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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

Clay Q ·

Greetings,  Cooking on four eggs keeps me busy for now and I have learned a lot about Temperature, Time and Tenderness since I got started egging back in 2004.   There's a lot more for me to learn and along the way I like to share what I'm cookin from the backyard.  


Clay Q
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  • I recently went on the Paleo Diet, anyone will loose weight on it.  Check it out.
  • I'm good.  Been a long while since I last posted anything on the forum, been lurking on occasion because not enough time in the day to sit down.  I try to keep all eggs frequently fired up so no single egg gets neglected, don't want that happening, …
  • DMW;  I have an aluminum pizza pan under the plate setter supported by a spider.  I use a plant watering can with a long spout to add water when the boule goes in.  The pan is so hot water jumps and dances around instantly going to steam.  I keep ad…
  • Hey that giant boule looks good.  Congrats.  About scoring, I find it difficult at best and sometimes make a mess of the top but scoring does control oven spring and associated expansion cracks.  I've tried different razors and found Xacto detail bl…
  • It was the fire. 
  • Very nice work Jim!  I know you will enjoy years of fun with your custom table.   Mortise and tenon, the best joint there is.  I'm from Appleton and yeah, I make fish on Fridays in my egg, ha ha.    
  • Steve lookin at your pic I'm gonna say it's a manufacturing defect.   I have a large egg with crazing but it's not severe like yours.  My three other eggs are free of this defect.  At the kiln conditions such as improper heating and cooling can caus…
  • Try placing the deep dish higher in the dome, above the gasket level.  You could use fire bricks or a small plate setter legs down or the BGE raised grid.  Below is deep dish pizza in cast iron.  
  • I go high in the dome for pizza, that's where the heat is for the toppings to brown up.To do that I have stacked two fire rings in my Baker Egg with a modified plate setter and a small plate setter on top.  To buffer heat I can place a modified pizz…
  • I like your idea of a side table.  If you build one post a picture if you can.  Right now I'm working on building a white oak stand with 5" wheels to replace the metal nest.  Next will be a side table.
  • Thanks Mighty Quinn for your rustic sourdough recipe.  I tweaked it a bit for my taste buds and it was a fun ride all the way.  I made 4 loaves at 400 degrees dome from two batches.
  • Hey you got me hungry with the steak dinner, ha ha.  Nice work.  I'm baking rustic sourdough today and it's 25 degrees outside, spring has not arrived yet.  Good luck with the pizza, and have fun!  
  • You are welcome.  If your going to the Ga.Mt. Eggfest come on over and say hi, I'll be cooking.
  • Ash removal is important, after all it's done often enough and when the job is easy the cooking experience is better.  You have a great setup for ash removal with that galvanized pan resting on the shelf and I like the fact that you built your own t…
  • Oooooo yeah!  That sourdough looks might nice!   Thanks for sharing your recipe, I'm impressed.Now if it ever stops snowing outside... thinking Wednesday will be baking day. 
  • Nice work Jason.  Pulled beef is a great alternative to pork.  I must make some soon and then I can make taco's like yours!  
  • Brownie, Yup.  I have a large dedicated to baking breads and pizza and desserts.  I don't cook meat in it or use wood smoke.  Unique feature is a second fire ring that sits on top of the first.  I also have a plate setter integrated into the top fir…
  • Huge sourdough!  This is very tender, soft and slightly sweet.  In the Baker Egg at 500 degrees.  Fantastic with thin slices of hickory smoked beef tenderloin!Cold beers and Cheers!
  • I'm lucky in that Diana will fire up the egg for me to cook on before I get home from work if it's been a long day for me.  She will on occasion grill up the basic chicken, hamburgers, pork chops or brats.   Love those pork chops!   She's a real egg…
  • Had leftover meatloaf last night, was better than the day I cooked it.  Hot or cold it's a great break from the usual usual.  Stay cool, cook at night....?
  • First let's take a look at the adhesive that holds the felt onto the lip.  It's contact adhesive, a type of rubber cement.  If a new egg get's hot enough over a length of time the adhesive will bubble and the gasket could slide around sometimes fall…
  • Sallemann, Sourdough baking in the egg is sublime and as I type I got a sourdough going in my Baker Egg right now.  Aroma is fantastic.  I'll check out your blog when I get more time.    Thanks for sharing.  
  • Nice work, you got that cooking surface nice and smooth.  I do the same for my skillets.  Would be nice if Lodge did the work for us.  I noticed the outside is smoother than the inside, they don't do much to smooth the sand cast texture.
  • I just realized who I'm responding to, my good buddy Mickey, just saw your name on the mini handle now... he he, I'm a little slow today.  My excuse, not use to this forum.   
  • For whatever reason the tile might crack, you could cut a piece of 1/2" ply and place it under the tile.  Attach tile with construction adhesive or silicon then seal the ply edges with paint.   1/2" ply is plenty strong, 1/4" ply (most often it's 3/…
  • I served pulled pork today for a group at lunch.  Used a large crock pot and added a sauce for moisture along with the pulled pork.  In about 1 1/2 hours the pork was warmed up with the crock pot on high setting.   Serving this way the meat stays ho…
  • Greygoose, Looks like an old Imperial Kamado, older ones were from Japan and were sometimes brought over to America by U.S. military after WWII and Korean War.  The Kamado in the picture looks as if it could be dated B.B.G.E.  (Before Big Green Egg)…
  • Cupboy, Pulled Beef BBQ is a treat.  Chuck roast, also called English roast or Arm roast is great for pulled beef.  
  • For fall off the bone ribs foiling is the way to go.  I'm in the 250 degrees dome temp, NEVER lower.   One hour in foil 250 degrees dome with indirect setup and those ribs will get nice and happy and fall off the bone.  Good luck
  • Cool table.  I like the river of stones around the egg base.  There are many table ideas that can make the cooking experience more enjoyable and for me, your table is refreshingly unique.  Enjoy!