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Spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with your EGG? Virginia Willis’ three course menu is perfect for a date night! February is also National Chocolate Lover’s Month, so don’t feel guilty if you’ve been cooking a little more dessert than usual on your EGG. If you’re looking for something a little more savory than chocolate, try some Roasted Chicken Flatbread or Pork Tenderloin with Honey Mustard.

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  • QSis,[p] Add another vote for the Best Eggnog in the Universe. I made a batch last year & it was a big hit!
  • Marty,[p]It could probbly be done, but if electric is what you want you should probably just get an electric since you would be giving up most of what makes an egg, well, an egg...[p]
  • Beefer,[p]Not much says "dork" like a headlamp. This is the one I actually use the most :^) [ul][li]Headlamp[/ul]
  • Daddyo,[p]Second that. I bit the bullet a while back & it is an excellent system.
  • Pakak,[p]I've long ago given up trying to describe or give hints. I put it all in an e-mail with links to the exact items. Works out great...[p]Kevin (hoping for a BBQ Guru)
  • South O,[p]Cool, none of them is the one I was thinking of, but a couple look fun.[p]Thanks!
  • Wade,[p]Everything you should ever need to know about jerky is [ul][li]here[/ul]
  • gordy,[p]I did one Christmas 2000. As memory serves, it was around 4 hours at 350 or thereabouts. I did it uncovered the whole cook & it was a HUGE hit. Pretty expensive for an encore tho...[p]Go for it![p]Kevin
  • MasterQnot,[p]You want to start by boiling them for a couple of hours. Follow that with a day or two in the crock pot with some liquid smoke.[p](sorry) These things are just sliced-up boston butt. I like to spread them out & cook them low unt…
  • Prof Dan,[p]For what it's worth, I think you will find that the water isn't necessary, though if it works for you...[p]Next time leave the pliers in the garage & pull the membrane off by grabbing it with a paper towell, couldn't be easier.[p]Kev…
  • DavidR,[p] Not at all, lots of moisture in these things, though yours may differ from mine (I've only done the one). It turned out great![p]Kevin
  • DavidR,[p]We also had turducken last Christmas, As I recall, I cooked it indirect (v-rack, drip pan, pizza stone) at 325-350 for approx 4 hours, uncovered the whole time. Couple chunks of hickory for taste. It was a HUGE hit![p]Kevin
  • Kevin D,[p]The bacon is probably a good idea, one that thin will be pretty easy to dry out. Watch your temps (both cooker & meat) closely & pull it at ~185*[p]Kevin
  • Palisin,[p]Trend is very well thought of in the barbeque community as a whole. The link is to a big, easy to read dial with a 50*-500* range. NOTE, if you go this way you will likely have to enlarge your hole...[p]Kevin [ul][li]Trend at The Barbe…
  • Gfw,[p]I have the old setup on my large & it works fine. I wouldn't consider changing until the new design is proven.[p]Mine used to stay open whithout locking them as well, then I made the mistake of oiling the hinge :^)[p]Kevin
  • That looks very much like what I remember of Mikes. I'll give it a shot for Thursday.[p]Thanks![p]
  • Char-Woody,[p]I was one of those who was supplied with the freebie. I applied it to the bottom only, cause I never spill anything & it is still looking & working great.[p]This rig sees 225* butts, nuclear steaks, & everything in betwe…
  • RRP,[p]Can't speak for all the companies out there, but Traeger would strongly disagree with your statement; [p]"Basically those pellets are just compressed sawdust held together with the same goop that they make charcoal brickets from."[p]From http…
  • J Appledog,[p] Sheesh, and they call ME sexist... :-P
  • Deacon,[p]I see you got your link. I did these last night (VERY easy), along with Gretl's Dijon/Bourbon glazed salmon. My family is convinced I am a god! Who am I to argue )[p]Kevin
  • CaptainBBQ,[p]Tuesday Morning still has them. Fortunately business took me to "the city" today & I took time to find the store. They had a whole box of 'em at $9.99. I now have several years supply )
  • Figures, the nearest one is 3 hours away, one of the bad points about living in Mayberry...[p]Any chance a kind soul might consider picking up two or three & mailing 'em to me?? Heck, I would even consider reimbursing you [p]Kevin
  • Harold Lee Roy Beauchamp,[p]I probably shouldn't even mention this here until I get more information, but I will anyway [p]Your local Ace hardware can get Royal Oak in 10lb bags. I don't know the price yet, but it IS in their stock book. I have th…
  • Peter,[p]I have never heard of an egg cracking, though a firebox will crack on occasion (mine has been cracked for over a year now, cooks just fine). BGE will replace a cracked firebox under the lifetime warranty, but I've never bothered...[p]In an…
  • RRP,[p]Dang!!![p]Sorry, wrong number...
  • RRP,[p]SKU #63-1022[p]Should get the Tru Value
  • sprinter,[p]They were calling it a Big Green Egg. $695 plus $99 shipping (I assume shipping to your home...) WS admittedly doesn't have a wide reputation as a discounter, but for the most part, they only carry top notch products.
  • Grillmeister,[p]I tried the archives to get the link to 'Da Bears Root Beer Ham, unfortunately it appears to have suffered the ravages of the HDD clean up... :([p]
  • Bob,[p]I won't address the issue of rapid expansion vs quality. That is & should be purely in the domain of BGE to decide.[p]As to whether or not the unit will sell without "hands on" testing, selling, or tasting , I can only point to myself a…
  • WebMasterKinder,[p]I'll go one better [p]While I don't have 50+ megs of server space setting around anywhere, I would be quite willing to download the whole mess & burn a CD for anyone interested.[p]I'll throw in the disclaimer, since I don't kn…