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We hope you had a hoppy Easter and are ready to spring into warm weather cooking mode! There’s nothing better than spending time outdoors with the sweet aroma of fresh cooked Ribs. Baseball season is also underway, so it's the perfect time to try out some chicken wing variations! We have Jamaican Jerk, Lemon Pepper, Fired-Up Wings and even a Whiskey Onion and Chicken Steak if wings aren't your thing. Bon appetit!

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  • AZRP, Check the July-August Cooks Illustrated. The Cuban Pork Roast, which is a shoulder roast, is brined. They use a combination brine/marinade. I've tried this, and it does work.
    in Brine Comment by Standbell August 2006
  • StandBell, Hey, thanks for the tips. I might try a marinade this time. I'll cook one up, and see what happens. Also, this time, I might try , after about 4 hrs, to place them in a foil pan, with a bit of apple juice. Results later.
  • fishlessman, I've found that if I brine the pork in a simple salt/sugar/water solution for 2-3 days, the pork will stay moist and tender even when cooked to about 180F.
  • tim, I agree with your thoughts. I switched to a perforated metal Pizza pan, rather than the stone. I get good results, in the same time. I use a plate setter, legs down, and have a slightly raised grid that I put the pizza pan on.
  • benny, I served it with the MoJo sauce, corn on the cob, roasted on the Egg, and rice. It made a very nice meal,and a good departure from Carolina Pulled Pork, which I love.
  • Master Mason, I can not do it right now, but will. If you send me your e-mailaddress,,it would be much better.[p]John
  • Legally Blind Egghead, What ever method is used, if the Ribeye is of good quality, well marbled, and ~2" thick, you can not go wrong with either method. It';s great to have "choices".[p]Happy Fathers Day, John
  • EGGlomaniac, Like you, I also sear at very high temps, >800F,both sides, then close down the vents, and let them "roast" for about 4-8 min depending on thickness. I tried the T-Rex method several times, using the 20 min hold, while the egg coole…
  • Standbell, Thank you both for the suggestions. I'm planning to have this over the July 4th holiday. I'll post my results.[p] John
  • NutmEGGer, Yes I've brined beef,especially the eye of round. Nothing exotic, just a normal salt brine, with a few flavoring agents of your choice. Depending on the thickness, let it "brine" for about two days in the frigd. Then you might want to ma…
  • fishlessman, My box arrived yesterday. I was thinkling of doing some bone in chicked breasts. Question, do you presoak Guava before adding it to the fire?
    in guava wood Comment by Standbell May 2005
  • MollyShark, I'm having the same problem. Cooked too many rib eye's to count, then the other day, I did a 2" one with Dizzy Dust Cowlick. My usual timing is 4-4-4, @ 800F. It was way over done........first time this has ever happened. Gotta chck my …
  • The Hatchling, As to the steaks. My method has been for the last7 years to do the 1.5" to 2" thick steaks as follows. Get meat to room temp. use you favorite rub, seasoning. Get egg up to at least 700F or more. I like to get to near 1000F. With all…
  • eggvis, The only change I'd make, is to run a scerew from stem to tip of the tail. THis will aid in keeping them flat, and mkae a nice handle to turn them.
  • egret, Just did one this evening, complete with DP Cowlick. I gave the steak a bath in olive oil, then covered it witrh a fairly generous portion of the DP Cowlick. Covered the meat in plastic wrap, and let it set for about 3 hrs. at room temp. The…
  • Ben, I would appreciate it if you would let me know how you made out with the cleaning. My Egg is about 7 years old, seen constant use, and is now stating to not want to reach the T-Rex temps for a good steak. The fire box is cracked, which is not …
  • Diane, A good hot fire will clean it out. I run mine upto 600F.
  • Revolutionary BBQ Man, I also did Qbabes meat was very good. It didn't last very long.[p]Thanks, QBabe!!!
  • bobbyb, Thank you....will give it a go this weekend.
  • bobbyb, Looks great. Would you share the method, including the cook time. temps, etc.[p]Thanks, John
  • Mark from Utah,[p]I don't post alot here, only when I have some value to add. So as far as Rib-Eye goes, I do the following: clean out the egg, add fesh lump, plus what ever was left from the last cook. I get it up to 850-900F in about 30min....all …
  • RRP, Thanks......John
  • RRP, Where did you find the peel? I'd be interested in having one.
  • chuckls, BTW, slice it very thin....
  • chuckls, My advice. for what it's worth, is to cook it like a large steak. Sear at high temps, then roast with all vents closed for about 5-8 min, check internal temp. to the degree of doness you like. I like mine rare to med rare.
  • biglabmaggie, I agree to limit hot spots, let the fire stabilize. I cook a lot of 1.5"-2" rib eyes, sometimes as many as six at a time, on the BGE. At a stable fire, they all are done to what we like, which is Med.Rare. BTW , my desired temp, is ab…
  • Greendriver, A nice tasty treat is to use bone marrow for the olive oil. It makes a truly great rissotto.
  • Marty, Had my egg for 7 years, use it about 3X per week. Other than cleaning out the ashes,that's all I've done. It works great, for both low and slow, and high temp steak sear.
  • Tired Jim, I've cooked a few of these. They are not the most tender cut, so a few preperations will help. I brine mine for about 3 days, any brine you want, it's nothing special. Then marinade for 2 days in a mix. of soy, worschshier sauce, garlic…
  • Car Wash Mike, I may have missed it, but what are ABT's. They look geat, and I'd live to try them.[p]Thanks, John