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We hope everyone’s enjoying the first few days of summer. For us, the weather heating up means one thing - the EGG’s gonna be busy! Whether you’re making stuffed burgers for a backyard grill out, some brats before a baseball game or searing a steak for dinner on the patio, we hope you’re doing it with full flavor and having fun all the while!

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  • Yes...some do!As a  proper "Full Prime Rib". The first three ribs will usually give you the "Cap"...(the half moon shaped piece wrapped around the front of the rib eye.). The one I pictured is a 3-7 bone...(or back half or the "Full Prime Rib" menti…
  • You're right Little Steven!I like it off the front...(the Chuck end) of the Primal...if I can get it! I think it's got better flavor and is definitely more tender in my book...(though you do have a little more fat to deal with!)  
  • That new "Blingy" SS  Cap would cover that up nicely, (if you're so inclined).Could be a reason to "trade up"!!  :-bd
  • Ouch! I get it's frustrating...though, 99 percent of the time it will not be visible! I had a small chip ..(about the size of a dime) flake off just like that many years ago on the side of the bottom body of the egg. The Mothership sent me a small b…
  • Indeed ...Randy 1!!Ground Brisket its the Buuuga' meat of choice here at the World Headquarters Building...since 1864!Ok...maybe not quite that!!! Nice pics too...thanks!!!   
  •    @ stlcharcoalI do readily admit a being BGE user and Fan Boy for years many years now... but I also agree with just about everything you said!While I do not agree with their conclusions (specifically the water pan issue)...I see how they arrived …
  • Yes...thgose are beautiful John!! Very kind of Clay to contribute...(and a good thing I'm driving) I can haul all these toys home!!
  • 375' ish...55 to 65 mins.(this pre-supposes your egg is well pre heated.) Times and temps are also tuned to cooking this "up high" in the dome. Placing the dish at a lower position in the egg will change things. 
  • Looks like a "bottom of the pallet bag"!!  :-w
  • One other thing you CAN do with boneless butts....?"Unfold" them...season the insides as liberally as you wish (since you have access)... then fold them back up ...and tie! Then season the exteriors per usual!Enjoy!!  
  • yes without a doubt!!  They/It will cook a bit faster... without the bone. That said, you're cooking to a temp...not a 195-200 is still what you're looking for.You just may finish a few laps sooner! Capice'?
  • Granted...I am NO APOLOGIST for the DMFT.., But at the risk of bringing down the hoards of  "Rusty...Nasty... Greazy... DFMT Haters" on me, I gotta say....After now 9 years, (with multiple eggs)...and even in my climate...I just don't get/buy the wh…
  • @ Cen-Tex....Tell me, Is it just me...or is Elgin Smokehouse (in spite of the hordes of cars there on Sundays)...pretty mediocre Q? After a couple tries...I just don't get the attraction! I've tried to "talk myself into it" a couple of times after g…
  • Since you're limited in time...pound for pound, there's more good Q (and tradition) in the city of Lockhart ...than most anywhere else in TX!Not a bad drive from the Austin area either!Enjoy your stay! We're headed for our yearly pilgrimage (back) t…
  • Sure enough...sometimes it's, (if you get there in!!)  better than others!!  I'd also agree.... if you're into "rankings"...then there's definitely better at other stops in the BBQ Triangle. That said...One of the cool things about "Texas…
  • @ Focker....Generally...I've never had much problem with rusting DFMT's, (even though I live in a hot/ humid climate)...I just  lightly spritz with pam every once in a while...and always throw it in the cooker when I shut it down. Looks pretty...jus…
  • R2Egg2Q said: My Old Stone Oven pizza stones have held up great. They're actually 1/2" thick and my guess is that's just thick enough to give them some durability: Yes...the packaging is updated...but that's them!!
  • yep!! I usually chunk in 3' pieces them and use them for shorter cooks...Mainly Prime Rib, or Cowboy Ribeyes!You could of course use them for longer cooks as well...basically  starting with the thought they are essentially white oak...(soaked in win…
  • Looks very well made, (and is clearly "Blingy") but I mainly like the idea of being able to take the top off...and throw it in the Dish Washer. That said...very little effort is required to keep the Daisy Wheel in good working order, and "rain funct…
  • egger ave said: I have made that trip many times. I have been accused of leaving Austin or Houston just in time to be at CMM for an early lunch. But that's just a rumor. The fact that some would sully your  good name and reputation with…
  • Though not "traditional"...I dig King's Hawaiian Sammy Buns!!
  • The stones I assume most are speaking of have been available, (originally in 2 packs) on E bay and Amazon for a number of years now. I have seen and used more than a few of them in that time... and I'd say they are a little heavier and thicker than …
  • That is very very nice!!! I appreciate elegant design and great workmanship!!I see it there in spades!!! Evans
  • I think that's a "Mini"!!
  • SMITTYtheSMOKER said: Just when we thought we made this message board too difficult for the "Old Guard" to use....another one slips through the door.   We need higher walls!Welcome Chubby! Thanks for the "Welcome Mat" Smitty!The fact tha…
    in Test 2 Comment by Chubby May 2013
  • egret said: Good Lord, Evans!! I thought this was the last place on earth I could escape from you!! You know what they say about the neighborhood?!! ) ) John....I know what a shock to your system it will be to see I'm just doin…
    in Test 2 Comment by Chubby May 2013
  • No...not presently. Glad you're still enjoying them....I still do!!!Long time....long time no see young man!! Hoping this finds you well..... :-SS
  • I'm just standing on your shoulders .... that's all it is!!^:)^
    in Test 2 Comment by Chubby April 2013
  • Smokin' Dawg and HenApple....I'm not where I can get to it...but I'll post it when I get back later in the week.In the mean about a teeeeaser?? (actually I'm picture/posting practicing!) This shot was from the Plano EggFest 2011...(just …
    in Test 2 Comment by Chubby April 2013