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Merry Christmas and may your holiday be filled with delicious food and loved help you devour the food! Our Holiday Entertaining Guide can help if you’re still making a Christmas menu. If you’re looking for fun, last minute holiday activities, check out EGGcellent Sugar Cookies, BGE Cake Pops, Santa Hat Brownies, Pig Candy or Holiday Drinks! See you in the New Year EGGheads!

The 17th Annual EGGtoberfest was amazing - here are the highlights Click Here

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  • SmokeyPitt said: That is pretty cool @Egret.  Is he located in Roswell, GA?  Yes, I think he does. He's going to be at the GA Mt. Eggfest as a vendor........
  • Michael Chance makes a 2 pizza rig called "The Roswell Rig". They're very reasonable, too. Check it out:
  • plumbfir01 said: Egret, I mean no disrespect but it appears the price on the mini is a bit much or is it just me? I really want to come and really would like to add a mini but at that price i can get it a bit cheaper at a local dealer (or sem…
  • Red Eye is absolute "killer" on ABTs and Fatties. I wouldn't use anything else!
  • I'm pretty confident I can arrange for someone in the Atlanta area to bring one home for you if you can't make it. We've done it several times in the past. Email me at wjhall at windstream dot net
  • Ospreydog said: I was wondering about taster tickets at eggfest, do they sell out, only a limited number or would I be ok to just buy them at the gate? We have our campers at the fairgrounds for the summer so we will be there camping anyway s…
    in Ga Mtn. Eggfest Comment by egret April 7
  • Never tried one that way, but, I'll bet it would be good........Mickey cooks his without any addition of any kind!
  • Tsk, tsk, tsk............That was really, really lame Kristi!! I was ready to take you off my list for all of eternity! Now........back to luvin' you guys again!!  ) )
  • Welcome! Come to an eggfest near you some time for the time of your life!!
  • Wow, Kelley, that chili sounds amazing! I gotta try that. 
  • Little Steven said: Horrible news today about a family that ran a great restaurant up the road from our office. They were Guyanese and really nice people. We were there at least once a week. Get yer Carbon Monoxide alarms plugged in folks! h…
    in Tragedy Comment by egret March 18
  • That's discouraged in the fairgrounds..........that's not an eggfest policy, by the way, but a rule the GA Mt. Fair has in place. Sorry..........
  • We have a bit of misinformation on the web site regarding the demo eggs. The egg nest is provided as part of the package and all accessories will be offered at 15% discount. Will get it changed soon......
  • Plate setters aren't provided.  All those used plate setters would be a real problem.......however, I am thinking about making those an optional part of the package next year since a number of people have asked. 
  • The distributor had instituted a minimum price policy that all the dealers have to follow. We had to negotiate these prices which caused us to be very late getting started. I can refund your cook's fees, or if you have a couple of friends or family …
  • Eggcelsior said: @egret, how special? Mini-special? Like this:
  • jimi1234 said: Hi all, I have an old fashioned skin on ham and I plan on following Egret's ham recipe. Should I remove the skin and trim the fat or should I leave the skin on and score it?  Thanks! I would score it fairly deep........
  • Austin Egghead said: HAd pretty good discount at Georgia last year.  May get one there, if they are one of the vendors. They'll be here, Joan.......and, with a special edition Smokeware cap!!
  • NecessaryIndulg said: ( Say it isn't so. . . I'm so sorry, Kristi!! I'm going to miss seeing you and John!! Believe me, I'll be thinking about y'all and all that fun you're going to be you both!
  • henapple said: Salado. henapple, I'm so sorry for coming down like that earlier. I'm feeling the pressure of things not going as well as I'd like them to go regarding our eggfest and I didn't mean to be so short. My sincere apolog…
  • henapple said: Salado. I know that! The GA Mt. Eggfest is a fund raiser for the GA Mt. Fair and for the community in general, both of which are suffering from the economic downturn and were heavily dependent on the construction bu…
  • I'm so sorry for the delay in getting the prices up. We're looking at the end of next week! This isn't my doing, believe me! The distributor is jacking us around a little bit and not being overly cooperative, but, I'm doing the best I can and you ca…
  • awm said: Would I contact where I bought it or bge? The PS has a limited 3 year warranty. Either take it back to the dealer or call him first......they should be able to process your claim with just a photo.....Don't contact BGE on this …
    in PS chipping Comment by egret February 24
  • Little Steven said: Get the recipe from Sunshine? No, Steven.......this is out of Jane Butel's Chili Madness book.........
  • That's some fine looking chili!! I have a different chili that I make a lot of as well sans beans. It's called bowl of red and it's excellent........
  • Little Steven said: Listen have no idea.....I know a guy that has eight eggs Me too, Steven.......he's a little short guy from Canada!! )
  • Scottborasjr said: I actually mix pineapple head with a hot pepper spice that I get locally and makes a great sweet/hot spice for chicken, pork or fish. I'll bet that is good........gonna look into that!!
  • It's great on any of the orange veggies such as carrots, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, etc. Some have said it's good on ribs, too.......but, I've never tried that.
  • Little Steven said: I would love to go to this fest again but I'm not allowed. :-/ I can get you a pass, Steve!! 
  • Little Steven said: Don't you just float the chilies in the sauce? They aren't going to give up the worst of their heat that way. Now Sunburn, he makes a pot O' chili Is it time to bring out the famous throwdown "results" photo??!  )