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We hope everyone’s enjoying the first few days of summer. For us, the weather heating up means one thing - the EGG’s gonna be busy! Whether you’re making stuffed burgers for a backyard grill out, some brats before a baseball game or searing a steak for dinner on the patio, we hope you’re doing it with full flavor and having fun all the while!

Big Green Egg headquarters has moved - come visit our new showroom and check out the museum and culinary center too! 3786 DeKalb Technology Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30340



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  • WessB,[p]Thanks for sharing those pics. I am curious as to what type of music the band was playing ... country, blue grass, xxx?[p]Jethro
  • omba,[p]I know a lot of people swear by Adler for Salmon, but I am a big fan of JD chips with the pink fish.[p]Jethro
  • thirdeye,[p]What is panko? I not familiar with it.[p]Jethro
  • Nature Boy,[p]Thanks - man now that I am a verified ginuass I gotta update me resumay.[p]Have a good one.[p]Jethro
  • Nature Boy,[p]Could this be the one you are referring to?[p]Regards, Jethro [ul][li] Smoked%20Fish%20Dip[/ul]
  • Young Gun,[p]Every dealer is different in what they provide. Some do not include a metal top or even the thermometer. It seems though that most dealers do.[p]I would think BGE headquarters could help eliminate this by including all the needed item…
  • J Appledog,[p]That's the name of a former frequent poster whose name I would like to see hitting the board again.[p]Happy T-day, Jethro
  • YB,[p]Yes very sad to hear. Along with Julie and Fireball, KennyG was one of the few posters on this forum I have been able to meet in person. A few years back at the midwinters Michigan Eggfest.[p]We spent sometime talking baseball and of course …
  • stike,[p]I guess even if a spider does get in their somehow. Once the Egg gets fired up to 500° or so there won't be no more spider problem. One way or another.[p]Jethro
  • fishlessman,[p]So what did you think of that pumpkin beer? I tried some and for the first 2 bottles I thought it was a waste. I don't know that numbers 3 - 6 were pretty darn good![p]Maybe it takes some getting use to.[p]Keep em Smokin, Jethro
  • Ronbo,[p]I've never tried anything like this, butt I would pull the ones I did the first night then mix them with the freshly pulled ones.[p]If you are adding a tomato based sauce and do it in a crock pot or dutch oven I would think this would reall…
  • Birminghamlegaleagle,[p]Wow!
  • mad max beyond eggdome,[p]Like you said everyone's taste is different. I love the JD chips, however about the only time I use them is when cooking salmon.[p]What are some of your favorites meats to cook with the JD chips?[p]Jethro
  • Chuck/Tx,[p]1 - JD Chips - Salmon without it just ain't rite.[p]2 - Cherry[p]Jethro
    in Fun Question Comment by Jethro July 2006
  • Big Hoser,[p]Congratulations on the purchase. I saw on your post that you are from Redding. I am thinking of relocating to that area. Where would I need to be to avoid melting in Jul - Sep?[p]Enjoy the Egg it is something special.[p]Jethro
  • Ron,[p]One thing I was thinking as I looked at the picture was, is that pressure treated lumber that your broiling device is sitting on? If it is you may want to give it another wash, though I am not sure what to use.[p]Be sure to let us know the r…
  • Jason,[p]I'll throw in another vote for direct, but would be shooked if people don't do it indirect as well.[p]Regards, Jethro
  • Ashley,[p]I really like JD chips with salmon.[p]Regards, Jethro
  • fishlessman,[p]Did you do the stone patio that the rocking chair is setting on?[p]It looks really nice![p]Regards, Jethro
  • StumpBaby,[p]Maybe if you tried publishing some of them pomes here it would help your marketing effort.[p]Course you wouldn't want to give away all ur bestins, just one or two as a tease.[p]Jethro
  • Borders,[p]I am with you, had more to do with Max's expression than his "date".[p]Regards, Jethro
  • drbbq,[p]I have never tried the plank. But I agree with you on the teriyaki. I like Kikkoman Teriyaki Glaze, it is thicker than the normal Teriyaki sauces, close to the consistancy of a BBQ sauce.[p]I saw some stuff today that is making me think a…
  • Paul,[p]If you plan to use it on the Egg I would recommend going with out the legs. I have one with the legs and typically set it one a pizza stone that is setting on the grid.[p]What are you planning to cook up in that DO?[p]Regards, Jethro
  • Jerome,[p]Beer Butt Chicken is one the household standards at our house. The one tip I would recomend is coating that bird with Cajun Spices/Seasoning. We've tried other rubs on it but to a person we have yet to find anything that we prefer on a B…
  • BGEWDE,[p]Those look good. I enjoy cookin on the Egg cause it is something that involves the family.[p]Remember when you were child and Mom & Dad would spend an evening with you playing Uno, Miels Borne, Monopoly or some other simple game. It …
  • Spring Chicken,[p]I think you need another guard. Heck I look at that picture I think now there is the type of lady you go up to say hello and wham! Next thing you know I am getting fed, and probably having to fight my way outta eatin a 3rd servin…
  • OPTION??, I think I meant to say concern, but I am confused again.[p]Jethro
  • Haggis,[p]I always have gotten the feeling that price is never option on this board, with the exception of the price and/or burn rate of lump charcoal.[p]Jethro
  • grEgg,[p]When I do mine I do em direct at about 250 with Cajun Seasoning.[p]I'll betcha there are a lot folks who do em indirect as well.[p]You may want to bump up the temp at the end to crisp up the skin.[p]Keep em Smokin, Jethro
  • conundrum,[p]You can do lo n slo cooks direct. Just close the slider door down to about 1/8" at it's largest opening.[p]If you want to something that requires a drip pan a v-rack and a cheap aluminum pan will get you by.[p]Keep em Smokin, Jethro