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Spring Hen
It’s almost football season, so we’re perfecting our favorite tailgating and homegating recipes! Whether you like hamburgers, wings, brats, ribs or something cooked with beer, we have everything you’ll need for the perfect tailgate party. We always like inviting friends to join our tailgates because the EGG is about community and having fun, so make sure if you’re inviting company you make extra - the food will be gone before you know it! Don't forget dessert, either!

Big Green Egg headquarters has moved - come visit our new showroom and check out the museum and culinary center too! 3786 DeKalb Technology Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340

Spring Chicken

Check this out for Mini ideas. Spring "Mini Makes Good" Chicken Spring Texas USA


Spring Chicken
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  • Oh...! It's TODAY when you arrive!!!  We stood around in the waiting room at the Salado Airport (actually Mickey's house near the bar) waiting for your plane (or car  or scateboard) to arrive.  After the second  round on the house we forgot why we w…
  • My Sweetie and I started Egg'n in 1999.  Our first Eggfest was the very first Texas Eggfest in 2003.  It was just one of only three that we knew of at the time: Eggtoberfest in Atlanta, Waldorf in Maryland, and the Florida Eggfest in Ocala.  I later…
  • Saturday... Sunday you would be too late.Spring "On Time Every Time" ChickenSpring Texas USA
  • The Day was Made Special For Us...Spring "Fest Scribe" ChickenSpring "Soon To Be Salado" Texas USA
  • Hey... That's my Sweetie!!!  If it's her, then it must have been me who took the photo!  Some things might get by me, but not this time.Spring "It Takes A While" ChickenSpring Texas USA
  • Nice...Spring "The Wee Bit O' Irish In Me Likes" ChickenSpring Texas USA
  • Enthusiasm seems to be picking up.  That's all it takes to have a really good Eggfest.   Well, along with some Egg'd food and drink, of course.  Throw in a few 'always happy people' and good weather, and it becomes a really great Eggfest.  We're goi…
    in Salado Comment by Spring Chicken March 9
  • I was ready to order one but I was curious about the Bluetooth - would it work with my old first generation ipad and iphone.  I wrote to them and asked. Nope!  I've been looking for something I can use the old devices for other than photos and music…
  • Not really.  But this should give you an idea of how it works.Ace Hardware, the Host Dealer, employees will be there early to get Eggs and tables in place.  By 'early' I mean daybreak or before.  Shortly after that, about the time Dawn makes a littl…
  • I've put together a 200,000 word blog site with photos, videos and links to important information for those who want to know.  Here's the link:'re welcome.Spring "Fest Scribe" ChickenSpring Texas USA
  • It's a well kept secret.Spring "Fest Scribe And Keeper Of The Secrets" ChickenSpring Texas USA
  • JAC... It depends if you are an Ace Hardware employee, or a Cook, or a Taster.  The Ace people will be up and at'em at dawn or before.  The Cooks stagger in  just a couple of seconds later to get their gear unloaded, tables set up, the Eggs lit and …
  • NPHuskerFL... See my reply to the post just above this one.  Yes, I started with the dough hook and removed the dough to the bread board where I hand-kneaded it for about 5 minutes.  You can actually feel when to stop the kneading.  Then I shapped i…
  • Chubbs... Both.  Finished up by hand for about 5 minutes.Spring "Mixed Up And Kneaded Muchly" Chicken
  • Henapple... I took a recipe from Land O Lakes butter,, and modified it somewhat in order to gitterdone in two hours.  It wasn't hard because the dough rose well, and kneaded well, so I decide…
  • Whatever the weather will be, will be, Que Sera, SeraWe'll have fun.  Always have. Always will. Hanno sempre. Sempre. Lucky McWigglesaka Spring "Fest Scribe" ChickenSpring Texas USA
  • This is pretty  cool.  I've already discovered a few McWiggles cousins I didn't know I had.Spring "We McWiggles Go Way Back" Chicken
  • Check it as a member of the family and hope the ticket agent is an Egghead.Spring "Rules Are Meant To Be Exceptionized" Chicken
  • I'm telling folks who register to make sure they have room in their car to take the other Mini-Max home.  I think some are leaving their first born at home to make room for their winnings.At the moment everyone with a ticket has a 1 in 113 chance of…
  • Depending on your space and budget, I would get two Large Eggs and a Mini Egg.  The Mini is great for simple, 2-person meals.  It doesn't take up much space and requires few accessories.  Two Large Eggs gives you a considerable amount of flexibility…
  • It's been years since we ate there, but it was good then.  Maybe even better now.  Rice is a top notch university.  It would be a good choice.Spring "Not Many BBQ Joints Since The Egg" ChickenSpring Texas USA
  • I've got one. Use it all the time.Spring "Got Grid Will Travel" ChickenSpring Texas USA
  • Looks kinda shifty to me.Spring "Sizing Up The Shifty Competition" ChickenSpring Texas USA
  • Hummmmm!!!  I know what "sweet" means but I wanted to make sure I knew what "savory" means, so I looked it up.According to Webster:savory adjective sa·vory \ˈsā-və-rē, ˈsāv-rē\: havin…
  • That question comes up a lot from Newbe's, myself included.  But the Egg isn't designed or meant to be used that way.  If it worked, everybody would be doing it.  I seriously doubt that any are.  But if you feel like trying it, be sure to take pictu…
  • The trees are turning green here in Spring Texas USA.  But you might wonder where in the heck can trees be turning green in mid-February if I didn't add that little bit of information at the end saying it's in Spring Texas USA..To heighten the inten…
  • I've been doing it for years with no ill effects.  Spring "I Know Who I Am And Where I Live But No One Else Does Unless I Tell 'em" ChickenSpring Texas USA
  • I'm still looking for that garage sale with the dusty old $25 Egg that was never used.Spring "I'll Give You My Last $14 For It" ChickenSpring Texas USA
  • UrbanForestTurnings - I buff my own head, thank you...But I am open to a facial, which might include the head.  Spring "Face Up To It" Chicken
  • Carolina Q... Not a dress, it's my Moo Moo.  I prefer that term over Sleep Shirt.  It's sufficient for my back yard, day or night.As for Olympic Decathlon's, I think I did participate in one in an earlier life, but certainly not this one.I'll be in …