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We’re feeling pretty super, how about you? The big game is fast approaching, and while we love football, we love an excuse to invite people over and cook even more! You too can cook like a champion with recipes from Dr. BBQ’s NFL Gameday Cookbook: Grilled Tuna Sandwiches from Seattle and Baked Brie from New England. Who’s going to win? You’ll have to cook both to find out.

The 17th Annual EGGtoberfest was amazing - here are the highlights Click Here

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  • Some of the best ribs I ever tried in my life were from a lady named Cathy Loupe. She posted under "Cat". Special lady. Anyway, at one of the first (or maybe the first) Eggfest other than Eggtoberfest, in Waldorf MD, maybe 2001? Cathy cooked baby ba…
  • Somebody recommended Shutterfly, but when I read the fine print it was clear that they could use or distribute your photos however they wanted….and that you, and everyone in the photos has agreed to a release of their likeness!! Pretty scary stuff….…
  • Overnight 5 hours? You don't sleep much.Looks delicious though.CheersChris
  • Just a quick tidbit. Wings are the best part of the chicken. Big wings are the best. Don't waste your time with small wings. A purveyor may call them "jumbos"…but you know when you see them. Up here in the DC area (MD, VA) Giant food has monster win…
  • Ya, Blake….It's easy to get close to this group…but it will always be there, just maybe a different group down the road. I think my first post was somewhere around 1998. Not sure how many I got now…but it is an extremely wild ever-changing family…al…
  • I know I just came in….actually no idea when this thread started. But I was hooked once I started reading, and 5 pages later I feel like I just watched a wild movie!! I popped off the forum grid a ways back, mainly due to lack of time…well, not off,…
  • Looks great Ron….hmmm…I have been set in my ways lately, and I do use the same rub, but never tried mayo. Your technique and your higher temp indirect cook looks awesome. Thanks for postingChris
  • Looks like some major food has been cooked on those puppies. Welcome to the fray…there is a ton to learn, and good folks all around.  BTW, you have a fire-marshall-approved setup there! Happy cookin'Chris
  • Pretty cool! Of course it works best if the food looks great (like it does), the lighting is good (like it is), and the composition good (as it is). Great move to blur the background plates and highlight the focal point!! Happy Christmas Eve.Chris
  • You can actually use several chunks of wood….but @SmokeyPitt nailed it. Give it time to burn cleanly. When the smoke smells really good (and it will given time) then it's time to put the meat on. Clean smoke toya!Chris
  • You don't need a hole to use a table nest. The table nest doesn't cradle the EGG, so I guess it would be easier to knock your EGG over if it was freestanding…but it will hold the egg a few inches off the surface that it is on. Making sense?Cheers!Ch…
  • I do love when myths are busted. Not only do we learn something new,, but now you don't have to believe anyone who says that again! But…..Resting could actually be good for other reasons. With a large roast/turkey, etc, it is nice to pull it off the…
  • Since dutch ovens are mostly used over coals of on a stovetop, I usually go direct, in which case 350 would be a little hot. I adjust my temp until I get a nice gentle simmer. Usually around 300.Have fun!
  • The SImitar is my favorite brisket trimming knife. I still remember the first day I got it….literally all three of us who used the knife cut ourselves. Great knife!! Cheers, and safe trimmin.Chris
  • I miss Ken Stone and think of him often. Steve, that 5am jaunt to waffle house will never be forgotten Cheers!C
  • Hey y'all!Thanks Ron and Steve). You wrapped it up putty good. All this started with my purchase of an EGG, then spending countless hours on the forum learning. The more I learned, the more I wanted to give back and racked up thousands of posts (to …
  • Found a picture….all made with rib trimmings.Have fun, whatever you do!CheersChris
  • The best sausage you can make….IMO Cheers!Chris
  • Tubular, man!Great way to do 'em….more crust per cubic inch!CheersChris
  • I usually figure around 50% weight loss during cooking. It is usually less. In my head (which ain't always right, but it has worked historically 15 pound brisket cooks down to 8.  1/4 pound per person and it could feed 32.Two 8 pound butts, same for…
  • Howdy! I have found that a 15 pound packer will serve 20-25 people, assuming that there are other dishes. I'd probably do 1 big brisket and 2 pork butts if you have ample sides.  Cheers, and happy cookin.Chris
  • Cheers!!Chris
  • Thanks y'all!! Got some putty decent looking meat. We expect the smoke from the EGGs to smell sweeeeeet!! Appreciate the kind words, and we'll try and bring it home for the EGG!Chris
  • Howdy RiverDoc!Yes, that will work well….I would put the wings around the edge of the cooker though, where they will get more heat and some semi-direct action. Should take about an hour for big wings.Cheers!Chris
  • Thanks y'all. @badinfluence, we strap the EGGs into my trailer, hinges against the wall. 6 eggs, close to 130 contests. No breakage. They ride in the nests strapped straight to the wall.Love our EGGs!C
  • Thanks y'all!!! We are pretty pumped. It's always an honor to cook the world championships, and the EGGs will be spewing sweet smoke. Susan Egglaine and Teresa will be cooking on the team at their first Jack!! Thanks again.Chris
  • Howdy Stemc.Yep, guts in. We have done approx 125 contests with 5 or 6 EGGs. We strap them into a trailer, with the flat part of the hinge against the wall.  It is only about 1 foot off the ground to lift the EGGs, and we have no problem lifting the…
  • Thanks very much DMW! Cool that you stopped by, and good talking to you! Very special weekend indeed, and it still has not sunk in yet that we just won 2 big contests in a row. The EGGs cooked flawlessly all weekend. This was our 13th year at New Ho…
  • fishlessman said: KiterTodd said: fishlessman said: KiterTodd said: Has anyone heard of a fire in a closed up egg, in a nest? ...just trying to evaluate my risk just going to bed with the egg on the deck after cooking d…
  • I do love these threads that bring awareness. It's really up to every individual who uses a grill/smoker to understand fire safety. Talk to a fire marshall, and I don't think you will hear them say it is a good idea to have a charcoal cooker anywher…