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  • Richard FL,[p]If only that was the longest I worked on a deal ...[p];-)[p]
  • Rak,[p]And a great marketing story. "Orange Roughy" used to be a throwaway nuisance fish known as "Slimehead". The fishers renamed it and it's been a runaway success.
  • Brant,[p]I was thinking that it would be more efficient as well, I didn't know if I needed to double it up, but kind of thought 'why not' as I had the extra piece sitting there. I thought the bolts would add some stability when I ran the ash-tool …
  • Char-Woody,[p]Thanks for the tip, I'll be less vigilant about my cleanup now "But dear Char-Woody said to leave the ash in it."[p];-)
  • GaDawg,[p]I did the same thing last weekend. I used a butter knife and it popped quite easily. I'm going to try and grab some time to search for the gasket replacement threads I noticed a while back.[p]Cheers,[p]Rotor
  • TheHarmons,[p]Nice to meet you. My wife calls if the Avocado. As in "We're having avocado for dinner" when she invites people over. *smiles*
    in New egger Comment by Rotor July 2001
  • Big Murth,[p]I'm no expert. How long are you gone for? I think that setting should be safe for a couple of hours ...[p]Rotor
  • Smokin' Todd,[p]Thanks for the encouragement. My father-in-law was a Navy Chef during WWII and went on to become Director of Food Services for the Canadian Forces. I never got to spend much time cooking with him, but I remember him saying much the …
    in Friday Night Comment by Rotor June 2001
  • Janet,[p]I know a good editor or two if you need help constructing these posts.[p][p]Rotor
  • slim pickens,[p]At risk of being flamed ... er, I guess that't the point here ... have you considered using an electric starter? I love that I can get the egg going with no fuss every time. Here's a guestion for the "starter brigade". Are there a…
  • Palisin,[p]Neat coincidence. I've just been searching to buy one this weekend.[p]Cheers,[p]Rotor
  • Tom Kowalski,[p]A very good Swiss friend of mine has a saying that has become one of my favourites (insert swiss accent while reading this) "Poor quality; it just makes you mad!" My Swiss friend was very impressed with the BGE; and so am I![p]Rotor…
  • Nature Boy,[p]Not sure if you just got carried away there or whether I'm not trying hard enough ...[p]Hottest I've had mine as maybe 850. BTW, anyone else get a kick out of the "Turbine" whine when it hits 700 or so. I've had a couple of friends c…
  • BluesnBBQ,[p]Best part of lurking around here are these refresher courses. [p]Thought process:[p] - Haven't done any shrimp on the Egg yet. - How could I not have done shrimp? - I can't wait to do shrimp. - His sound REALLY good! - Must remembe…
  • Nature Boy,[p]Yup, Rarely fire it up without throwing some veggies on. I sometimes will get creative with a marinade, but usually just use olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The two grill method works down to pretty small pieces of veggie, the very i…
  • Nature Boy,[p]Nature Boy,[p]I've used a grill top wok myself, and was never satisfied with it. Thanks to "NotJo" I learned about, and bought, a Weber hinged grill, the hinges allow you to drop in wood chips without lifting the grill out of Mr. Egg.…
  • sprinter,[p]I try and do portabello's everytime I get a chance. I've tried different sauces and marinades but keep coming back to a roughly random mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar (we have little store that sells nice balsamic vinegars and oli…
  • Spin,[p]Heh Heh. Now I like the sound of that! Do you fire it from the top or through the ash door?[p]Dave
  • Roger,[p]Wouldn't dream of working without it. The one downside I see is that you get left holding a very hot electric lighter after 5 minutes. To battle that I hung a bolt and eye hook near my BGE that keeps the ligther well away from anything fl…
  • Richard P.,[p]After trying paper for a couple of burns (Sales guy "just crumble three pieces of newspaper and it'll light!") and being frustrated I bought a generic electric lighter. I find it to be quick and easy. One warning though - I don't clo…
  • JJ,[p]How many times can one say the internet is an amazing thing. On Sunday I was thinking how would I find a recipe for venison, now my problem my problem is which of several hundred do I try. Ain't life grand![p]Cheers,[p]Dave
  • JJ,[p]Just did! And sent the link to only about 120 friends. The SOAR site was also really neat.[p]Thanks,[p]Dave
  • one feral kat,[p]Weird ...[p]I picked mine up a Costco (Priceclub) for C$17.00 (say $3.19 in us funds ;~)! I've never seen any without sharp tines - mine did come with plastic protectors ... any chance the ends can be pulled off?[p]Dave
  • one feral kat,[p]Funny - mine is registered as a lethal weapon in 8 Canadian provinces. Seriously, mine tines are sharp and yes you stick them in just like a probe.[p]Dave
  • not Jo,[p]Hehheh! But I'm not buying it!
  • not Jo,[p]I went shopping at lunch and ordered the hinged grill, it'll be in tomorrow for pickup just in time for weekend grilling. Thanks!
  • not Jo,[p]Thanks for the info - I'll take a run to HD and see if I can pick one up. Now using a rectangular grill ... you're not a member of mensa are you? Heh.[p]Dave
  • not Jo,[p]Alrighty then - brand new egg and making me look like a sloth again. 15 temperature measurements (and recorded) in one cook - perfect results first time out, and if I recall rightly you've got a grill with a hinge so you can add smoke at …
  • Tim M,[p]Your posting really helps - I understand what a plate setter is now - and of course now I covet one![p]I'm going to call John at my favourite BBQ store and see if he's got one or will bring one in.[p]Dave
  • char buddy,[p]I only wish I had that problem - my oldest, Will, is six and he takes after both my wife and I - thinnest kid in class. (I outgrew that when I got a desk job!). Having him run a high carb load is just what he needs.[p]Cheers,[p]Dave …