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With winter in full gear, we’re enjoying all the awesome photos of EGGs in the cold weather. Stay warm with some of our favorite Dutch oven recipes: Chicken & Dumplings, Chili Con Carne and BLT Soup.

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Retired dude from Illinois. Been egging since 2000 with 4 eggs...L,M,S & Mini. Also been teaching BGE cooking classes since 2006.


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  • @DoubleEgger That was my logic. If I'm committing a month to this, I want to have enough to eat for a while. I'll freeze some of it since there's only two of us Only a month? Personally it's 45 days or don't even bother! 
    in Dry Aging Begins Comment by RRP 3:48AM
  • TarHeelBBQ said: I have a whole prime rib (prime grade) frozen. Would it be possible to thaw and age? How large is it? When you dry age whether it be commando style or using UMAi Drybag there will be trimming loss. That's the "price" you p…
    in Dry Aging Begins Comment by RRP 2:46AM
  • At this point and as new as your gg is and what you paid for it then I still say this is HIS problem and not yours! There is a chance that the band was not properly installed and has since gotten bent...again a dealer issue since you bought it assem…
  • Buzilo said: I know, today when I noticed it I thought to myself, I paid 2500 dollars and I love the cooking but I would have paid another 50 dollars for better more heat resistant material to go with the EGG. Now I have to figure this out.  …
  • badinfluence said: With that being said you also stated he makes spoons. Lets see some of them as i would be interested in them. Thanks. Here's some diet spoons my Dad used to whittle.
  • Tinyfish said: @DoubleEgger are you keeping it in the bag. To dry age it should be open to the air.  No - it's a UMAi Dry bag that breathes - it is not a typical plastic bag. I have aged meat for 60 days in them.
    in Dry Aging Begins Comment by RRP March 1
  • IMO gaskets are not like regular PM like changing the oil in your car. It is time to replace a gasket when the gasket goes bad. Based just on what you said it sounds like your gasket is still good. It's like they say about retirement - you'll know w…
  • Lit said: Royal oak is just ok. That's all it is. The statement that we wait for clean smoke then throw in wood chips is horribly off.  Fine then let's agree to disagree! Those huge pieces of lump dumped out of a bag don't impress me longe…
    in royal oak Comment by RRP March 1
  • I honestly don't know or even understand why the knocking of Royal Oak got started. The idea that it is smokey doesn't make any sense! I mean let it get started and the smoke turns from white to no smoke! And then what do most of us do?...add bunche…
    in royal oak Comment by RRP March 1
  • Sure - no worries - you just need to knock off the loose stuff and then do a burn out and you'll be fine. Otherwise that build up will start to fall on your food and THAT you don't want!
  • I use PhotoBucket and just select the IMG option, copy it and then paste it using that new icon that looks like a page of paper with the corner folded at the bottom that says image URL.
  • Not to start a p*ssin contest, but I think people need to hear my side why I disagree about using the rope style. Thing is that gasket is actually a tube so what happens is you flatten it and one exterior side gets embedded with the Permatex and is …
  • No need to replace the bent bolt unless you can't tighten it. Your quest for perfection is admirable, but may not be attainable!
  • Walt2015 said: Like others have said 225-275 for 4.5-5 hours..toothpick, bendy. I don't foil or spritz. I think @RRP does them turbo  Yes - I'm a turbo fan for spares - haven't gone back to BB in years! With turbo I go 325 indirect and les…
  • Problem solved - just like my other dangling "thing" I just tied a knot in it to shorten it up! hehehe
  • Ozzie_Isaac said: Chubbs said: 2 month vacation?  Don't let him fool you.  He is on permanent vacation. Correct-O!!!! Us old farts paid our dues and are further down that assembly  line of life than you others are! We will drop…
    in Vacation prep Comment by RRP February 28
  • SGH said: @RRP  Brother I love rice in general. I usually jazz my rice up a little and stuff chickens with it. Here is one of my favorite versions of rice. 1 cup of rice. 1/2 pound of shrimp. 1/2 pound of crab meat. 1/2 pound of bacon. 1/4 c…
  • Honestly Tom, I have only had mold one time in one egg and even that surprised me! It really burns off quickly...just don't let anyone like a child or wife with a queasy attitude see it! Check it like a man and burn it off! No harm - no foul that wa…
    in Vacation prep Comment by RRP February 28
  • sumoconnell said: I like backtracking these fun math tricks. Step #1: find the equation... (n+1)*9 where N is a number between 1 and 9 Step #2 Little math fun fact - anything times 9, the numbers always add to 9 (09, 18, 27,36,45,54,63,72,8…
  • HendersonTRKing said: Big Lundberg fan here. I think I linked it to your original thread. I will sun chx broth for water, add butter and sautéed onion or shallots. That rice rocks.   I wouldn't doubt it! The sautéed onion piques my interes…
  • DoubleEgger said: You can substitute some white wine for some of the water.  Adds: sauteed mushrooms, celery, green/red peppers or onions bacon pecans  herbs like thyme, sage, chives, or marjoram.  Great additions idea! Thanks!
  • milesvdustin said: Where do you put the quarters, opposite of the gap? Or just at 90 degrees from the gap?  If the gap is a 12o clock, put quarters at 3,6,9 o clock? Always opposite side from the gap. So like in your example if the gap is…
  • Scottborasjr said: I would always appreciate the advice of a Jedi such as yourself @RPP  Here you go: First carefully remove both springs from the hinge. That is easier to do when they are relaxed in the open position. Next loosen all …
  • Thanks - yes like I said I bought one pound of the Moose Lake wild rice, but am planning to try the Lundberg wild tonight for the first time, and will try the Moose lake next time. Got recommendations for that one?
  • fishlessman said: maybe pic Is that a smiley face since you finally can post a picture? LOL
  • Scottborasjr said: Pushing on the dome @RPP ? Not to worried about the gasket, it's a rutland that you sent me.  I wondered! Then NO your BGE will not damage that gasket! Do you want my suggestion on re-setting your dome? And I do mean th…
  • Sounds like your dome has shifted within the bands somehow. You might want to try to force it closed while wearing high heat mitts and pushing on the ceramic dome itself and not pulling on the handle! Depending on the amount of burning lump your gas…
  • Jeff, I replied to your PM - I hope - as it came in in a different mode than most so I'm not sure. Please check your in box. Ron
  • Happy BD! I have not been out to a steakhouse on my birthday since I bought my first egg 15 years ago. In fact I take great pleasure in cooking my favorite meal that night for the two of us! Only thing is for the appetizer Pat does fix escargot for …
  • Fishless...just go to the 9th icon that looks like a page of paper with a folded over corner. Click on that and at the bottom you will see Image URL and just paste it there. Works for me as you know since I posted your picture for you.