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It feels as though we’ve waited forever for college football to start, and finally the wait is over! Check out our tailgating page for recipes that are sure to become fan favorites. As an added bonus, the day before Labor Day is National Bacon Day and we don’t know about you, but we like putting bacon on anything and everything, so we’ll definitely be celebrating that. It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Legume said: Lit said: I have a 42" vizio in the garage I think its 120hz but not sure. Its been great. Also have 60' sharp 240hz in the living room and its picture is amazing. When Costco runs their specials the prices are hard to be…
  • looks nice and well built and will definitely attract newbies :D
  • shrimp lejon is a quick cook if they have big shrimp, just stuff with gtated horshradish, wfap with bacon or proscutto and cook, dip in shrimp cocktail sauce or peter lugers steak sauce
  • fish, steamed lobster, shrimp, scollops, hard to get quicker than scollops
  • KiterTodd said: fishlessman said: KiterTodd said: Has anyone heard of a fire in a closed up egg, in a nest? ...just trying to evaluate my risk just going to bed with the egg on the deck after cooking dinner.   I am guessing I'…
  • they must be good, all the elver fishermen in maine have them to keep the baby eels alive. about a hundred fisherman bringing in about 40,000,000 dollars cash worth in just a few weeks :)) you would want those puppies cold and alive :D  save the i…
  • KiterTodd said: Has anyone heard of a fire in a closed up egg, in a nest?  (that wasn't being pulledin a trailer down the interstate or anything like that) ...just trying to evaluate my risk just going to bed with the egg on the deck after c…
  • 9 dollars here for pulled pork sandwiches but they are big enough to split, wash them down with a burnt meadow mt peated porter and enjoy the black cat road band
  • my tastes have changed over the years, always had tobasco in the house but now i really dislike the stuff. i like and have all the huy fong food products...the rooster sauce, chili garlic, and sanbal oelek.  always have franks origional for wings. i…
  • i got these free from the neighbors from hell, seems im the only one on the street that treats them with any decency, :)) ive been eating farm fresh eggs all summer :D i hope they never leave as i might become the neighbor from hell someday that …
  • you need the big one :D see the bed post pepper grinder :))
  • havent seen southern teir. we get dogfish, harpoon ufo, red hook pumpkin porter, and shipyard pumpkinhead.  and we make smashing pumpkins floating guinness on top of pumpkinhead :D i like to try them all as they come out to see who has the best of …
  • i use an old brass turkish coffee grinder, it is set very coarse
  • Eggcelsior said: How's the Porter? I'm starting to see fall stuff filtering in so I'm stocking up slowly. for a pumpkin beer its ok, not chemically tasting like some of them. have to try them yearly because they are different batch to b…
  • they have them on amazon, 15 plus shipping.
  • i use the big knife, stand chicken up, knife goes thru with tip hitting board, slice down like a giant papercutter. its quicker than shears
  • got to try out the new bottle opener as well
  • there used to be a recipe on this site posted by charwoody called firecracker bratts. simmer in onions and beer til they plump up, allow to cool down a bit and coat with mustard very lightly and then dust with a hot rub and back onto a hot grill to …
  • theres a wood fired pizza place near me that roasts the tiny new potatoes, halves them and adds the cheese, bakes and then adds the gravey, not bad, all cooked in the wood oven.
  • with what you have i would go with the dizzy dust all purpose but i would be happy with either one.
  • sounds like fun to me, but it would have to be cold water. used to winter dive up here and loved it, tried it in the carribean and hated the warm water
  • you could go crazy with something like couscous with asparagus and peas with dry roasted walnuts, or go the simple root with quartered fresh tomatoes and onion drizzled with peter lugers steak sauce. i think i would go with the garden fresh tomatoes
  • Little Steven said: Ripnem on the other forum does a pheasant Newburg on the egg which is the bomb. it really is a great recipe Pheasant Neuberg A pile of egged Pheasant, shredded with forks (not cut up) A bit of cooked and diced…
  • Phatchris said: @fishlessman‌ ate my first maple glazed donut yesterday :D was good, they cut it in half sandwich style and added more bacon Somewhere in New England I Hope? B-) heav'nly donuts, i stopped going to dunkins …
  • have done jerkey and held temps between 145 and 175 for several hours by just using a handful of used lump in small pieces. you want pieces small so the holes get plugged
  • looks to be safer than an open jar of jam which i keep for months :D
  • since getting my mini kub i dont use the large much at the house at all. i do use all the small pieces of fresh lump first for the mini, then take the bag of bigger pieces to camp though
  • then theres the new studies about unhealthy and thin :))  lots of thin people have never exercised in their lives and are at higher risks from fat within instead of fat under the skin.  must be fruedian because i have to spell check exercise every…
  • i fully agree, but doctors nowadays seem locked into telling folks the same things, execize , drop a few pounds, eat carbs or dont eat carbs, use less salt. they tell it to everybody and everybody passes it along :))
  • wonder if they have any leaner pieces