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We hope everyone’s enjoying the first few days of summer. For us, the weather heating up means one thing - the EGG’s gonna be busy! Whether you’re making stuffed burgers for a backyard grill out, some brats before a baseball game or searing a steak for dinner on the patio, we hope you’re doing it with full flavor and having fun all the while!

Big Green Egg headquarters has moved - come visit our new showroom and check out the museum and culinary center too! 3786 DeKalb Technology Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340



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  • Oh I always have a reserve handy...
  • Thatgrimguy said: No idea why someone would have a problem with bubba burgers. Look at the ingredients. There is nothing in them but beef. They are fatty. But great (compared to any other frozen patty I have ever had) To each his own. I re…
  • I assume you mean the Bubba Burger - right? Personally I egged one and threw it out along with the rest of the frozen pucks! It seems like of the responders it boiled down to those who were fed. them as children liked them and those later in life to…
  • Hawg Fan said: Legume said: I would imagine OO quality had a lot to do with the raw material as well as how they ran the plant.  I'm not sure there is any reason to believe they would keep the same pure source of raw material, so whate…
  • Eggingaround said: So Hasty Bake is basically RO or is there a difference in the lump?  I stand corrected! See above and below - but if RO bought OO which previously also made HB then technically if RO continues to make HB then it really …
  • jimithing said: Well that's interesting.  I was just reading the Naked Whiz website and it says Hasty Bake is made by Ozark Oak.  Does your bag say on it where it was made?  There's a Spec's on the way home, I may have to stop and get a bag t…
  • Angus1978 said: @caliking  I thought that as well.  I'm sure @RRP  can remind us CORRECTION!!!!I'm not the source, but as I recall it appears RO which  bought the OO company which also made HB. It still isn't clear what will shake…
  • Check it through! Why risk getting a newbie wanting to be a hot shot manual reader! I just don't get questioning the risk! I mean you might get thru the next person won't.
  • In my reply to inquiries I state: It is not necessary to remove the dome itself but some people find it easier if removed. Suit yourself! If you didn't have an overbite or underbite before then why bother messing with the bands? If you did already h…
  • Though rain, snow, and sun won't bother my ceramic eggs I know that they will affect the wooden table I made for them so I cover mine. That might be the reason it has lasted all these years and still looks good.
    in Uncovered egg Comment by RRP June 30
  • Lit said: Totally crazy but you know what works great? The DFMT that comes with the egg. LOL - I wonder why you would say that! If you agree to pay the postage to ship my Large and Small cast iron POS DFMT I will gladly send them to you!!!…
  • 4Runner said: I have both.  They both work well.  The newer is more shiny but I'm thinking that will fade with time.   Maybe, but it seems like the manufacturing process of the dome is different. I believe my first was probably formed hot…
  • DeltaNu1142 said: P.S. - thanks for the help with the Rutland gasket today. My pleasure! BTW PP has notified me and I thank you!
  • My go to smoke for meatloaf is cherry - hands down!
  • DoubleEgger said: RRP said: I haven't used my new one yet, but here's a shot of what they look like. The cap in the forefront looks bigger than it is due to the camera shot. Hey Ron, is the fit between the top and bottom sections …
  • I haven't used my new one yet, but here's a shot of what they look like. The cap in the forefront looks bigger than it is due to the camera shot.
  • Like others said I never sign out of any forums I am on. Is there some reason to jump in and then off?
  • It will be a flank steak served along with a special sauce I make on mashed potatoes and mushrooms. It's been a 4th of July tradition for many many years!
  • BYS1981 said: People still use lay away, I had a friend who used it several years ago while I was in the military. I remember being surprised it was around still. As I recall either last Christmas season or maybe it was 2013 that Wally Wor…
  • I've been a fan for 350 turbo butts for some time now and don't recall the traditional stall happening. Maybe a mere bump in the road but otherwise constantly increasing temperatures. I wonder if the higher temperature just masks or even spreads tha…
    in Weird Butt Comment by RRP June 29
  • Glad yours worked! Tonight for the first and LAST time I egged a rack of HORMEL spares! I tried 3 of them and then threw the rest in the trash! I egged them the same way I always do other brands, same temp, same rub, same time - though I am careful …
  • snoqualmiesmoker said: Cool Thanks! Suit yourself, but once you do decide to revert to the gasket supplied by SmokeWare I suggest putting it inside the male piece of the SmokeWare rather than on the BGE dome. That way when I do a high temp…
  • rosco said: While we are on the subject, I never clipped the probe to the grate. I clip mine to the inside dome thermometer. Since this community has engineered bbq to a science, where is the most widely accepted probe clip location? I h…
    in BBQ Guru Trouble Comment by RRP June 28
  • Good looking chunks-o-cow! Yes you did get carried away with the trimming. That dark part you threw away turns buttery and extremely tasty when seared while still on the steak - oh well there is always next time.
  • My simple, cheap second tier. Note the clever design that it comes apart for easy storage!
  • Go AR if you don't might spending the coins, but go cheap like me and use 2 or 3 fire brick standing on edge and then top them with a cheap $4 auxiliary grate.
  • Legume said: I can't imagine the store is backing that Ron, has to be a bank underwriting, looking for new loan customers.  Mattress places do the same thing and the loan is through a bank. On the second full page of their egg which has …
  • Funny thing about this store is the staff is really hoity-toity and  too good to wait on you unless you look like Mr & Mrs GotRocks! I just imagine today was a hoot when some folks went in looking for the $15 a month gas grill! 
  • luckyboy said: If y'all deside to split off please let me know so I can go also.I've only been here roughly 4 months but I used to it and almost recognize everybody's name.I've yet to see the spam being talked about. Thanks I forgot to mentio…
  • Scottborasjr said: That just sounds bad for the consumer and the business at the same time. First time they've done something like this? Best of my knowledge and I bet it will be the last! BTW the cheapest offering is a gasser for $15 a mo…