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Who’s ready for September? We’re ready as ever for football season! Check out our tailgating page for recipes that are great to bring to a tailgate, or cook at home if you’re entertaining friends during a game. Either way they’re sure to become a fan favorite! We couldn’t forget about Labor Day...we have recipes and cook out ideas to celebrate the long weekend no matter what you’re doing. And lastly, be sure to cook up a batch (or five) of bacon for National Bacon Day! We can’t wait to fall into cooler weather with you!

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  • Darby_Crenshaw said: (if you dunno who stumpbaby is, you missed some good times.) see here, where his name shows as "unknown" Last time I chatted with Paul his condition had finally robbed him of his livelihood and he was on permanent d…
    in Used Egg Prices? Comment by RRP 10:58PM
  • Sure I do, but are you really asking about buying half or a quarter of a cow or pig? For that that I buy in bulk I divide and vacuum down in Food Saver bags.
  • Beautiful! Enjoy your aging effort!
  • I have kept Wild Boar sauce as my go to sauce for 15 years now! Typically I will make 3 batches a year. I have tweaked the heat ingredients to our liking.
  • As a professional painter told me once is with varnish it will last for years to come, but if you ever gouge through the surface you need to apply varnish to it immediately before it gets wet as water will ruin the bond around the gouge, ruining the…
  • SmokeyPitt said: I have a pretty basic food saver that is a couple of years old and no real problems.  It came with the marinating canisters and I never use that.  I just use a bag and it the "stop/seal" button when the liquid is approac…
  • GreatNorthEgger said:  I'm want to do a butt but I tend to dry them out.  Sounds like you might want to check the calibration of your dome thermometer before proceeding, but I too would suggest a nice pork butt to knock their socks off! Ru…
  • Brandon - email just sent to your gmail - hope that was the right one as I have 3 in my system. Ron
    in Jumbo Joe Mods Comment by RRP August 31
  • tonyled said: get your bags here:  no affiliation but great quality bags at dirt cheap prices i "think" the difference in the $60 and the $160 one at costco is the latter handles liquids better.…
  • Ozzie_Isaac said: saluki2007 said: Ozzie_Isaac said: He is in Washington Il? Yes. Very cool. I will keep my eye out for it. As clean and perfect as that is I bet it is probably a trailer queen or at least not a daily dr…
  • 78 T140E said:   That's a great little trick!  What kind of a clamp do you use to seal the bag for freezing? Do you have a photo of it? I just use strong bag clips like these. Secret is to fold over the two  corners and then clamp…
  • Scotchbrick link:
  • jaydub58 said: Thanks, Ron. Trouble is, I didn't get a "scrubber thing". Guess I'll warm it up a bit and do a Brillo Pad. Any reason I shouldn't use them? NO NO NO Brillo pad!!! Go buy one of those 3M brand Scotchbrick  scrubber things - o…
  • I too store my large bottle in a dark spot out of any direct sunlight and have never had a problem. I used to just buy small bottles fearing it would go rancid, but I've been buying these large ones for years without a problem. Lucky I guess.
  • In the future while it is still hot just pour a little water on the surface and then using that scrubber thing they sent just quickly clean it off. Be careful at first as the water will turn to skin burning steam! 
  • I'm no evoo snob so for years I have been buying large 67.6 oz bottles of Bertolli brand from Sam's. I then pour it into a smaller more manageable bottle for my cupboard.
  • blasting said: I'd like to know how Ron has kept the same cut up plastic cup from breaking for 12 years.  I can't keep one of those from cracking 12 minutes. LOL - here's my trick to making it last all these years. I have always s…
  • jtcBoynton said: @jimithing     I freeze many things before sealing.  Liquid items, fruit, fish and most soft items should be frozen first and then vacuum sealed.   Me too! Here's my little trick...I cut the bottom off a plastic glass whic…
  • I try to get to most shows around here, but I missed that one -by the traffic horses I see it must have been in Mackinaw. Where was this guy from as I have never seen it across the river! By the looks of that gasket was the egg being used or just fo…
  • Congrats! Do you guys have another contest in your crosshairs this year?  BTW those 9's were impressive! Obviously this wasn't somebodies first rodeo! 
  • I always fill to the middle of my fire ring regardless of what my temperature intentions are. I like the consistency of the starting time and knowing I won't be running out of lump. When I'm done I snuff the fire and for the next cook I stir and ref…
  • Glad you liked them! 
  • Tier1Terrier said: Ok, So I just decided to do the dollar bill test.  It holds the bill moderately snug in the front, a little loose along the sides and completely loose in the back.  I'm definitely not happy about this and while I'm sure I c…
  • mattvandyk said: @RRP I don't think you're being a pr*ck AT ALL. Not even a little bit. I was just saying it is solid wood because it is. I posted be because I'm definitely soliciting suggestions/input, and I GREATLY appreciate yours.  I'm g…
  • Fine - happy for you. I still doubt that those flat panels pictured are solid wood, but rather plywood made with a type of wood and glue meant for interior use. Also the joints were probably secured with interior glue.  I just hope after all your ef…
  • Welcome aboard! It is only natural to think that your new $800 BGE should be perfect, but in all honesty 1/4" is no great shakes and IMHO is nothing to worry about. These bases and domes are cast in mass separately. They are not cast as a single pie…
  • Just curious, are you sure that is big enough to hold a LBGE? It doesn't look deep enough to me. As for bracing - yes you will need it as the carcass of a piece like that has little structural strength. Is the top solid wood or a thin veneer over a …
  • Ozzie_Isaac said: @RRP thanks my friend.  I am really liking them.  My local liquor store is sold out for 4 weeks.  I am very glad you gave me the chance to try them! You're welcome! Since I didn't look in the bags until I got home then pl…
  • hmmmm, looks like me and $100 may soon be parted!
  • Can't believe no one else has mentioned This Old House, or Norm's New Yankee Workshop! I always told people don't bother calling me or ringing my doorbell as I would not answer either while those shows were on! LOL