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It’s almost Halloween and if you’re cooking on your EGG, you may end up with more people knocking on your door asking for pork chops than candy! In case you’re willing to share and want to please a crowd, we recommend warm Margherita Pizza, FGL’s Lemon Pepper Wings or our favorite, S’mores in a Cone!

If you missed the 17th Annual EGGtoberfest here are the highlights Click Here Fall is upon us, and it's a great time for getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • i dont have a broiler so no advice there. but is there a fire pit for searing and just bring a cooking grid :D if there was a fire pit i would be cooking a roast leg of lamb with a caveman sear and roast it on a rock next to the fire
  • sear in a pan, rest the steak, then make a pan mushroom sauce in the dirty pan while you finish up the steaks in the oven, some shallots, shrooms butter, then a little wine, simmer down, add some sage and a little cream, pour over steaks. you could …
  • never had a problem with that grate, heres 16 pounds of butt sitting on one
  • never tried the oil but will. i like a quarter inch of bacon grease and some butter, crispy edges and soft runny center, spooning the grease on top is key :D
  • seems like a fair price point, its only 500 dollars more than last years vision kub deal :D
  • must be something with her age class....cream of chicken :)) my grandmothers veggie soup recipes always start with a pork bone :D looks like a good recipe
  • there are lots of good beer out there but for everyday drinking this year its been sam adams rebel, redhook pumpkin porter, and negra modelo.. pumpkin beers were out so early this year that im seeing sales already
  • the flu is my weight loss plan :)) ive never gotten the shot
  • wkearney99 said: An hour?  My XL doesn't take anywhere near that long to get up to temp.  The keys being a lot of lump, leaving the vent fully open and the cap completely off.  That and I usually start the lump with a MAPP torch. I did a doze…
  • mines 2 years older and eventually did the same thing. are the handles welded to the bands or bolted, the ones that were welded were made in mexico and bge was replacing all those bands behind the scenes regardless of warranty periods. mine eventual…
  • your next pizza will be better, it cant be worse :D ive never seen one so bad :)) get the egg cooking an hour before the pie goes in and try again, 500 degrees is a good starting point
  • usually cut franks redhot 50/50 with butter, i ddont like their wing sauce. the wings are supposed to be hot, to cool them down you dip in bluecheese dressing and eat celery on the side. also, it looks like you dumped the sauce on and served, try du…
  • henapple said: Here's a tip for ya...... Stop drinking cheap ass beer! Life is to short fool! Everyone says that till you get together. Centex, Steven, sgh's wife, fleur, cali, ...always the first thing, "that's pretty good". every on…
    in tips Comment by fishlessman October 8
  • Eggcelsior said: @fishlessman‌ where is that basket from? its a lodge chicken fry basket, just dont know if it will fit a mini, it fits in the kub
    in tips Comment by fishlessman October 8
  • i think my kub might be a half inch larger but this was 20 plus wings cut into 40 plus pieces. this was easier to do in a basket dumping into a bowl every 20 minutes and back into the basket to flip and rotate. my indirect setup was foil and even th…
    in tips Comment by fishlessman October 8
  • RRP said: Guess maybe cheese in or on chili is a regional thing. Most threads end up with the guys from Texas lamblasting us for putting beans in our chili! LOL shred some cheddar on your next batch, you will like it :D chili has to man…
  • if you hit it hard with heat you wont eat so much :D maybe a pork chili verde is what your looking for
  • robnybbq said: That looks great.  I would love to make it like that but no  -Wife wont eat if its that pink.  She likes it well done.  rob you could easily cut that roast into two thick smaller roasts and cook one right and one wrong. …
  • @ Acn i used to stay on the beach in biddeford for a few weeks every summer and the old port side every weekend when i was there. kinda wonder what its like now, i drive that way to camp every weekend and theres always a drug stop with someone wiret…
  • Acn said: In terms of major cities, I probably like NYC, New Orleans and DC the best.   If we're talking small/smaller cities, I'd put Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC, Portland, ME all rank highly. I'll be making my first trips to Austin, TX (f…
  • cabellas has a sweet rub called open seasons baby back rib rub, she might like that rub as well
  • caliking said: @Firemanyz - I seasoned all of my CI pans using the Canter method, maybe 2 years ago. They have held up well, but I don't cook in CI everyday. The method *will* smoke up your kitchen and SWMBO *will* get mad at you. And I'm a h…
  • with the dizzy products, if its for me i add heat, if im serving it to others i add sugar, crowds seem to have a sweet tooth
  • i use lard in the oven, pan upsidedown. i dont think the seasoning matters as much as the upkeep. the pan should never get near the sink, mines full of bacon grease on the stove top right now :D when i use it i scrape out the cold white grease, lig…
  • bostons not bad if im viewing it from offshore from my boat :)) i live 20 minutes from it and in the last 15 or so years i think ive been there register my 4 wheeler :)) i like the airport in salt lake city as well, they have polygamy po…
  • 7 pounders take about 12 hours for me so im guessing atleast 10 for a 5 pounder :D i cant time a brisket for the life of me though :)) now im cooking around 235 indirect
  • i lost about 20 pounds last january on the octoberfest diet, and its october..... :D
  • looks good from here, i actually like the patties better than the salmon dinner :D i caught a nice salmon a few weeks ago and named it croquette before it was even in the net :D
  • i get very little water with my soft cover made by agri-cover. had a snap cover earlier and hated it, the agri closes with a single cam action and i can over pack the truck a bit. my 25 year old dodge has no damage in the bed, not a speck of rust, m…