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It’s almost Halloween and if you’re cooking on your EGG, you may end up with more people knocking on your door asking for pork chops than candy! In case you’re willing to share and want to please a crowd, we recommend warm Margherita Pizza, FGL’s Lemon Pepper Wings or our favorite, S’mores in a Cone!

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  • bone suckin sauce is extremely kid friendly. you could probably make a bbq sauce from manwich sauce :D maybe some bourbon, honey, mustard, cider vinegar, and the can :)) i still love that stuff
  • Mickey said: @fishlessman‌ all I can say is: Damn nice pictures man. My chili always has cheese and onions on the side of the bowl ready to be added along with saltine crackers stacked up. i believe the one with the cheese and raw onion…
  • can we make it with pork or veal shanks put a cinimon stick in it put it on potatoes mix it with macaroni onions and cheese ok? you didnt really mean no beans did you imagine it in a pie :D or no beef at all, lobster i ma…
  • KiterTodd said: I used to mix up my own bloody marys (a few secrets being very finely chopped onions, ground cardemon, fresh ground pepper, lots of ice and lots of lemon/lime) but I found that they were not worth the effort once I found a mix…
  • two fixed and two pivoting :D my only concern is them going flat on an egg table, and once they start to its a regular nightmare, maybe if you had a way to jack them off the ground when in position might help them from deflating
  • i never follow a recipe but always have tomao juice, clam juice, worcester, horseraddish, black pepper, celerysalt, stick of celery,tobasco, and sometimes boiled shrimp hanging on top, greenolives
  • heres a good article on picking salmon
  • tshuggz said: Yeah..... and if you don't live somewhere you can catch salmon? lol why would someone live in an area where they couldnt catch a salmon :D
  • just inside bottom. i had one of those preseasoned lodges and a cook with tomatoes ruined the pan, only way to get it to stop bubbling was to sand it off. its way better nonstick wise now.
  • i would get a grinder and sand that lodge smooth, made a huge difference with mine
  • every year for tday i cook one bird in the egg and one in the oven for the one that doesnt like smoked meat. then she eats the smoked turkey :))
  • i took a poll a few years ago, 14 to 16 minutes per pound average using the madmax technique at 325 stuffed full of onions and fruit. there still was one done in 12 min and one in 18 which may have been uncalibrated gages
  • tarheelmatt said: Jeremiah said: I do as fishlessman does. I get $100 a week to blow the rest goes in the bank account and pays bills or are budgeted expenses. My wife did the David Ramsey class, changed a lot on how we spend-- or now …
  • my system is real easy, a hundred dollars a week is mine for booze, food, clothes, lump, hobbies, entertainment, day to day necessities etc. everything else dissapears. :)) heres something, the stuff i saved in the 90's  is worth less now, the stup…
  • dldawes1 said: Nope you are not alone !!!! I also have not been aware of any problem by not clean burning.  I have also asked the question....good luck ! Always curious, always willing to learn !! DD my worste experience was a summer of …
  • if your not having any taste or flaking problems then theres no reason to do a clean have you gone so long without bringing the egg up to searing temps, you have a ferrari thats never gone over 30 mph :D
  • 7.5 quart enamelled lodge. i really like the enameled ones as you can put them in the fridge full of chili and eat from it for days :D i just got another one the other day from a woman clearing space in her cabinets, i think she used it just once
  • mix a little dish soap into white vinegar and pour it on the spot, then dust it with baking soda. the soap and bubbles from the soda with lift it out of the pores. ive done this in the yard with skunk spray on the house. now if you dont want the sal…
  • Mickey said: These are the times I wish I had my own jet those candy peppers you get would probably bring it up another level
  • looks good to me even if it is 90/10 :D  wouldnt a fattier burger shrink down more as the grease leaks out and be less calories :D  these dietitians look at things upsidown :))
  • the only problem i see with food to cooler for a turkey is carryover temps, you might need to get it out of the egg at a lower internal temp than your used to cooking it too. my turkeys usually sit out resting for maybe 45 minutes before carving, tu…
  • heres the remains of the last guy that complained about their lump :D
  • would love to have a few birds but the coyote/wolf pups in the area would get them all. my brother lost most of his birds this summer
  • Carolina Q said: I used to do a blend of mozzarella, sharp cheddar, romano and asiago. It was delicious!!! Then, doc says I have to watch sat fat and sodium. I haven't even made a pizza in 6 months! Next one is going to have goat cheese. J…
  • deli mozz (not the fresh), prov, asiago, fontina. if i do parm on a pizza i go straight dry parm out of the green can(its something i grew up with, its called a bakery style pizza, just sauce and dry parm/romano). i also like feta on some pizzas and…
  • 3.10 here for the cheap stuff. the older i get though i just think this is a game they play with us. beef seems to be up how much in the last year,30,40,50 percent, is it going to come down to last years prices, i dont think so :)) gas for the week…
  • no fat, but stays moist, i would eat it. only downside i see is that its supposed to be healthy :))
  • my gaskets literally burnt off years ago, when i bought my third egg i actually removed the new gaskets :D i dont care if it leaks smoke, just keep cooking and if it becomes a problem for you down the road get a rutland from rrp
  • dry roast the vegatables, then into a blender, the skinney peppers in the middle are dried thai but fresh would work, i change it around from time to time with other ingrediants like pakkaks curry as shown in the bottom recipe, if you add that curry…
  • i would need to go to google to figure this out again but google salmon salt dome. i did this with a brown trout but its good with salmon. cooking whole always comes out moist, salt dome, en papolette, all give moist results. the hard part with gril…