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Here are some of our new favorite non-beef burgers: Italian Turkey Burger, Grilled Tuna Burger and Goat Cheese Portobello Burger. You’ll want to perfect these before football season starts up in a few weeks! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here


Retired dude from Illinois. Been egging since 2000 with 4 eggs...L,M,S & Mini. Also been teaching BGE cooking classes since 2006.


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  • . Hehehe I fooled the dragon at the moat!
    in FoodSaver Comment by RRP 1:04AM
  • dihtn said: Where do you get your freezer bag refills? I buy the 8" rolls whenever we get the 30% off coupons at Kohls. Otherwise I have literally purchased hundreds and hundreds of preformed bags from The Sweet Attack. I will try to …
    in FoodSaver Comment by RRP 1:01AM
  • Actually more explanation AND pictures will help the forum help the ball is back in your court!
  • llrickman said: Hell even if its a crappy one i'll save more than that one chesse and lunchmeat me toss out because it goes bad in the fridge :) . Also i can return it within 30 days if its bad true, but what you will soon learn is th…
    in FoodSaver Comment by RRP August 20
  • Just like my eggs themselves I will also always have a Food Saver! BTW what model was it? $89 sounds low end, but maybe a good deal on one that typically retails for $119.
    in FoodSaver Comment by RRP August 20
  • Biggreenpharmacist said: They sent wrong top I do believe. Anybody got a mini they can measure? I just measured the ID of my Mini ceramic cap and it is 3.625" - I do not have a daisy for my Mini and I'm now convinced they sent you a mini…
  • Biggreenpharmacist said: Theres just a center screw. No pivot screw. I agree no pivot bolt on the larger one on the left but there sure is a pivot bolt on the one on the right - so I still don't follow you.
  • Does the new one fit? Looks like the old one on the left isn't for a small anyway.
  • Biggreenpharmacist said: So with mine being old am I just out of luck on a top that opens both ways? guess I'm missing something here...when I study the picture you posted there is a shiny bolt obviously through an ear on the side which …
  • Here's my small which is 14 years old. The inside diameter is 4.375".
  • I spat mine and I'll tell you why...besides cooking better cutting them open lets you clean the remaining guts out of the inside. I think the gutting technique is rapid and leaves behind too many pieces and parts!
  • SkinnyV said: Can you open the big box where he places it and take bags individually where you want? There is an easy work around to what you are pointing out. Trouble is my driveway is 165 feet long with a turn around up near the …
    in OT - Firecraft Comment by RRP August 20
  • Thanks for the info - guess I won't be using them then...the FedEx jerk can't see over his stomach and drives off my driveway running over my irrigation heads every time he has to make a delivery here and I am NOT kidding!
    in OT - Firecraft Comment by RRP August 20
  • just curious - how do they ship? Especially when there are multiple bags. Our FedEx guy won't walk more than 10 feet from his truck with even a light package much less 100 pounds of bulky lump! The UPS man is better but just the same they grunt &…
    in OT - Firecraft Comment by RRP August 20
  • llrickman said: What i dont understand is it wasnt anywhere near hot enough to be cooking in. I got very little sizzle as i was doijg my stir fry I did have the spider "up"  maybe i should have had it down so the wok was lower but that woul…
    in Wok Question Comment by RRP August 20
  • llrickman said: I seasoned my wok but the second time i cooked on it its started peeling the seasoned area and its now nice n shiny n new looking. Do i just need to season it again? you betcha! Sounds like it got too hot and just burnt…
    in Wok Question Comment by RRP August 20
  • Only been to Smash Burger once and have no intention of ever going back. Besides that I had the over rated, over priced under tasting burger, not chicken. OTOH we enjoy my smashed chicken breasts on the egg. I place each breast in a plastic bag and …
  • Thatgrimguy said: I wasn't sure if you could the the "Slap ya mama" it's definitely the most commercial of what I sent. The Remolaude is just a unique thing to New Orleans, we eat it with seafood and on poboys. It's a great dipping sauce (lik…
  • 500 said: Suggest getting something to house all your Eggcessories in.  I agree! I just use this big plastic container with lid and then push it back under my table to protect the PS & stone when not in use.
  • Fred19Flintstone said: Ron, how do you flap a flapjack with one of those? That must be some kind of dense batter! ;) no, not difficult at all actually! Once the pancake has reached the bubble stage on top then the bottom skin is tough …
  • Ladeback69 said: I guess I don't understand the need for one. I just use my long BBQ tongs to flip my steaks, chicken, or pork. they puncture little, and flip well and very very quickly. Trust me, use them a time or two and you will b…
  • I use both my large and small PTF inside and outside! I even flip pancakes with mine! BTW you are a lucky man to have found a leftie! The mfg doesn't even advertise they make a leftie - you have to call and order it special! 
  • PNWFoodie said: I've got plenty of knives, but I like the leverage I get when using shears. (Admittedly, I've never stood Mr. Chicky up to do so...will have to try.) I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a set of Cutcos...they let me order t…
  • fishless! There you go again! I'm still trying to find quail eggs that you made such a fuss over a few years ago and now I have to add duck eggs to my search list!
    in duck eggs Comment by RRP August 18
  • tarheelmatt said: This one looks pretty nice.... +1 for the Unicorn Magnum! I…
  • Yo Mickey...yes they come apart very easy!
  • Thatgrimguy said: Cutco super shears are down right amazing. Can cut a penny in half! Makes short work of chicken and never needs sharpening. +1 on Cutco and mine are nearly 30 years old and have never been sharpened!
  • Congrats Lora and Darian! Pat and I are locking down door 48 this week.
  • Very interesting, Darian! Thanks for the eggperimenting! I happen to be one of the lucky owners who can get my small up to inferno temperatures, but I know that we're in the minority here.
  • EggerinLA said: Ronnie understood even if you are too dense to understand it. huh? I haven't seen the ball since kickoff! LOL