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Here are some of our new favorite non-beef burgers: Italian Turkey Burger, Grilled Tuna Burger and Goat Cheese Portobello Burger. You’ll want to perfect these before football season starts up in a few weeks! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • ab ovo, No I didn't. A friend cought it down in Florida and shared some with me.
    in Fixin fish Comment by gary November 2007
  • EggEd,[p]How do you elevate the second grill?[p]I am using a grill extender and am not totally happy with it. Seems to collapse at all the wrong times.[p]Gary
  • [p]You can't see the GURU in the photo. At about 10pm it started to cycle on and off at 200. I feel better now. I think the cook will be ok.[p]Gary
  • The cook started like this. Got to be the prettiest thing ever seen.[p]Gary,
  • I'm in a little shock since there was only one recipe for the cod. I'll do that one as it sounds good to me. I might have to increase the whiskey sours.[p]Thanks everyone for thinking about this, even if you didn't have a recipe.[p]Gary
  • depending on what type of venison.for round steaks,and loins i soak them in italian dressing with olive oil for 24 hours then sprinkle with salt,pepper,garlic powder,cayenne on 1 side and then top with mccormicks grill mates grill sauce of your choi…
    in Venison Comment by gary November 2006
  • Thank You Everyone for the suggestions. [p]I'm overwhelmed, confused but most important, at the beginning of a new quest for the knives that will work best for me and my wife.[p]What a great resource this list is. Thanks again![p]Gary[p]
  • Thank you very much for the replies.... I was thinking the consensus was going to lean towards getting the large.[p]I had never thought about cooking an entire dinner in the egg all at once but that is a great point to bring up...[p]Since we've got…
  • Dear UAL747-400ER,[p]Cooking between 225 to 250 did not give me good smoke flavor nor a smoke ring on baby backs either. For the longest time, I could not make as a good as ribs as I could on my Webber. Everything else that I cooked on my large BG…
  • I had the same conflict. Just my wife & I. Kids come for holidays. So I thought I would get the medium. Got to the store and my wife talked me into the large. We have had it for three weeks and am I glad we got the large. I've alread done …
    in What size egg Comment by gary July 2005
  • Smokey, Where did you buy your grill mates??? I would like to purchase them. Thanks, Gary
  • djm5x9, Thanks for the tip!
  • Tim M, Thanks...a picture is truly worth a thousand that grate for a big egg? looks bigger than mine (I have a large egg). I have found the manual to be VERY unreliable...thanks for the help.
  • RRP, I thought of that and put another thermometer in the other side of the breast...same reading.
  • Tim M, I'm using the vertical rack, as recommended in the Big Green Egg's sitting in a pie pan to catch drippings.