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It’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy the aromas of fresh smoked meat as we sail towards summer. Not sure what to smoke? Try Down & Dizzy Pork Shoulder or Smoked Spanish Chicken. Now that Spring is in the air, it's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here


Retired dude from Illinois. Been egging since 2000 with 4 eggs...L,M,S & Mini. Also been teaching BGE cooking classes since 2006.


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  • and here all this time, Brandon, I just assumed you took your CI garage sale finds into work with you and had a fellow employee "look" at them for cracks using the in-house x-ray machine! Little do I know...LOL
  • Wolfpack said: That is really awesome- love family stuff. Not to be Debbie downer but does putting a family heirloom on the egg hurt it in anyway? Sorry but just want to make sure it is okay to pass to the next generation. That is an awesome…
  • ericp said: Looks lile new style to me +1 - the original ones were not that tall and in fact the large BGE had more grate to dome height than the original XL which is why they were redesigned.
  • Focker said: Yea, we got a while. lolSeems like the first 6 have flown by. I sure hope to meet the future mayor of Moline in June! 
  • flynnbob said: Thanks, @RRP I have a major bone with a lot of meat left after the Easter Ham Attempt (#4)  which, by the way, was fantastic!  I am going to cook up your recipe minus the last 2 ingredients for some friends - Don't want to over…
    in Leftover ham!! Comment by RRP 1:05AM
  • According to this Food Saver link they say 2 to 3 years, but personally I know I have gone freezer diving myself and found and eaten beef older that that. I believe once frozen then there isn't deteriation unless there is a problem with the frost f…
  • Focker said:  It will likely be a gift to my son when he gets his own place.     LOL - his own place??? He's only 6 isn't he?
  • Thanks - All my egg handles are from the LawnRanger. Back then he was only using "found wood" so every handle was different and unique. I believe he got burnt out making them and has taken a break, though now he is making custom spoons! BTW Mike got…
  • As for making a new handle fit in a bale type band - here is the metal piece I bent and then bolted to the protruding tabs in my mini egg that had the bale style handle.
  • Since it is a scissor type band that really does date it. My medium is 13 years old but even by then they had ditched the scissor and gone to a locking lever band. If it were me  the first time that scissor failed I'd pop for a spring assisted curre…
  • Here's kind of an opposite picture...did the guy buy/build his table and then lose interest?
  • This may sound hard to believe but my 22 year old CutCo shears which actually came as a "freebie" are still remarkably sharp and handle any meat and bones that I have ever tried to cut. I admit I am not familiar with other brands so maybe this will …
  • I only do that kind of extensive cleaning say once a year, however I have always scraped out the fallen ash before every cook. It's a routine I have just like I always top off my lump to the same level before every use regardless of what I'm going t…
  • One time I carefully removed my firebox so I could see how the ash build up occurred by the time it blocked the holes and here is what I saw. All that happens is there is no diversion of the incoming air from the vent - it all has to feed the fire f…
  • Honestly I wouldn't even bother. I know a guy who purposefully plugged all those holes and he claims he has better control of his fire since all the incoming air is only through the bottom vent and nothing sneaking in through those holes! I believe …
  • Jaime_Doug said: Bottom sleeve stays on, nice tight fit with included gasket. Top lifts right off - easy. I think you have even more potential open sq inches wide open than the standard daisy wheel I agree! Only thing to remember is to…
  • Mattman3969 said: All these hams look great and makes me wish I cooked one too. Not too late - all our grocery store ads have them now after Easter at great sale prices. Wish I had some room in my already packed freezer. After all these…
    in Easter Ham Comment by RRP April 21
  • Good! I knew Matt would take care of you!
  • Sure do! This is my bodacious recipe for a very hearty thick ham and bean soup that I have perfected over the years. Trust me this isn't your Mother's recipe so don't turn up your nose without reading it through! RRP’s Ham & Bean Soup 1# navy …
    in Leftover ham!! Comment by RRP April 20
  • Looks good!!! Here's mine today that knocked our socks off! I just kept it simple other than injecting with dark maple syrup and smoking it heavy with home grown hickory chunks. I swear this was a DOUBLE WOWSER ham!
    in Easter Ham Comment by RRP April 20
  • sure you can, but I wonder why yours got fried? Did you attach it to the dome or the inside of the cap like I suggested? That will be a shame to buy a whole Nomex just to get 16" of gasket - why not appeal to SmokeWear?
  • To each his own, but I have never gone to the trouble of making a standing grate like that mainly because of storage. Two or three fire brick standing on edge with an auxiliary grate on top is so easy, quick and knocks down for storage.
  • It will be a very tight fit. Even I the Rutland Guy uses the gasket that came with my cap!
  • NPHuskerFL said: @RRP‌...Ron that's an awesome idea MacGyver ish if you will. I can't wait to see the finished product. Happy Easter :-) LOL - sorry but you're 5 years too late to see the results of that one! That was a post I made in 20…
  • I don't and besides that I always trim the outer layer of fat to remove that "rind portion" - otherwise the bourbon paste just slides right off the ham into the drip pan! Like why bother at all!
  • Here's a "cleaner-outer" I made for my small with a piece of brass pop-riveted to a piece of strap metal. Works great for me!
  • Jim, Personally I would have trouble getting too excited about 1/4" underbite on an XL! Before you fret too much more take a steel tape measure and measure your dome outer diameter from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock and then from 9 o'clock to 3 and record…
  • I marinate my wings for a long period of time and I find a 4 hour brine in coarse kosher salt removes the natural chicken grease in the skin so that once rinsed off well then the marinade is absorbed more thoroughly clear to the bone!
    in Brining wings? Comment by RRP April 19
  • Cory, Are you open to another suggestion? Since your prime rib is such a large piece it will be difficult to get the center cooked without having the ends and outermost parts well done if not charred. What I prefer to do is hot tub the whole thing …
    in prime rib Comment by RRP April 19
  • In May will be my first year anniversary with my cap - I have never even once reverted to that cast iron nor the ceramic cap - no need to whatsoever!