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Who’s ready for September? We’re ready as ever for football season! Check out our tailgating page for recipes that are great to bring to a tailgate, or cook at home if you’re entertaining friends during a game. Either way they’re sure to become a fan favorite! We couldn’t forget about Labor Day...we have recipes and cook out ideas to celebrate the long weekend no matter what you’re doing. And lastly, be sure to cook up a batch (or five) of bacon for National Bacon Day! We can’t wait to fall into cooler weather with you!

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  • Ozzie_Isaac said: @RRP thanks my friend.  I am really liking them.  My local liquor store is sold out for 4 weeks.  I am very glad you gave me the chance to try them! You're welcome! Since I didn't look in the bags until I got home then pl…
  • hmmmm, looks like me and $100 may soon be parted!
  • Can't believe no one else has mentioned This Old House, or Norm's New Yankee Workshop! I always told people don't bother calling me or ringing my doorbell as I would not answer either while those shows were on! LOL
  • Zmokin said: northGAcock said: i'll be glad to share the recipe. Would love to have it. My inquary regarding the beef was curisoty around the effect of the fat content to the mesh basket? Was thinking less fat might translate in…
  • @Butchz - hey, bud - you did well for the first try! I had not caught until now that you are in Festus. For many years when traveling from Peoria, IL down to my wife's grandmother's in the tiny burg of Oran, Mo below Cape G, we would beat feet aroun…
  • yes that method will work, but actually you can do the same thing in your egg itself plus you can achieve higher temperatures in your egg than in your oven. Here's a suggestion for the future. Cover your PS with HD foil when you are egging greasy, s…
  • Well, somebody must be liking it around here. When I bought mine the display at Kroger was 10 feet wide, 6 feet tall and 4 six packs deep. I was just there this morning and the wall is more than half gone! 
  • Fred19Flintstone said: @RRP - Hey Ron, I know you have your felt on the cap & not on the dome.  How does it react with oven cleaner?  I have mine on the dome, but I wish I had it on the cap until I thought about cleaning.  I'm thinking ab…
  • marysvilleegger said: Ck your  dome therm.  Maybe it needs calibration and the egg is actually at 0..... I agree! If the thermometer was left in during the clean burn there's a chance it wrapped and warped!
  • Ozzie_Isaac said: I like the cap looks on the MM. The gasket is a great idea and gives a nice clean look.  Kinda wish the silicon was available as an alternative to the felt on the larger eggs. Why not just shoot a bead of silicone around…
  • Focker said: @yolksonyou, I hear ya, only use it on the small for low and slows.  For a few bucks, place the cap on the egg when the rain comes. Not trying to be a Richard, giving honest input.   Really disappointed in Matt for not coming u…
  • yo...@northGAcock - my version as promised... Not the “Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf”, but better! This recipe was gleaned from one made at a Texas Eggfest in 2004. Somebody named Bob submitted it to the forerunner to the Greeneggers Forum. I have…
  • THAT is GREAT news!!! I knew something was going on in the "skunkworks" to adapt a Smokeware® to a M/M.  So you are saying the 2nd prototype nailed it, huh? I am very glad for Matt! 
  • northGAcock said: Thanks @RRP .....appreciate the help. You use ground chuck or something leaner for your meatloaf? I have a favorite recipe and it uses a pound of 80/20 ground chuck plus a half pound of ground pork, plus an egg, …
  • northGAcock said: SmokingPiney said: @northGAcock  They're Brinkmann.  Thanks...ordered Here's some cleaning hints for the use of that basket. First spray the bottom with PAM before adding the raw loaf. Then after th…
  • texaswig said: It's just like root beer.  Sorry you don't live closer so I could give you my remaining 5 bottles of that as I'm sure not going to drink those. Guess I'm spoiled as I love IBC Root Beer and when I want to drink beer I want b…
  • I love my Emile Henry! I also preheat and then place my pizza on it.
  • Boring? Never! This is our favorite comfort food meat loaf in our wire basket which takes on cherry wood smoke 360º. 
  • NPHuskerFL said: Here's my only question. Does the pictured cooler still hold temp or otherwise function normal? sniff sniff sniff -  do I smell an offer to buy in the making?
  • another vote for carbon steel!
  • An addendum... The top four ideograms (characters in a block) appears to indicate this is an American Imperial Kamado that was some sort of memorial edition. Below the "stamp" mark, the characters read Asian "mushi kamado"
  • I asked a dear friend who happens to be a Japanese interpertor for help deciphering that writing on the dome. Here was her reply. I asked some Japanese to take a look at that mark, and they told me that the characters seemed to indicate perhaps an …
  • One thing for sure is remember their warning of: Do NOT place in freezer! 
  • @northGAcock - LOL - no problem! I am a bleu cheese dressing fan so I'll keep that in mind some time! Maybe the added kicker will knock my socks off!
  • northGAcock said: RRP said:  They marinated for 56 hours which means the meat is tasty clear to the bone and then a light dusting of DP Swamp Venom gives a topical kicker at first bite! RRP....are you a Bleu Cheese dressing kind of…
  • blakeas said: RRP - I have my wings marinating right now!  Question though - My wife like the skin crispy.  Whats the correct way of doing your wings with making them crispy? I've never tried to make these GRW crispy, and I kinda doubt the…
  • Send me a PM with your mailing address and I'll contribute the Rutland gasket toward the rebuild! After all that's the least I can do for the Chicken Gallow! 
  • No, not late to the party, but I have often shared my garbage can lid for the same purpose to keep Momma happy!
  • Did it simply fall apart at the bone or was there no bone meaning it had already been removed? If the latter then yes it was either poorly glued back OR it had merely stuck together due to compression and then mere heat separated it.
  • Dredger said: We're Vidalia onion fans for burgers. Everything else gets white onions. Raw then yes Vidalia over white on burgers, but like I said when topping with grilled onions it's whites for me as grilled Vidalias just disappear in t…
    in Onions Comment by RRP August 23