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  • All kidding aside - THOSE were the best rolls I have ever served! Granted they were Rhodes brand, but it seems like every year I wish I would have thought about this - or done that differently - or whatever. I think I have my hints written down now!…
  • Welcome aboard! Foil on your plate setter is your friend! Too bad you had not been told. As for your egg itself I hope you know that pristine white interior is history! The interior will get solid black, brown and shiney the longer you use it. Event…
    in Cleaning the egg? Comment by RRP 2:16AM
  • Actually I thought this thread would have gotten more air under its wings! This was a hot topic for a while if you want to do a search since the archives were brought over here to this corporate forum.
    in Moroccan Tangine Comment by RRP 2:11AM
  • Davec433 said: @RRP SWIMBO and I get in the same arguments all the time. Funny I didn't freak out when she traded in the Dyson and a thousand dollars for some garbage Kirby. Obviously you didn't read the thread I started last night. T…
  • YETI but instead I used my ACE coupon to receive a $15 discount toward a $33 furnace filter!!! Boring -  I know, but 15 bucks is 15 bucks! 
  • Mine? I started a firestorm over buying a Kick Ash Basket...with my OWN money at that!!!
  • RRP said: North_Is_Up said: How do you get free shipping on Black Friday? This thread makes me want one.   Guess we'll wait and see! Just heard from them and they agreed to refund my shipping so it appears the free shipping for tod…
  • Here's a dated link to a blog by Tony who is an egger.
  • North_Is_Up said: How do you get free shipping on Black Friday? This thread makes me want one.  Not sure either, but after reading that last night I wrote the company asking them to honor the free shipping or just cancel my order and I wou…
  • Ozzie_Isaac said: The Yeti's are on sale in-store.  The coupon is on regular priced items. The sale prices are pretty good, so if your around its worth stopping to checkout. Let me know as I will go to the Peoria Neana ACE, otherwise that…
  • Yup...either way. OTOH the rub on a fat cap is a waste so I trim my butts back that way making my former fat cap area the future tasty bark. 
  • SGH said: Ron I took a picture of my a$$ with intentions of mooning you back. However my wife is threatening to kill me if I post it. You get a free pass this time my friend Happy Thanksgiving brother. I figured after being on that boat f…
  • JohnInCarolina said: It takes me all of two minutes to clean out my large or my MM with the ash tool.   One ash tool, two Eggs.  Game over, man.  Game.  Over. I'm happy for you. BTW I paid for both baskets using my credit card - not yours …
  • Direct or Indirect? Sounds like your dome thermometer needs to be calibrated for SURE!!! Where in IL? Though I assume it must be southern near St Louis - right?
  • Wife and I enjoy a glass of white zin before heading to her sister's home. Her sis is a proud "graduate" of AA.
  • northGAcock said: DoubleEgger said: ain't right.......perhaps enjoying the day with the clampets? Happy Thanksgiving man Fresh is better than canned...
  • danv23 said:  but this way I don't lose the dam clip. Can't tell you how many of those clips I have thrown in the trash! Why are you afraid of losing it? Gravity keeps the thermometer in place and the clip just hinders removing it for cali…
  • Just did! SmokeWare 3" dial and 3.25" stem.
  • Thank GOD the one that we had for 14 years is HISTORY! It was making a 650 mile round trip to my wife's grand parents down in the boot heel of MO. Back then I was in banking and Friday after TGD was traditionally the busiest day of the year. Even th…
  • eggsurance_agent said: @RRP sorry about that! That's a beautiful pic. I dread seeing snow like that. LOL - I hear you! Before that "wasting disease" hit our area I used to feed - NOT BAIT - deer in our side yard. It seems like even generat…
  • Looks tasty! I thought you meant on the hoof like on our side yard, not on the plate!
  • eggsurance_agent said: Never had the stuff, what is it like? Sweet, but not sickening sweet and crunchy when on popcorn and ice cream!
  • Never heard of the product, but I found this on their site: Q: After Heat Stop brand products are installed, how long should I wait before applying heat? A: With regard to firebrick, clay flue lining or any of the Heat Stop refractory mortar or cast…
  • My favorite side goes clear back to my childhood. It was my Father's favorite as well and I'm 71 now. We still make it every ThanksGiving! Mom just called it scalloped oysters. Ingredients obviously are oysters, sliced sautéed mushrooms, some diced …
  • itsmce said: Thanks for the additional tip. I had wondered about how wind would play into this. We get plenty of it here in KS! I know you do and that's why I suggested the bending. BTW I would measure and mark each leg before doing the be…
  • I'm surprised that since that sale started today that nobody here tried to buy one to see if the coupon discount applied! I will but not until Friday. 
  • itsmce said: Thanks, team!  I'm set. Bring on the rain.  Good - but if I were you I would bend those 3 legs inward so that would lower the cover at least half. If you get any wind then rain will blow in under that new cap or even lift it o…
  • SGH said: Brother we love them. I prefer them soaked in buttermilk for about 12 hours and then dusted and deep fried. Serve with collard greens and sweet potatoes and you have a true southern staple my friend.  always made me wonder - fin…
  • Never even tasted a gizzard until I was 68. On a lark I bought a dozen from a local chicken specialty restaurant which supposedly had the best gizzards in town. Took one bite chewed it around, spit it out and gave the other 11 to my b-i-l.