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Who’s ready for football and tailgating? We are! Check out our tailgating page for recipes that are great to bring to a tailgate, or cook at home if you’re entertaining friends during a game. If you need an easy breakfast recipe, these Sticky Buns are the way to go. If you’re looking for a fan favorite with bacon, try these Double Pork Sliders. We can’t wait to kick off another fall full of tasty food!

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  • Hairless_Hand said: @RRP let's see this recipe for a terrific dessert using canned pumpkin. I love pumpkins! THANKSGIVING PUMPKIN DESSERT Ever since I first tasted this 6 years ago I have never reverted to baking a pumpkin pie for Thanks…
  • saluki2007 said: I live in Morton and let me tell you what, it smells awful in the town right now.  You have no idea what kind of smells rotten pumpkin and pumpkin sewage will do to a person.  Imagine the smells of the NYC subway if it were i…
  • Ozzie_Isaac said: I've been unimpressed with the flavor intensity this year.  All the pumpkin pies I have had have been bland.  using cheap bourbon maybe? LOL!!!
  • NPHuskerFL said: Thanks again everybody!  Update....woke up at 2AM to take my antibiotic pill and the pain and swelling are back! SMH!!! Drove straight to my Primary Care Physician at 7AM. To be fair the Minute Clinic can only do so much and …
    in Sunday Pizzas Comment by RRP 12:59AM
  • Focker said: Know anyone with a chopper? That's what Jonathon does when he's not overseeing his Rockwood lump production! 
    in OT: wild boar Comment by RRP 12:32AM
  • DIAD said: Update:  I did not get to this today.  2 different hardware stores where I live did not have the rust/paint stripper wheel or A pumice stone.  They did have the wire brush but the directions advised against that.  I'll pick one up …
  • feef706 said: Does it make a difference which side of the gasket goes up? Just received mine the other day, it has a slight cup in the center, but didn't see anything in the directions on that aspect Cup side down. OK?
  • Mickey said: This is a first. Opened one of the Larges (older one w/o felt) and found multi color mold.  Now full box full of lump and full out burn.  sorry, but that's what happens when you stay away so long! Your eggs get unruly and th…
  • Jeepster47 said: @scmoose ... go to Menard's (or a similar big box store) and ask for fire bricks ... they're not where you expect them in the store.  Failing that, check out Ace Hardware for "Rutland Replacement Fire Brick" with free in stor…
    in Heat Deflector Comment by RRP October 7
  • That seems a bit expensive. I use the blue Simply Right® brand nitrile exam gloves from SAMS. They come double boxed with 200 per box. I recall we only pay like $13 for those 400 gloves. I've never had one break on me and I use them for food, painti…
  • Guess you forgot what all was in my original reply to you including the links to pictures, but here it is again... Are you familiar with the application process whereby you compress or "bunch" the gasket back into itself thus making it both thicker…
  • Ozzie_Isaac said: Just 4chan, no redditt for me. don't have a clue what you just said, but I bet you don't know who Charlie Chan was either! 
  • This thread is either sinking like a rock, or maybe it is not a common destination for the general group here! Just the same I have now read more threads there and I do see some posters whose names I recognize. I also see the format and dialogue is …
  • scmoose said: This is what Ive got so far.  I think I will use a thinner brick on the sides to improve air flow though.  Yes - firebrick will work easier for you as the ones I use, pictured above, are 9 x 4.5 x 1.25. I bought 6 for $10 15 …
    in Heat Deflector Comment by RRP October 7
  • fishlessman said: ive done that many times, problem is that now you have a pan to clean. do this with fire bricks and you have a raised grid for direct cooking, lay some flat between those bricks and you have an indirect setup. theres alot of…
    in Heat Deflector Comment by RRP October 6
  • OK...I'll see your apple roses bet and raise you these bacon roses!
    in apple roses Comment by RRP October 6
  • Jeepster47 said: I've seen about six of them over the last thirteen years. Started using the Jeepster handle in 2002, so started paying attention to them then.  A friend of mine, that I met about six years ago, had one of the six-cylinder Jee…
    in Hey Jeepster Comment by RRP October 6
  • scmoose said: No it wouldnt.  Thanks. Not being a smarty *ss here, but even BGE hasn't figured a good way to ship a PS via mail or whatever without breakage. You need an agreement with the seller as for who owes what to whom and what kind …
  • Given you don't need the rain protection then the biggest advantage is going to be just cosemetic. The stainless steel, mushroom shaped cap of the SmokeWare looks so much cooler than a rusty Daisy! 
  • byrne092 said: Yep! And if I remember correctly if you do open and don't go through all 3, you can refrigerate for a period of time. Have you had a chance to try them out yet @RRP ? One thing to note, I did not go by the recommended cooking t…
  • BigGreenBamaGriller said: -deleted-  Don't go away mad 
  • I am not carrying their water for them. I just know for a fact that BGE is very strict and keep attorneys on retainer to enforce this: All images and materials are protected by © copyright and all rights are reserved in any medium and any form of r…
    in BGE Decals Comment by RRP October 5
  • DaveRichardson said: I'm in.  Currently have the oval BGE sticker on my car window, but I like the one that Ron @RRP has! I like it too and I have one on each rear window. Unbeknownst to me that is actually one of the copyrighted designs o…
    in BGE Decals Comment by RRP October 5
  • slovelad said: Well ... I had no idea that people on the forum were so concerned with making a few bucks against a billion dollar company...  Regardless ... I will make a couple samples... Whoa, Jack...if you directed that comment toward …
    in BGE Decals Comment by RRP October 5
  • SoCalTim said: Count me in. I'll take my chances with the Big Green Police coming after me. You make some money with it they will set up a come to Jesus meeting with you! You can ask Matt at SmokeWare who used to call his product EggWare i…
    in BGE Decals Comment by RRP October 5
  • Just be aware that if you are using any of the multiple current BGE designs you will need to get written permission from them. Here's mine I bought from a bootlegger and I proudly display on behalf of BGE but not with their permission! 
    in BGE Decals Comment by RRP October 5
  • RRP said: The only exception I take to that recipe is I can't put a 11 pound ham on my grill with the PS legs up cause the dome thermometer will impale the ham or get bent doing so. Instead I use my foil wrapped PS plus 3 foil wrapp…
  • Durangler said: @RRP ... Use a NONspiral sliced ham.... correct? That's correct though some people have tried to inject a spiral cut only to have it run out and then wonder why!  OTOH I have read where guys will painstakingly try to squir…
  • RRP said: Botch said: Okay, dumb question: I've not heard of an "Egret" ham, I checked for it in Amazon's Grocery section and got two necklaces and a tennis shoe.  Then looking at Ron's original post, I see a different brand name. So, …