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We hope everyone’s enjoying the first few days of summer. For us, the weather heating up means one thing - the EGG’s gonna be busy! Whether you’re making stuffed burgers for a backyard grill out, some brats before a baseball game or searing a steak for dinner on the patio, we hope you’re doing it with full flavor and having fun all the while!

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  • BGE Pit Crew,[p]Nope. Not yet. Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas.
  • TomM24,[p]I just did my first cook - pork butts - last night. Thanks to TJV for stopping by to help me out and provide tips to me. One thing that was really beneficial to me (aside from all the help from Tom) was being able to tell the temp of the…
  • tjv,[p]guess we'll be starting them tonight based on the response to your post.[p]jeff
  • electric don,[p]Super Peel[p]Click the "home movies" link to the left.[p]Jeff [ul][li] [/ul]
  • Thanks for the tips! I'll give them a try
    in Hamburgers Comment by Jeff February 2007
  • The Naked Whiz,[p]Can't give up the Kingsford. I work for them. They pay the bills and all the free charcoal I can burn.[p]We just launched a new lump char product called charwood. Seen it? Tried it? How does it compare with other lump char you…
  • Bobby-Q, That is exactly what I mean. Temperature control, I cannot stand the turn it on and let it cook philosophy of the Holland Grill. While many sing its virtues it has only two speeds, on and off. The on has a continued acceleration, there is …
  • ChefRD, No, not a joke. There are very many proponents of the Holland Grill. There are sites dedicated to that companies virtues as well and as I mentioned and two of its proponents led me astray. I failed to check out the product on line as I am d…
  • BeerMike, thanks for the tip they turned out great!!! I am definitely adding spatchcocked chicken to my arsenal. Thanks again it was awesome.
  • [img][/img] mad max beyond eggdome, Max -- check it out. The brisket was a phenom. It was not pot roast style but right at the border. It was incredibly moist and smokey - and it cut Texas style with an electric knife - just perfect. Served it …
  • Bobby-Q, Luckily I saw a repeat of the show. The recipe on the web is different than what they said on TV. Here is what I used: Oregano, garlic flakes, onion flakes, pepper, and brown sugar. Ground it up in a food processor and liberally spread it…
  • mad max beyond eggdome, I was kind of nervous about allowing only 5 hours to cook a 13 pounder, since the Egger-consensus was to allow around 2 hours per pound. So, here is what happened. I started around 2 PM yesterday. Put a half bag of hickory c…
  • Fire in the Hole, Max's little sister tells me that I just have to heat the egg up to 750-1000 degrees ahead of time. Tha makes it Kosher to cook in. Now the trick is getting sides to go along. I palnn on throwing in a fes artichokes the last hour,…
  • mad max's little sister, Thanks. I plan on heating it up to 1000 deg ahead of time and eat on paper plates. I guess Ill just have salad and fruit as sides. Any other ideas for sides that can go with BBQ and are kosher? Can I use the microwave to c…
  • mad max beyond eggdome, Youre terrific. You can ignore my previous message about 24 hrs. Will the brisket be tender if only cooked for 5 hrs? Remeber it is 12 pounds. ALso, any tips on using the hickory chunks - do they just go on top of the coals …
  • Marvin, Oh yeah -- I almost forgot how much salt is used to Kosher the meat. Thanks - you saved the day
  • mad max beyond eggdome, So, for my 12 pounder that would be 24 hrs at 250? Do I wrap it in foil at any point? Use a cooler? Thanks
  • mad max beyond eggdome, Yeah! Pork rules! I am really taking on a double challenge - my first beef brisket and Kosher, dried out, bled out leather at that! I am hoping the Egg is up to the challenge. Are you sure about the temp? The brisket is 12 l…
  • Chad, It looks dry to me...
  • Shelby, I thought a few others had this problem. I have been cooking on it for 6 months or so. It is in 3 or 4 pieces now, and it doesnt seem to be as efficient as it was before. Could also be my imagination on that also.
  • you could do this indirect also...nothing is stopping you from doing it either way!
  • the lid was closed...just cracked a bit...i cloed the dampers to control the[p]i mounted a mounting bracket on one side(motor side) damage to the gasket...the other side sets on the gasket and spins but is held in place by a couple …
  • no problems....I just closed the top and the damper....If it does flair up...I put a piece of duct tape over the gap...It really works well.[p]Yet another use for duct tape!!
  • No big secret here......I just threw on some BBQ spice i got in Jamaica and then some Jerk BBQ sauce at the end...Cooked it for about 1 1/2 hrs at about 350......[p]
  • Spring Chicken,[p]no,,,no notch..I just have the lid cracked open a small bit
  • Dan.,[p]I found this posting a few weeks ago when searching for an answer to the same rust problem:[p] [p]Though there are many methods for cleaning rusty ovens, the one that we have found to be the easiest to use is a can of Coca-Cola. If the insi…
  • Thanks everyone for the info. I will freeze it in baggies, as we dont have a vacuum sealer. [p]
  • Cornbread Willy, Try it on some Tilapia, had it last night it was great. We also had jerk tilapia in Jamaica.[p]Enjoy!
  • The Naked Whiz,What you purchased was probably "Steelhead Trout". Cross between Salmon and Trout and good stuff! My PUBLIX carries it when they can get it.
    in Trout Comment by Jeff February 2003