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We hope you had a great Labor Day and are excited for the start of the NFL this week. If you’re not a sports fan, you can celebrate National Breakfast Month all September and National Cheese Pizza Day on September 5. We can’t wait to share some awesome fall recipes with you all! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Howdy Stemc.Yep, guts in. We have done approx 125 contests with 5 or 6 EGGs. We strap them into a trailer, with the flat part of the hinge against the wall.  It is only about 1 foot off the ground to lift the EGGs, and we have no problem lifting the…
  • Thanks very much DMW! Cool that you stopped by, and good talking to you! Very special weekend indeed, and it still has not sunk in yet that we just won 2 big contests in a row. The EGGs cooked flawlessly all weekend. This was our 13th year at New Ho…
  • fishlessman said: KiterTodd said: fishlessman said: KiterTodd said: Has anyone heard of a fire in a closed up egg, in a nest? ...just trying to evaluate my risk just going to bed with the egg on the deck after cooking d…
  • I do love these threads that bring awareness. It's really up to every individual who uses a grill/smoker to understand fire safety. Talk to a fire marshall, and I don't think you will hear them say it is a good idea to have a charcoal cooker anywher…
  • Nice job Doc!! Wanting, for some reason, pictures of the inside of they puppy…cut in half!!! Enjoy mang.Chris
  • Hey ChuckR,I would recommend judging yourself. KCBS has a list of judging classes. It is 4 hours long (well, at least when I took it 10 years ago), and you end up a certified judge when you are done. Apply to all the contests around you, and hope yo…
  • The twins are in college. I see good things ahead, including Salado. American Microbrews to ya pal!Chris
  • Hey Steven brutha! Over the years, it becomes clear that it is not what the temperature-na-mometer sez, but how the food is cooking! When you coming down south again? Eggtoberfest? Dizzy Pig'll be there! Beers.Chris
  • Howdy. Just wondering if perhaps, even though your stone may not be at the temp you want, how are your pies coming out?? That's really what it is all about.  Chris
  • Good tips so far. Also consider using much less charcoal. Especially if you are just grilling for an hour or two. The less you use, the cleaner it burns. Cheers!Chris
  • DIAD. Real sorry to hear you had a bad experience there. Felt like I had to hop in here with a different perspective since nobody would go there if they read your review.  I've known Tuffy for right about 10 years now, and he worked tirelessly to fi…
    in Q Barbecue Comment by Nature Boy July 12
  • That is quite a free fall in temp. I usually don't get that if I wrap back up quickly and keep the cooker temp up. But it does happen, and I do often get less severe temp drops. When it happens, it never really gets back up over 190, but still gets …
  • My smoke is from the fat dripping on the coals. Occasionally a teensy wood, always mild and clean though. Cheers man!C
  • Good advice already. On this one, I am with the raised direct crowd. Yes smoke, but not bitter or acrid. Just good. Play with your cooking temps. I'm usually 250-300 a little slower. Cheers!Chris
  • I've noticed that people, including ourselves, are eating less beef these days. Growing up I always had a whole steak but for the past 10 years, I have been serving steaks sliced. People who like it more done grab the end pieces, I go for the center…
  • Thanks for checking us out, fusion!Most of them are actually real good on chicken. Tsunami is a personal favorite.Hope you enjoy!Chris
    in DP! Comment by Nature Boy June 24
  • Really looks great. In fact, glistening.Nice work!Chris
  • Elde said: I live in the Pacific Northwet...  I insulated my garage/shop so I could heat it.  It's the fourteenth of June, and it's 52 degrees outside.  :) LOL. You said Northwet!! You must be near Seattle :)CheersChris
  • Beaumonty said: I Have you noticed whether cooking at a lower temp keeps the bark not as dark? I like the meteor look but haven't really achieved it lately. I even have sugar in my rub. I have a fairly light touch with the smoke only a few fi…
    in Pork Butt Comment by Nature Boy June 14
  • Only thing I an recommend is not building it out of wood. See recent posts on fires. Not trying to sway you one way or the other….just think. Cheers!Chris
  • Man, you guys are good!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!Chris
  • Hard to beat a personal invite!CheersChris
  • Forgot to say fat down. Also, here is a picture of our competition pork just before wrapping. Sometimes a little darker, but this is what you want before you put in a pan and wrap. Cheers!Chris
    in Pork Butt Comment by Nature Boy June 13
  • jllbms said: I am learning SO MUCH from this discussion. Haven't had any off tastes, but I've probably been lighting mo low fires wrong. We've cooked competition bbq on EGGs going into our 13th year. This year will be our 7th invitation…
  • Little Steven said: The fire was started because of a gasser side burner. Some of my eggs are in nests and two in a stainless cabinet. They sit on a concrete deck and my house is now clad in cement board and stucco. Sounds logical.Cheer…
    in Fire! Comment by Nature Boy June 13
  • I'd say you are set.Cheers!Chris
  • Hey Bob! Happy friday man.I see you got a "go search it yourself comment". No prob, people will start chiming in. A lot of folks cook it in pans or wrapped in juices, but only after you build up some smoke flavor and bark. Generally, and in a nutshe…
    in Pork Butt Comment by Nature Boy June 13
  • Nobody has mentioned it so far, so I'll throw it out there. I do chicken (and many things ) direct, and do not have a smoking problem with successive cooks. The trick? Don't use more charcoal than you need. It's easier to control the fire as well. T…
  • Very sorry to hear of your loss, but very happy to hear everyone is okay. Stuff can be replaced, and if you are like me, you will come out on the other end stronger and smarter. Best of luck with the insurance claim and the rebuild. Feel free to con…
  • Thanks y'all!Looks like GAC has a channel guide. Put your zip code in, select your TV provider, and it'll tell you.Cheers!Chris