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Clay Q

Greetings,  Cooking on four eggs keeps me busy for now and I have learned a lot about Temperature, Time and Tenderness since I got started egging back in 2004.   There's a lot more for me to learn and along the way I like to share what I'm cookin from the backyard.  


Clay Q
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  • For fall off the bone ribs foiling is the way to go.  I'm in the 250 degrees dome temp, NEVER lower.   One hour in foil 250 degrees dome with indirect setup and those ribs will get nice and happy and fall off the bone.  Good luck
  • Cool table.  I like the river of stones around the egg base.  There are many table ideas that can make the cooking experience more enjoyable and for me, your table is refreshingly unique.  Enjoy!
  • Well if you were grilling a long time or often at firebox level the fire ring would help shield the base from heat.  So setting the fire ring back in on top of the grid would get you back to the 'standard' setup.   I can see some advantages here- tw…
  • I don't see a problem searing with the grid on the firebox for short periods of time.  As long as the grid is not making contact to the sides of the base at firebox level I think you will be ok.   The grid needs room to expand as it heats up.
  • Ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it. Well I just finished Sauza Tequila Gold(just pour it don't measure), a skweeeez of leemon, handful of ICE and 7up to the top of the tumbler. Mighty fine, smooths the wrinkles out.
    in Who knew? Comment by Clay Q August 2011
  • Difficulty login, checked off the remember me button and I got in. Think I'm gonna stop here, wait until things get ironed out. Still wonder ....what is going on?
  • Am I in? I'm having tons of problems. Somehow Diana Q got me in here threw this Write Comment box. I've tried everything, it's as if I'm regestered but the system does not recognize me as me. Computer is typing slower than molasses in January...…
  • Looks great! Yummmm, bread... always a treat when it's home made. :cheer:
  • I was baking bread, trying out new recipes and wearing out the oven when I had the brilliant idea of building my own brick oven in the back yard. After my wife set up my first laptop I immediately started doing research on brick ovens and info came…
  • Magnificent cookware. Stew pot looks like a great alternative to cast iron Dutch oven. Stir fry is super, I make it often and tonight is pork tenderloin with vegetables. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!
    in Ceramic Wok Comment by Clay Q July 2011
  • An idea; Buy three round grill pads and trim them with tin shears so they butt up to each other to approximate the rectangle of the table with about 6" oversize at the edge.
  • Tim, Nice work on your silicone gaskets! Looks super. Let us know how they hold up. Do I see Corian used for the mold?
  • Very clever LC! Put's a new spin on chick-in. Excellent how-to, you know your stuff. Thanks for sharing! :cheer: P.S. When my bottle of Golden Boy is used up I'm getting Three Crabs, using fish sauce more often.
  • Hey, your ribs look great! If the flavor and texture is good you're on the right track. Keep up the good work,- document and repeat and fine adjustment is one way to nail a recipe.
  • Awesome prime rib roast steak! Beautifully prepared. Have fun with your new woo ring. :cheer: Wishin you and all Texas cool rain.
  • I just finished my breakfast. Peach crisp, vaniller ice cream and dark roast Sumatra java. :woohoo: (can't stop eating this crisp) I know what your thinking... shame on me, not healthy, but I'm feeling mighty fine.... This weekend on tap; …
  • Joan, Thanks much. I'm wishing you cool rain down by you, startin to look like a dust bowl. :( Your new Woo ring will be a favorite, nothing beats a good raised grid setup for cooking. Congrats on your excellent Texas sized steak! Impressive!
  • Thanks Jerry. The tricky part is preventing the camera from melting on those macro shots while the food is still cookin. :laugh:
  • Canadian Walleye is outrageously good. Enjoy!
  • Thanks. Just a plane old Cannon A590 in one hand and a tequila gold on ice in another.
  • Great! I bet those ribs will turn out real good. Enjoy!
  • Thanks Hoss. I won't post pic's of the peach crisp, might induce heart failure.
  • Hey Yates, Thanks and yeah, fish is great from the egg. Keep the fish outa the house for cookin is a plus as well. I'm practicin thighs, just bought another package and will work on crispy skin tomorrow. I want really crispy skin, not easy to …
  • The peach crisp with vaniller ice cream shoots this healthy dinner to bits. :ohmy: And there is a few calories in tequila spiked lemonade as well. What the heck, all in moderation is what I say. But yeah healthy to eat and fish is load with th…
  • It sure does look like a killer! Awesome Prime steak and that second pic says a lot right there. New York strip, my favorite.
  • I like it! Nothing can burn/melt from a hot grid and easy to clean, stoppers at the back, handle for carrying. Looks like you thought of everything. I can see where this would come in handy. I can imagine this as a good spot for anything hot..…
  • I got a second large egg a couple of years ago and the daisy rocked on the neck of the dome. Hummmm, not a proper fit, I want (need) the daisy to sit all the way down to eliminate the gap between the ceramic vent and the cast iron for a good seal. …
  • Lookin good. Your gasket might last forever. Did you have any problems removing the plastic wrap?