naked? You wrap in foil if you want steamed potatoes.  No foil if you want baked.
  • Of course, the real answer is to buy a second Egg so you can cook them at a more appropriate temperature, :)
  • Can you put the probe in boiling water and ice water and see if it is reasonable there?  Was the probe too close to or touching any of the meat?
  • There are dozens and dozens brands of lump charcoal out there.  Search the board for "Firecraft" and you will find a source for some very good brands.  Here are a few reviews of different brands:  The Lump Charcoal Database
  • When I reviewed Afire, they were deliberately shorting the boxes by about 2 pounds.  This was measured by me and by a dealer.  I don't know if they are still doing that, but if the box has this cardboard grid in the bottom, it is probably underweigh…
  • You would need to take the firebox, firegrate and fire ring out and see if the crack is on the interior of the Egg.  The firebox, fire grate and fire ring are of course, separate removable items.  I'd bet if you heard a snap, and see a crack on the …
  • nolaegghead said: Caveman works well with marinated meat because the extra hot coals evaporate all the marinade liquid and let it spend more time in the fire before you start burning the meat.  But I would avoid sugar in the marinade because …
  • Eggcelsior said: Whiz, Nope, Just salt. Maybe the youtube video is different than when he did it in the Good Eats episode "Raisin' the Steaks."  Yep, that's different than what he did all those years ago.  Here's the link: Raising T…
  • Have you checked out Elder Ward's tome on pulled pork?  Elder Ward Pulled Port
  • If it is a boneless leg, I like to stuff it with sauteed spinach, toasted pine nuts and dried tomato feta cheese.  Tie it up, coat with Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin and then roast at 350 with apple wood until 140 internal.
  • Cookinbob said: Alton Brown does this with skirt steak on YouTube. Looks awesome, is on my list. Brown recommends a little salt, more pepper, meat at room temp. 45 sec a side, then 15 minutes in foil if my memory is intact after 3 IPA's Ed…
  • Don't need an Egg, just a Wal*mart: (Yes I know it is on pine straw.  Hose wasn't in the picture....)
  • NPHuskerFL said: Just curious but, when you say the SS tables you've looked at are way $$$ how much are we talking about here? Some of the really nice ones that I've seen at an Egg dealer were $1700. 
  • Don't know.  I had a wooden table for about 11 years and if anyone could set sh*t on fire, it's me, so I have to think if you build your table right and exercise caution, the risk is neglible. My 2 cents.  P.S. I managed to set off the CO detector…
  • cookingdude555 said: wow, I posted a link about komodo kamado and it got flagged for approval before it shows up.  weird BGE .... That happens on all sorts of posts.  I can't figure it out. Sometimes, I cut and paste the exact same text…
  • TexanOfTheNorth said: nolaegghead said: Eggs are designed to crack.  That's what they do. Actually, eggs (chicken that is) are quite remarkable structures. Take a fresh egg and put it in the palm of your hand. Then, keeping your…
  • Landry's Egg said: Here's another question, has anyone tried using Quinoa instead of rice for Paella? There are Quinoa recipes, but none that I've seen were cooked on the BGE. Wondering how it cooks in comparison to rice on the BGE?  Thanks …
  • badinfluence said: Just wondering why everyone is haters of the new xxl? I seem to remember the same thing when the xl came out and how many now have one. I don't think the price delta between a large and an XL was near the difference be…
  • I'm voting for Justin Timberlake.  Wait.  Make that Justin Rose.  (Is he even in it?)  My wife went to school with him in Sherborne, England.
  • I can confirm that the original Party Q does not have open lid detect. 
  • KenfromMI said: Ordered a Party Que and adapters for my BGE and my WSM today. Planning on using it occasionally and on overnight cooks only so I didn't get one of the expensive units. I also take my WSM to rustic camps etc with no electricity…
  • nick_banich said: I wouldn't not feed him - that can cause ulcers and him throwing up even more. Until a vet sees him, we won't know.  Scooby the Wonder Dog had pancreatitis and any food or water would increase the seriousness of it.  …
  • Zmokin said: Cuz I never have glowing embers like that in the bottom of my egg. I have burning embers in the bottom of my cookers all the time.  FWIW, it looks like a crack is already started at the bottom left of the vent opening.  
  • Take him to the vet.  He may have pancreatitis,  Pancreatitis can kill a dog.  Scooby the Wonder Dog just had a bout of this.  Vomiting and water poop for about half a day.  Then lethargy, wouldn't drink, wouldn't pee, wouldn't walk.  Two days in th…