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We’re halfway through National Barbecue Month and loving every minute of it. We hope you’ve had some time to try out some new recipes and enjoy a few old favorites as well. If you’d a couple tips on smoking meat, check out our Smoking Basics Publication. For delicious recipes, try Justin Moore’s BBQ Shrimp, Greg Bate’s BBQ Dr. Pepper Chicken, Bobby Flay’s Chicken Thighs or Dr. BBQ’s new Maple Brined Pork Chops. Need dessert? Finish off your meal with some Planked Twinkies. Have a great rest of May & get ready for some fun summer happenings!

Big Green Egg headquarters has moved - come visit our new showroom and check out the museum and culinary center too! 3786 DeKalb Technology Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340


Retired dude from Illinois. Been egging since 2000 with 4 eggs...L,M,S & Mini. Also been teaching BGE cooking classes since 2006.


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  • Is that in EP? 
    in New Dealer Comment by RRP 3:04AM
  • buzd504 said: But they also carry Ozark Oak and tell me they have enough to last through most of the summer, so I don't feel so bad. They really are off the beaten path if they think they have enough OO to last the summer. Want to h…
    in New Dealer Comment by RRP 2:51AM
  • Congrats, Michael! I love the riding banter that you and Blair share with us "elsewhere". Keep it up - BOTH of you, guys!
  • WHOA! Jamie - at first I just assumed you lived in Washington, IL like your Father. Then I read something that made me think that wasn't right and you were in Morton.  3 BGE dealerships within our small SMSA of less than 250K sounds VERY short sight…
    in New Dealer Comment by RRP 1:58AM
  • cheid1977 said: My cast iron grate has started to rust due to storage in the Egg after use.  How do you recommend getting the rust off and re-seasoned? Furthermore, how do you recommend storing the cast iron grate so it doesn't rust? Thanks t…
  • EggHead_Bubba said: Thanks @RRP. @SoCalTim... I agree, sloppy work for sure. Even when I was a kid mowing 15 yards every week since I was 12 years old and then various jobs as a grunt working my way through college in the 60's I took pride…
  • EggHead_Bubba said: @RRP... so you're saying that the bolts go through the ceramic? Didn't realize that. Thanks @GATABITES, I appreciate the info on the silicon. I have an Ace and HD nearby. @Chubbs... let's do it brother! That's correct…
  • Chubbs said: Mental picture was good. Bet the real thing was great.  It was RICH! complete with aspargus and of course champagne to boot!  Traditional holiday brunch for us 6 times a year. More often then that I'd need my cardiologist on s…
  • EggHead_Bubba said: Thanks for the info! Is the whole assembly just held in place with the silicon? No - there are 4 stainless steel nuts and bolts - you need to remove fire ring and box to do the job properly by cleaning off the old and a…
  • EggHead_Bubba said: @GATABITES... Thanks for the info. I'll see if I can find that silicon. Just common clear silicone is fine.
  • 4Runner said: No worries. Wasn't trying to contradict you.  In fact, that is another QA concern for BGE.  The base and and dome really needs to be flush without a gasket to start.  That should pass the dollar bill test at the factory.   So…
  • You are fine - the leakage is around the loose fitting sliding door and screen. If it really bothers you can always tap the track they are sliding in with a block of wood and a hammer. OTOH your picture also shows a crappy job by someone who ever ap…
  • smoghat said: Sounds like there's been a change of design and the folks with the earlier probes got lucky …  Could be. I still like my OLD Teflon coated ones and I take good care of them, but the very reason I have the "huge" replacements …
  • 4Runner said: or don't worry about it and keep cooking. Again, my dollar bill test isn't good but don't have a problem holding 225.  My theory is the draft takes the air up out the top so the imperfect seal on the sides is irrelevant.  At lea…
  • Aren't those plastic? My guess is you will have a real problem trying to get them to ever look nice again. I have wood on my medium so I know I can refinish those when I need to. I wonder if you get th plastic really clean of grease if some of that …
  • Adjusting the planes whether they are out front to back or side to side - this solutions works! Repeating myself I say the planes are out of whack and here's what I suggest. First carefully remove both springs from the hinge. That is easier to do w…
  • Rather than to answer every post on this thread here are some ideas that have at least worked for others who have applied a Rutland but still have some leakage. The very first thing is good news in one sense - that is leakage to a felt gasket means …
  • Tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY for us as well!
  • You picked those with out any gloves on - I'm impressed! I have blue berries very morning and if I drop any I end up with blue stained fingers and a stained counter!
  • QingEsq said: Pretty sure kiawe is a kind of mesquite.  And I just double checked on wikipedia. Yes - here's what the link I posted says about it: Now you can experience the taste of Hawaiian Kiawe (kee-ah-vey) on your next grilled or smo…
  • Honest - the rib rack was the very first eggcessory I bought. I used it once - that was 15 years ago. It's somewhere in the garage.
  • DMW said: Totally understand that. When I worked in an egg (the white kind) processing plant during high school, I could no longer eat eggs. I had to spend some time all over a Pabst brewery right after college and it took me a ye…
  • DoubleEgger said: @RRP have you used the Kiawe chunks?  no I have never tried them - have you?
  • Looks like you rocked tonight! 
  • Jeepster47 said: @RRP ... have you used any citrus wood.  I brought back some orange wood from AZ and have used it on chicken.  It produces a very mild smoke and imparts a slightly citric taste ... interesting taste. Hmmmm, no I never hav…
  • YYZegger said: Looks interesting, never seen that type of wood before.  What other woods do you like to use for a mild taste RRP?  I find cherry to be milder than the apple wood I have been using.   I agree apple and cherry are fine - we e…
  • Last I heard the new name of the lump is rather weird, but I think they said it will be called "Tiffany Paxton's Santa Claus Special". I know that is a weird name for lump, but I hear tell things there in Yellville, AR often get out of hand and prop…
  • I just ordered another box so all is well! Just glad to have this mild wood on hand when I want to my change up my choice of woods.
  • Hunter1881 said: One more question for you RRP. Can you see a reason not to use a Montreal steak seasoning for a prime rib? Sounds good to me! Use what EVER you like! I always think of PR the way I fix them for my wife and I as a two sided…
  • Thanks for all the nice compliments!!!